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Elizabeth Turner Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Turner in a yellow bikini

Elizabeth Turner is some aspiring instagram tits that I don’t think have really broke through in the modeling world, but that at one point in time were just graduated from some Ivy league school, the porn school, DUKE or some shit….and she started her hustle..with her big tits, and tall enough, All American looks, moving to LA, signing an Agency, and all that…desperate enough to email me or have someone email me to post on her…only to realize that was a bad idea and that she could do better…now in Hawaii doing Hawaiian things in a bikini…all busty…and All American..and I don’t find her that hot, she doesn’t blow me away, I don’t think she deserves real fame our success, but she’s got a lot of instagram followers and big tits and that’s all that matters in this world we live in…

Question…where is her sex tape? Her Nudes..this bikini shit is dull.

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