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Love Magazine Advent Calendar’s Still Going of the Day

So Love Magazine has put together one of their most flimsy, lazy garbage Advent Calendar, pretty much the biggest thing they do all year, and because everyone is a fame whore – attention seeker, even the people with big audiences, who need content and promotion to help take them to the next level, and Love magazine has just the right formula for that…the Advent Calendar…that they are still posting content up around…well into January, despite the holidays being over, because milk this as hard as you can, beat that dead horse with your dick, and try your damn best to carry this video a day thing, make that Youtube money, especially when you have girls who have the following willing to spend the 14 mins it takes to film these things…

Well, the January edition of the Love Magazine Advent Calendar that keeps bringing content includes….my favorite – GEORGIA MAY JAGGER:

SI Model Hannah Ferguson…..

Daisy Lowe….the daddy issue big tits…

Nina Agdal…the Leo DiCaprio retard head..

I guess they didn’t make the cut for the actual advent calendar, but January is still a month and there are days in said month and people are still on the internet…and willing to watch…..and model and fake models are willing to be in these videos…so why ever stop it…just video a day this shit….cuz despite sucking they are still worth watching….half naked it girls from the the last 20 years…I’m sold…but it takes very little to sell me…the other day I stared at a shadow on my wall because it looked like tits…

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