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Chloe Segigny’s Tampon String Bikini of the Day


Here’s some Chloe Segigny’s Tampon String sticking out of her bikini…because girls get their periods…and wear tampons..that sometimes stick out of underwear or bikinis…or vaginas while you eat them out..

I am not a period shamer, or one of those never trust anything that bleeds for a week, only into menopausal women kind of guy…I like periods, they mean fresh and fertile even if used up like Chloe Sevigny, who I would have assumed didn’t get her period anymore due to drugs and being too fucking hip for life….

I don’t love period sex, or girls who make period art, in an embracing the fact they get their periods….but that doesn’t mean I don’t have period sex, or make period art that looks like a murder scene all over my bed or face…because I take what I can get…

I don’t think a girl getting her period in a pair of white bikini bottoms, or pants or really ever….is anything to be ashamed of…but I guess this is what feminists want to believe dudes feel…in this weird girls perpetuate the hate towards girls while guys just want to fuck girls…if they aren’t too fat to fuck…

I am just surprised this too hip, pre hipster, fashionable New York based, too cool for school, elitist…isn’t more progressive in her period receptor of choice, since everyone knows tampons cause toxic shock, and my penis doesn’t…it only causes shame and sadness and disappointment…

I am also glad that she didn’t wear her prosthetic penis in her bikini…a prosthetic penis you can see HERE if you’re into that more than ass in bikini on it’s period….

HEre she is being HIPSTER COOL


Shout out to MadamMeow for the find…

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Ashley Benson’s Bikini Snapchat of the Day

ab (4)

Ashley Benson is silly famous. She’s also a good 15 to 20 pounds overweight so she knows to show off her fat girl tits in bikini, or while tanning topless, because it’s better than the other options…and apparently he uses snapchat to do it, because that’s where the real grimy shit goes down when it comes to social media…it’s where girls feel comfortable doing very naked things and even very pornographic things to themselves…so girls feel free to add me to snapchat “drunkstepfather”…I won’t show off tit like Ashley Benson…but you can…and I’ll masturbate to it….because that’s how I socialize…

These should be more hardcore…

Oh look she was on instagram too…what a little busty, chubby, self promoter!

A video posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

I guess…if it’s not a sex tape, or more topless pics, who really cares…snapchat could be used so much better…

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Selena Gomez Erotica of the Day


Selena Gomez is part of the Taylor Swift cult, you know one of the Taylor Swift minions, participating in the Taylor Swift PR tour, in what I find odd, and maybe reflective of not having a solid support system growing up, or maybe not having confidence in her own career that she seeks some spiritual solidarity…you know some people go to Scientology…others…to Taylor Swift…because if I was in the pop scene, that last thing I’d do is befriend the fucking enemy in some weird guise of a sisterhood…

It’s fucking creepy…

I heard in passing that when Bieber performed at the VMAs, the Taylor Swifts left the room, as a sign of loyalty to their sister Selena…in a WTF is going on, how is this actually happening, or news, or a thing…but I guess Social media is to blame…but also to thank for these pics of her showing cleavage, thanks to fake tits, if you’re into Selena…

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Jennifer Aniston Ass Does a Kick of the Day

Here is Jennifer Aniston, finally married, demonstrating…a kick…

I don’t find Jennifer Aniston a compelling character, beyond her nipples there is not much there, and I’ve always been a firm supporter of Brad Pitt in leaving this one for the other one, who seems darker and more fun in bed…

I mean sure Jennifer Aniston is a Greek and greeks love anal, but I’m sure that ex heroin addict, daddy issue, rich kid brad who dresses like a Goth…delves far deeper into fetishes…when not adopting 100 kids to build her own army…

That said, soccer moms everywhere aspire to be this fit, look at my ass I still got it at 45…even though my husband cheats on me with young girls…and I’ll look at anything in spandex…


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Headless Bar Refaeli in Lingerie of the Day


Bar Refaeli is getting married in 3 weeks. I have no idea why I know this or why I care…I think it has something to do with having it come to me in a dream and I may be totally off on it, but I can’t really differentiate reality anymore…everything is just one fast moving blur through a screen…

That said, she’s decided to post some sheer bra pic holding her nipple, to compliment her series of bikini pics she’s posting, in what I guess is one last hurrah before being locked down, possibly a cry for help, hoping some new man sweeps in and takes her away, maybe an ex from the past she wants to make jealous, in a “you can’t have me, look what you cheated on Leonardo DiCaprio”…kind of way…

It’s not exciting, 30 year old brides to be, not porn to me as most are so into their future husbands they are hard to crack on their bachelorette parties…and you have to wait at least a year of marriage until they are ready to be selfish and cheat…but I guess knowing men are jerking off to you helps fill that need for mail attention in your quest to be a wholesome jewish mom….

The truth is that this is probably part of her own lingerie collection…make that money while the fans still have hope…

In conclusion….

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Cindy Crawford in Flare Magazine of the Day


90s Supermodel Cindy Crawford is in some Canadian magazine where she’s showing off her legs, her million dollar legs, her long luxurious legs, that made her one of the most talked about models in her era, because I assume she’s trying to sell or promote some bullshit…

I like to think she’s also showing off that models, even in the 90s, used their position as models, highly coveted and fantasized about to prostitute themselves to billionaires…

Her husband is the Heir to Gerber baby food empire…who owns popular restaurants in LA…as rich people who like fucking hot girls do…

I am sure she tells people she would have fallen in love with him even if he had no money…

That’s sugar baby tactic because they know that’s impossible, the trust fund is too well managed…

Like when a dude says “I would have totally married her knowing she was going to gain 60 lbs and look like she was hit by a bus after a week out doing hard drugs everyday of her life”…They don’t mean it…it just makes us feel better about our shitty situations…

Cindy Crawford is not a shitty situation though, she’s pretty spectacular…even at 100

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Victoria Justice Bikini of the Day

VJ (1)

Victoria Justice is some aggressively marketed Disney Star, who I assume Disney released to the public as a sex symbol dudes everywhere love, it’s part of their PR vehicle behind pretty much everything they’ve created, from Britney to Lohan, to Selena..to Miley…they pretty much own everything, they have a monopoly on the media, and in having that power, they know how to market thing subtly and effectively, even young girls they’ve turned into commodities…

That said…

I don’t know if Victoria Justice is a Disney star, she may be on some other network doing the same thing…”Cast some old enough teen girl that dads will want to fuck, so that dads participate in the show with their kids, watching it and going to events and buying merch about that show”..pretty basic…

I mean if they aren’t behind her being this jailbait fantasy to middle aged men, how the fuck did her name come onto my radar…I don’t own a fucking TV…and if I did…I would never watch teen shows…so I assume it’s some kind of leak..




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Lindsay Lohan’s Topless Picture of the Day



Lindsay Lohan has falling off hard…and I wish I could catch her and taste all the horrible things she’s tainted her vagina with over the years…

She’s got this brand name…Lindsay Lohan…that no one wants much to do with, other than some instagram model campaigns, when she could have been a massive Romantic Comedy star…as we all know, that requires little to know acting skills…

So she’s been beat at her own game but Amanda Seyfried, and Anna Kendrick, and really every actor, including but not limited the guy in the local mattress store ads…because they may not have made more than her in a single pay day, but at least they get hired…

Well, she’s acting weird on instagram on a yacht… and this is the sequel to her DANCING IN BIKINI BOTTOMS VIDEO

I am a fan, a supporter, possibly still in love with everything Lohan, and by everything I mean her tits, that’s all she’s got going for her…

I believe in her comeback….I believe…

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Candice Swanepoel’s Topless in 2009 in a #TBT on a Wednesday of the Day

Candice Swanepoel, Self assignment, April 17, 2009

#TBT on a Wednesday…because I’m so contemporary and elitist like a true old school hipster that I guess I’d prefer being called punk rock, even though I am so anti-establishment that I don’t participate in activities the general public has embraced and adopted, or slot myself into categories, you know, anti-establishment, anti-#ThrowbackThursday….anti-people, anarchy…

That said, Candice Swanepoel, one of the most dull yet hot bodies, zero personality, Victoria’s Secret model…was a little fun in 2009 where she got topless…in a shoot..

Not unlike her recent shoot for LUI MAGAZINE HERE But 6 years younger is always better on a 30 year old, end of her career model…

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Miranda Kerr Demonstrates How To Retain the Billionaire of the Day



As long as Miranda Kerr is in magazines, no matter what the magazine is, it will give said Billionaire she has trapped or is trying to trap, because she knows how to manipulate billionaires, the illusion that the people care about her, that she’s still a relevant model, hell she’s on the cover of a magazine…”my girl is on the cover of a magazine, and at my billionaire level, even if she costs 1 million a year I won’t even notice”….”take that other billionaires”….”Hey Warren Buffet is your wife on the cover of a magazine”….”what about you Bill Gates…is Melinda half naked sprreading her hooker vag out ther…Didn’t think so”…”what about you Zuckerberg…I’ve seen your creepy asian, she’s no Miranda”…

Kind of rich person thing…

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Monster Kardashian Round-Up of the Day


I know we don’t care about the Kardashians and their fame whoring, but the media loves talking about them, brands love working with them, they public have turn them into this very rich and powerful…all while being tacky and trashy…expensive garbage…so as they are shoved down my throat, coming at me from every angle, a sex tape porn star that went totally wrong for us, but right for them….all of them….as they try to sell shitty product to us like the gypsy merchants they should have been…instead of this…

Well, it turns out that Kim and Bruce aren’t the only dudes who have an insane amount of plastic surgery and bad make up who dress like ladies in the Kardashian cult compound…there’s also the recently turned 18 hooker Kylie and the one we assume is from OJ named Khloe….

So here’s Khloe Kardashian Simpson…who even reformatted…is terrifying….

And the little one, who everyone was excisted about seeing turn 18, because I guess jailbait aficiandos take birth certificate dates to heart and they hold more importance than how busted and broken down said jailbait already looks…probably from a drug addiction, thanks to her parents having absolutely no soul, where that she’s just a player in their cast of trash…something she probably hates…even if the money is good…she knows, they all know, they’re fucking garbage..very very expensive garbage…and that the general public are just idiots..

That’s all I have to say about that, which as we know is way too much.

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Kimberly Garner’s Ass in a Bikini of the Day


Kimberly Garner is some reality star from the UK, who has been able to use the paparazzi to make her low level relevant..

I like to think her claim to fame was when she followed me on twitter or instagram or some shit…before realizing that I wasn’t someone she wanted as a friend because I’ve said things like :

” her Inner thighs, in all their fuzzy glory, are the gateway to her soul….a soul that she can thank for whatever successes she has….and by soul I mean her pussys…and by success I mean rich dudes willing to fuck her…”

But I guess her real claim to fame is this body…it’s like she’s a total nobody, at least in North America, but in a bikini, people care…and by people I mean perverts who like girls with bodies like this…

I mean if you’ve ever met British women, in all their brown teeth face rot, you’ll understand how this one got on TV…

To See Kimberly Garner in a Bikini… CLICK HERE

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Demi Lovato’s Ass in Shorts of the Day


I assume these pictures are from a couple of days ago, and I guess like a PC back in the 90s, shit is obsolete and anyone who cares about seeing Demi Lovato in tight short shorts, has already seen Demi Lovato in short shorts, even if from an objective vantage point, there’s nothing hot about some 30 year old pop tart who creates shitty music and build like a bull dyke ready to wrestle dressed seductively, I’d be happier seeing her her ill fitting jeans and flannel…you know like a farmer…probably one of the roll playing games she plays while slamming FES from that 70s show up the ass with a strap on, in what they call “Migrant Worker Misbehaving’….but as you all know, it’s not gay of you’re getting rammed up the ass my a lesbian…

That said, she’s ridiculously famous, she’s played the media so perfectly, she’s even turned her addiction, partying, lesbianism, and eating disorder into profit…

Most people I know with those things, just end up like Lindsay Lohan…aka dead.

Now I must pollute you with her songs…


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Kayley Cuoco Tits in a Bikini of the Day


Kayley Cuoco is not only going to be worth over 100 million dollars thanks to positioning herself as the accessible hot girl on a nerd based sitcom…in a world where you’d think the sitcom wouldn’t exist unless as a parody…but that apparently is still advertiser friendly and gets ratings from idiots who actually watch network TV, probably because they are over 50, or because they are in a contract with the cable company that they can’t get out of…

So as the Jennifer Aniston in her Nerd version of Freinds…with formulaic jokes and stories…she’s fucking set…

But I still think she peaked when her nude pics were leaked and she owned them…thanks to probably being behind the links…as she’s a girl with Breast implants who loves her implants so much she’s said this about her implants…

“I had no boobs! And it really was the best thing ever! I always felt ill-proportioned. My implants made me feel more confident in my body. It wasn’t about trying to be a porn star or wanting to look hot and sexy

And from my experience, any girl in love with her implants wants you to see her implants…but I’d be happier if they had more hard nipple…it’s more relevant like that.

kaley (3)

To See Kayley Cuoco’s Big Tits Leaving the Gym CLICK HERE

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Hailey Baldwin’s Ass From the Front of the Day

Hailey Baldwin is the 19 year old daughter of weird, Christian now that he’s no longer an addict, Stephen Baldwin and some brazilian he married in the 90s….and I guess his fame whoring from suing Kevin Costner, to fighting adult stores in his home town, to tattooing Hannah Montana on him to get on Miley’s TV show that he never booked…to doing reality show after reality show…since filing for bankruptcy…

From Barney Rubble to poverty, to famewhoring daughter, who has been making the rounds, and I don’t mean with her vagina, or ass you can see from the front thanks to short shorts and the hormones in the food, but because she hangs with Kardashians and Jenners and Biebers…and her cousin Ireland and probably Taylor Swift since Taylor Swift owns everyone…even Bieber pussy due to the solidarity she has with Selena Gomez….in some weird fucking cult I don’t understand…

But who cares about that when you can see her ass from the front…in shorts…at 19 and lovely..


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