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Hilary Duff VS Leggings of the Day

Hilary Duff has some thick fucking legs – so seeing her in a pair of leggings is not only hot to me….who has recently developed a thick leg fetish…It’s a sign of strength and ability to bounce up and down on my face…not that Hilary Duff, despite being horny as fuck lately would do that to me…but she’s a beacon of hope or guideline for other big legged women I come across in my everyday life..you know a reference point…

But her vs Leggings…is like war, as you know those things are struggling to not explode off her…in some Incredible Hulk type moment…it’s just unfortunate we can’t see her from behind…

THAT SAID…WE CAN SEE HER PRETENDING TO CLEAN…despite having nannies and cleaning crew as she’s a rich entitled coddled child star…because SWIFFER gave her money…and seeing a girl who doesn’t clean cleaning is hot to me…because this world forgets a woman’s role…but I don’t…and never will..

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  • Joël

    Indeed, great legs ….