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McKayla Maroney’s Still Promoting her Ass of the Day

McKayla Maroney is all about promoting her ass this week. I don’t know what struck a nerve that made her decide that this is the week she showcase her ass…that is ridiculously round..and has been for a while, it’s a gymnast body apparently, because despite her behavior since the one Olympics she was in, and won gold in the team event at, she’s been shamelessly pushing herself out there through social media…because everyone is about the fame, and sex is the easiest way for that fame…and it’s not that big of a deal, I am all for the world showing each other their panties like we’re a bunch of fucking primates, or retards at the home because I love seeing the world’s panties…

I find it weird that people feel the need to post shit like this, especailly when they’ve won gold, are famous…it’s just a little trashy..but that doesn’t mean I am not all about it…because I am all about it.

Olympic Dreams to Instagram Dreams…McKayla Maroney and her crazy booty…is a win…

I still prefer LAST WEEK’S VIDEO>…

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  • Mary Donna Olade

    yummy butt

  • del061

    Yeah, she is already hiding that thing with the nylons. She needs to get a nice tan and leave the granny nylons out of the pictures.

  • such a little tease she is

  • U is nasty