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Doutzen Kroes in a Bikini of the Day


Doutzen Kroes is a bikini model…in a bikini…with her DJ boyfriend who you know fucks other chicks when she’s not around…but since quitting Victoria’s Secret…she’s always fucking around…forcing him to actually spend time with her on vacation between his sets at IBIZA…at least for a week or two before sending her and the kids back to Amsterdam, so that he can go back to fucking party girls..

You see I know DJs and not once has any DJ ever say “it’s about the music man”…it’s always about making stupid money and standing in front of a room of idiots dancing on drugs…so that they don’t have to dance…amongst the crowd as DJing, especially now requires no talent – so that they can fuck….line ups of girls every night to fuck….even Victoria’s Secret models want to fuck…and get pregnant when you fuck them….because girls are crazy and like throwing away their model careers like that…

Doesn’t matter, she’s in a bikini…with her man…on a yacht…because this is what pulling off a great fucking scam is about…

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