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Charlotte McKinney Strategic Nude SHoot of the Day

Charlotte McKinney is one of the cheesiest bitches around. Sure she’s got huge tits and a relatively skinny body…and looks good from the neck down when naked…and sure she’s got herself semi famous, with a following, all because she has monster tits…and sure she somehow fucked her way onto dancing with the stars – before she was ever a star – because of her big tits….I mean at least other tits on Dancing with the Stars like Joanna Krupa had a 10 year low level career…this one…had done zero…very very odd…something that probably gives a bitch an ego….that she probably already had thanks to being a rich kid with big tits who everyone fed into because they like big tits…

Whenever I look at her, in cheesy shoots like this, or in her own self produced shit, I think…damn those are big tits…why are they in Malibu and not working at Coyote Ugly or Hooters in Florida…it just makes no sense to me..but I guess she’s smart enough to scam harder, scam bigger…because when you have tits like that…they are a gift that open so many doors…so open those doors..

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  • Chaz Gomez

    She does this so much, I find her extremely boring and average… moving on…