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Nina Dobrev Bikini Bottoms in Hawaii of the Day

Nina Dobrev Canadian Actress in Hot Red Bikini Bottoms

Nina Dobrev is a rumored Canadian, but I don’t see how that’s possible, seeing as she’s in AMerica and that is against TRUMP’s way. It’s like leave them in their fucking igloos where they belong, I guess based on his wife, there are exceptions like if they are worth fucking and willing to let you grab them by the pussy.

But I guess based on her red bikini bottom little pussy cameltoe, your president, would approve of her an her work visa, like he did with his wife, because if she’s good enough to fuck, she’s good enough genetically to throw into the mix and the American Gene Pool for future strength in the top tier of the next generation, raised by vapid celebrities with a lot of money who understand the importance of bikini pics…

Now Nina, who we don’t actually care about, but her body looks good, is doing some charity event or documentary to save the oceans, and I think in bottoms like that the only thing she’s saving is my possible disdain for her, you know self hating Canadian, thinking damn, if she wants to save anything she should come give me mouth to mouth with her pussy after she fucks me to death…you know a REAL charitable cause…not this damn ocean climate shit….ME….make it about me mother fuckers…


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