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Em Rat Cow in a Bikini of the Day


I am convinced that Rat Cow is done, over, irrelevant, finished…and bound to fade into obscurity. She’s had her peak, she’s got as far as she can go and she’s not talented enough to carry this to the next level. She’s not creative enough to do good things with her audience. She’s too entitled and a diva and doesn’t realize that she’s just a Tila Tequila…they never realize these thigns….

But the fact is she’s got 7 million fans, so Rat Cow is still really fucking relevant…she’s invited to events, she’s still getting paid by brands and she’s still producing content for the dudes who follow her and jerk off to her are still loving her big tits on her small frame…and the women who like to follow the girls men jerk off to – are all up on her shit….

People just don’t unfollow, so the key to success is get those followers in the first place and you’re set for life – even though you can’t sell your account off like it was a shitty website, you’ll still have companies through you 10k a post…even if you aren’t worth 10k…not even for sex…

I don’t hate Rat Cow…but Rat Cow hates me…and that’s probably what makes me like her better…I love girls who hate me.

She was also at fashion week – doing some bullshit appearance for Target – not wearig panties because she’s a whore …


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