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Hilary Duff’s See Through of the Day

Sturdy Hilary Duff, who I’ve never had much interest in, at least not until she started doing cross fit, turned into a sturdy little powerhouse, or is it a brick shit house, either way, strong as fuck, full of squatting and heavy lifting….all after being a mom…because for some weird reason…I find it erotic…

I’ve never been into little thick body builder women, but knowing she had a kid with some billionaire NHL player, made me think…this girl can take a fucking a good old fashion Hockey innitiation and her high testosterone probably makes her like it…because as you know, girls with high T are fucking horny…it’s always the pre-menopausal, hairy bitches who want to fuck…all the time..and in Hilary Duff’s case…that’s fact as she’s had at least two public lovers in the last 3 months and that’s a lot for any celeb…in her prime…wearing short shorts, hard nippled and see through….

I dig it…

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