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Selena Gomez and her BBC Hiding from the Paparazzi of the Day

It’s my birthday and Selena Gomez went out of dinner last night, where she was being a little nasty to the paparazzi hiding her face like she was hiding a herpes sore…or a black eye from a volatile relationship…or a big black dick to the eye…because these girls are fragile man..they have the money, the team of people, the support, the constant work, the fans, the staff of trainers, psychiatrists, the best money can buy…of meds and drugs and good times…they don’t need to work another day in their life…but they are fragile man…and fragile things like abusive people who take advantage of them like K-Fed….not to say The Weekend is that guy, that would be racial profiling and I’m not that guy…he’s Canadian and good…and both are using each other because it’s good for business…and pissing off Bieber…the other Canadian she put in her….because she’s got a Canada fetish…weird…

She’s such a broken thing…hiding like she’s scared….but it’s nice to see young love, or in this case emotionally fucked up and needy things hounding her man so he can’t breathe without her there…all looking boring…maybe hiding her LUPUS he probably hopes hospitalizes her for a few weeks so he can get a damn break…she’s needy and her vagina flexible…

Why So angry little LUPUS monkey…?

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  • omg thank so much!! I’ve been searching for this one for ages.