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Bella Hadid Lingerie Vogue China of the Day

The funny thing with rich girls is that if you are their absentee father who is out fucking the nanny and other aspiring models because you’re rich as fuck in LA…your only way to keep them happy and feeling appreciated is to shower them with gifts…

So Gigi wanted to be more like her friend Kendall Jenner, so the dad called on his friends…because modeling and instagram followers is the new “Pony and Range Rover” birthday gift….and face injections…..

And with any bratty rich kid, comes a jealous sibling who threatens drug use, stripping, or whatever, even though they all do drugs, unless she get the same gift her sister got, which in this case is not a Pony or a Range Rover but a modeling career…

You all know this, she’s got some tits….for china….international.

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