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Candice Swanepoel Tries to Get Her Sex Appeal Back of the Day

Candice Swanepoel realizes she just had a kid – and that it will take hard work and drive to get back into her model shape. She will require all the cosmetic procedures available in Miami – and paid for by her lifeline – Victoria’s Secret…..but it will require more, so much more, like posting erotica like laying in the water – tits out for a shoot….knowing that this is the kind of thing that matters…

She has historically been boring as a celebrity / social media / promo model star. Her shit has been so basic and the slutty has come for the most part from Victoria’s Secret catalogs…and not actually from anything she’s done or cooridinated. Sure she was probably a whore in her personal life – but she didn’t need to put that out there…

But having a kid – that changes everything…it makes girl feel insecure and have to put in that work she never put in before because it just came naturally – and I am all for that…or this…keep up the slut videos mom. The way MOMS are supposed to be. Cuz you don’t get cum up in you without being a slut…

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  • Curvefan+

    I’d like to dehydrate myself between Candice’s luscious legs.

  • such a little tease she is

  • Ohh yeah!!! Beeest!