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Bella Hadid Falling on her Face of the Day

Bella Hadid fell down some stairs the other day, I guess all the glitz and glam of the paparazzi watching her the way she wants to be watched, like she’s some kind of star with actual purpose, made her nervous our slip up….

Or maybe he did it on purpose, to give the paparazzi a story, some clickbait, fake news, in efforts of getting people to talk about her like “did you see Bella Hadid fall, we don’t have real issues in the world, let’s fixate on this nonsense…

Or maybe she did it so that she has an excuse to get another nose Job…..you know since the first one did so well for her little vapid rich kid life…

WHO knows, I’m just bummed she didn’t die in the process…because I am tired of hearing about all these fucking idiot.s

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