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Madison Beer in a Bikini in Canada of the Day

Madison Beer is the beer I’d like to drink aggressively, all dripping down my face, on a hot summer day, not because she’s that hot, but because she’s got big young tits, that Beiber recruited after her mom whored her out, and there’s something magical and amazing about that…

Interestingly enough, she is in MUSKOKA Canada, up on some LAKE JOSEPH shit, which for Toronto rich people with mansions, and Martin Short, must be excting…a little young social media famous, pussy filled by a BECKHAM, on their humble rich person LAKE…all because Drake has a music festival this weekend…and the pussy needs to follow the trends for fear of being irrelevant, or maybe she’s hosting a club night or something…all exciting for her, when really we just care about the bikini pics..

AND for the RECORD…I have no idea why I know why these SOCIAL media sluts are in canada…but I guess I’m dialed in, like a creepy pervert should be, without even really realizing it, it’s just innate creeping or some shit….and funny considering I barely troll social media, I’m more into getting nudes from fatties on tinder…

I wish I was more the SCUBA STEVE creeper underwater by the cottage she’s at…it would just make me feel like I have passion and purpose, when really I don’t care about anything that much, especially not Madison beer, who I didn’t even know who she was a few weeks ago, and even knowing who she is doesn’t excite me…..

But the good news is she’s out there whoring her tits like all other girls – so that we don’t need to creep…it’s convenient this young slut behavior we should all encourage and appreciate…so that we get the content we need without leaving our couches and/or getting arrested!

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