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Ariel Winter Photoshopped Ass Riding her Boyfriend of the Day

Ariel Winter is the fat little pig who does the whole body positive thing because fat girls are all about the body positive positive thing otherwise they have to admit they are fat – but why do that – that would mean they have to be accountable – which the youth never is….because they are entitled little brats – and when you factor the whole TV thing into it – they are REALLY fucking entitled little brats…

I don’t really give a fuck about Ariel Winter…or her ass that that dude using her for her money, her sloppy but young, already surgically enhanced tits…but people care…I don’t know why, maybe her high paid PR Team…but people care…

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  • BShafe

    How someone can call the figure on her above as “fat” is fucking disgusting.

  • Jack Mack

    Strong boy to even think of lifting that heffer up off the ground!