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BElla Hadid Relaxing and Recharging of the Day

I want you all to know, in the even that you were really concerned, that Bella Hadid had a relaxing weekend in what I assume was the motherland, my Motherland, not her motherland, Mexico…cuz she’s Palestinian and probably wouldn’t be there supporting Palestine, as all her employers are Jewish and she’s practically Jewish…and shouldn’t really be on the whole “down with the Jews” with her people…because she’s got money to make, and she’s so far removed from Palestine that it just makes for cool conversation to have when people ask why she’s brown-ish….and strapped with suicide bombs…

I mean…this girl is more valley girl than Anything, up on some Clueless shit, but less clueless than all the people who follow her, support her, think she’s hot or meaningful so brands continue to use her in campaigns….it makes zero fucking sense to me.

But she’s in a bikini, recharging from all that work of having to show up to have your picture taken – which feels good on the ego…and that’s a good enough distraction from everything else that’s relatively shit about her…which happens to be most things besides her inheritance and I guess now the money she’s banked for herself…instead of spreading it amongst people who need it – brands like throwing fuel in the rich person fire…disgusting….

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