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Natasha Poly for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


Natasha Poly must be 30, she’s been around forever, she started modeling in 2004, and is married…which kinda makes her fucking boring…at least to me…cuz rich chicks married to rich dudes…living the rich life…that she takes a break from every so often for a huge 1,000,000 dollar ad campaigns….isn’t really all that inspiring to me….you see I like my girls more broken…sad, defeated, homeless while holding onto a dream…especially when they have similar beginnings as her…

It was 1985, in communist Russia, on a cold cement floor, where this girl was born….forced to fend for herself at the age of 15, because both her parents died in a work camp of hypothermia, was about to join the sex trade….a little human trafficking never hurt anyone…before the mob figured they could sell her to fashion…and fashion she did…and still does…all Glamourous and shit…for Haper’s Bazaar…

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