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Hailey Baldwin on the Toilet of the Day

Hailey Baldwin is not my favorite Baldwin – IRELAND BALDWIN …but she is a vapid spoiled young slut who chose the life of low level instagram celebrity – by attaching herself to other instagram celebrities…which ended up turning her into a low level instagram celebrity….but a higher level instagram celebrity than the girls you fuck with…but more importantly a higher paid instagram celebrity…when she’d be doing this shit for free, just for some attention, because she’s a rich kid and her dad’s a narcissistic asshole actor…and girl needs some male attention…

The most interesting thing about her bullshit career as a nothing, talentless, who does nothing but look pretty good….is that she fucked Bieber…when she was underage and smart enough to know that with her name, her looks, and her access to hang with the JENNERS..she could be the bootleg Jenner brands want to use for association to the Jenners…without paying Jenner Price…

I anxiously await her implosion, drug addiction, disaster that is her life…but in the mean time – here’s fashion shots of her taking a dirty shit after eating a dirty burger – due to the laxatives she’s addicted to in efforts to stay thin..

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