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Hailey Clauson Demonstrates How She Fucks of the Day

If you’ve ever fucked a hot chick, whether it is a stripper, a model, an instagram model, or even a not that hot but think she’s hotter than you chick…she’ll 99 percent of the time be in this position….

It’s like she doesn’t give a fuck about putting any effort in, she’s like:

“I’m letting you in me and that’s enough work, so do you’re thing and if I cum I cum, and when I cum, I’ll make sure you cum by saying shit like “did you cum yet” or “are you going to cum yet”….because girls who think they are hot are the worst…

But maybe they are just in that position due to date rape drug you put in their drink….and their snotty, snobby, think they are hot ego…is just the voices in my head…

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