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Amber Heard is a Homewrecker in C Magazine of the Day


Here’s a little home wrecking…harlot who figured “USE Johnny Depp to get ahead”…because he’s Johnny Depp and pretty much runs Hollywood thanks to surviving the 90s drugs…and sex with Kate Moss…because it was when she was 19 and not after all the unprotected sex with needle sharing rock stars…

She’s the official stepmother of 16 year old Lily Rose Depp, who everyone can see on instagram hanging out with Jenners, where you would want an LA rich kid who is virtually on her own fending for herself in her dad’s mansion, while he’s at one of his other houses..fucking this Homewrecker…living out her childhood crush…dreams…all because her pussy is the kind of pussy that makes dudes do really dumb fucking things…like marriage…I’ve heard of those kinds of pussies..watch out…

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  • Kitteh

    Gorgeous babe