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Rihanna Nipple in a Video of the Day

I’ve seen pics of this video shoot before, but for some reason it’s all over the place today, and in trying to keep up with trends in celeb tits, tits we’ve already seen, of a celeb who is now old and fat, here’s Rihanna Nipple, because like Rihanna, we can pretend it is 10 years ago, but unlike Rihanna, we won’t be getting paid stupid money for it…

Here are some bonus, if you can call them that, paparazzi pics of her in what could be a see through type maternity dress for the slutty pregnant chicks out there..you know who you are…

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  • LolleyGagger

    Whats happened is same as older movies, post processed to HD suddenly the female nipples are C-thru on most of them something to do with moire effect of the fabrics. Certain filters will reveal objects that are there but get lost to the human eye, paint shop filters expose them.