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Bella Hadid, Ugly Face, Looking Up Skirt of the Day

Bella Hadid is a fucking monster, but I do not mind looking at her before and after pictures, where you can see that her whole face has been totally rebuilt, which is probably why she looks so much like a tranny…

Her family is rich, her mother a vapid ex model who wants to be validated through her kids, who you know starved them and cultivated them for this their entire lives….but
Here’s her tribute to her whore mother – sugar baby – that fed the kids their obnoxious egos…anyway…

Our angel Thank you for showing me what selfless love, generosity, compassion, kindness, power and strength is. Thank you for bringing my perfect brother and sister into this world. You have taught me to love everyone the same and keep my eyes open to the ones that don’t. I love you so much …I am so lucky ?? Happy Mother’s Day ?? You are perfect

Her dad an old rich arab dude who surrounds himself with models and fucks model, unable to accept that his daughter, even though she’s the ugly one is not model worthy, so he threw money at the new face, body, tits whatever…it’s all a weirdo lie…but she exists and she dances on her social media….showcasing her tits…

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  • lady honor

    She looks like a 100 rubla russian prostitute facially

  • She is incredible.