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Adriana LIma is Intense of the Day


Lima Bean from Victoria’s Secret fame has been slowing filling out, getting more and more boxy as she nears menopause….already a mom of two thanks to being a Catholic who doesn’t believe in safe sex, but who also was a virgin for her early Victoria’s Secret year, at least that was the rumor I’ll never believe, since all half naked models are whores….and real Catholic models don’t really exist because half naked modeling is against their religion….

She’s still got a great face though….boxy girls are still boxy but this one has one of the best faces so here she is in Cannes…for no reason but the scientific observation of the aging process..



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Old Timer Victoria’s Secret Model Update of the Day

I don’t find Victoria’s Secret, the mall brand sweatshop running company that over prices garbage underwear for the masses, who buy into the shit because that’s what trying to feel “normal” is about…go in debt for mall brands to fit in with your suburban neighbors thanks to having a weak mind and buying into anything you’re told to buy into…instead of following your inner spirit and inner eccentric and inner artist…you know to follow your fucking dreams..but rather work making shit money to pay taxes and buy nonsense all to fit in…comfortably…but depressed and suicidal…which luckily they have meds to sedate you to help perpetuate this lie..

But I do think they cast good models and heres a coulple of their Old Times….incluidng Alessandra Ambrosio on TV in Shorts


And Adriana Lima’s who has clearly Been Working Out but the fact that either still work for the brand is just crazy..


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Adriana Lima Modeling Bikinis for a Brand of the Day


People are still firm believers that Adriana Lima is the hottest model of all time and I would probably agree with them, it’s the eyes…but this girl has not aged well.

Sure in high produced photoshopped pics, she’s great, but in any paparazzi pics, or Victoria’s Secret runway pics, she looks tired, old and fat….just baby weight she couldn’t get rid of…

You know boxy, menopausal even, sloppy….

But in high produced photoshopped pics posing for an Italian bikini brand…she’s great…

These are high produced photoshopped pics posing for an Italian bikini brand.

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Adriana Lima’s Eyewear Campaign of the Day


I remember when Adriana Lima was one of the hottest girls in modeling..straight off the boat from Brazil, her dark hair and light eyes, coupled with her big natural lips and amazing body just fucking blew everyone away….

Then she turned 30, and for some reason, a reason I call being a mom and a wife and no really caring so much about bouncing back into things since you still have a few years on contract and you still make your weight requirements since fat weighs less than muscle…allowing her to still cash the fuck in despite being boxy and even sloppy…moms…it’s a hell of a sacrifice to make for a woman, who may still be Adriana Lima on paper, but is a far cry from the Adriana Lima you should be jerking off to..

Here she is in a Sunglasses campaign, as there’s no need to really show off that GUNT for sunglass campaigns…and that works out well for her.

Here she is for LOVE magazine – trying to be a bit more sexy and lit in a way you can’t see her boxy gunt…

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Adriana Lima From the Right Angles for Love Magazine of the Day

Adriana Lima fans are hanging onto the memory of Adriana Lima as hard as Adriana Lima is, and collectively, are pretending she’s not old, chubby, boxy…and built like a mom, and if you tell people, they will deny it and tell you you’re the crazy one, even though you’ve seen her in photoshoots, and live walking on runways and all the other bullshit that Adriana Lima does in her overpriced career, seeing as I can find hotter 20 year olds than her 35 year old body to get naked for 100 bucks, while she charges 100k to leave the house…which is probably just another part of the spell she’s cast on people..making them believe she’s better than she is….

But on a positive note, she’s been doing this 2 decades, knows her angles and still has tits to distract from her midsection….before casting that spell and stealing your soul with her eyes…it’s some Brazilian Voodoo spell…or something…

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Adriana Lima Thick for Cover Girl Magazine of the Day


Last week, I had an argument with a girl about Adriana Lima losing her edge by gaining a whole lot of other things, like her barrel body…that isn’t really something you’d expect from a lingerie model, but definitely something you’d expect from a mom who keeps fit at the gym when her husband is at work making money to pay for her expensive life…

I guess what I’m saying is that I am a firm believer in throwing in the towel, retiring, doing other things that involve being clothed, because younger girls…just look better than older women…in underwear…no matter how many millions of dollars are left on the contract, it’s not worth the humilation…

I guess it’s possible these are just bad pics…

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Adriana Lima Knows Her Angles of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.34.23 PM

I got hate mail from one person for calling Adriana Lima fat in at least 1 of the last few posts I’ve featured her in…because I guess I was being a little to quick to pull the plus sized model card, seeing as she’s not fat…obviously…or at least not fat like we know fat…where bellies are hanging over elastic band pants….fat….but she is looking her age, like a mom, with a barrel of a body…much like a pug…like the old timer stripper working the day shift…you still get a lap dance from her…but you prefer when her daughter, following her foot steps is working…ya know…

Not to mention, Lima may be fat, I’ve seen many secret internet fatties rocking their angles…to look lean and even toned…so…I’ll only be able to give you an educated opinion when she’s sitting on my face….

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.34.30 PM

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Adriana Lima Shows You How She Got Fat of the Day

Adriana Lima is up on the “fat chicks get work” because she’s old…and being fat is on Trend…

I guess she wanted to show the new David Letterman how she got there….with Chicken Wings…

It’s convenient because she’s already established herself as a babe and a model…so this…..”fat chicks get the jobs”….”Fat chicks get celebrated for being fat, so why the fuck am I going to work out 8 hours a day for my millionss of dollars, when I can just eat as much as I fucking want and pretend it’s a feminist movement, for my millions of dollars…”….

She’s paid her dues to the patriarchy….let her be free…and show the world…


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Selena Gomez VS Victoria’s Secret Models of the Day

Victoria’s pulling out their big guns to promote their shitty televised infomercial….and they are using Selena Gomez and her following of dumb tween girls to do it…

Selena Gomez is promoting her big break as a performer at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, who I guess are paying her by doing this viral video to promote her shitty song, as the models, who are much hotter than Selena Gomez, lip syncing…with some Selena fake titty lupus and Chemotherapy tits…in the mix…

As shitty a product and brand Victoria’s Secret is…some of these girls are pretty good…and despite how dumb this video is…and how bad this song is…some of these girls are pretty good…and despite how annoying Selena Gomez is in her bullshit career…as long as her tits are out there…it’s ok…and as annoying as each of these overrated girls looks trying to act…they are still pretty good..

Garbage…but hot chicks doing anything…even cheesy things..is hard to really not watch…if you have absolutely nothing to do…

That said, Fat Adriana Lima is Creepy and Grabbing At Herself of the Day


I guess Adriana Lima is up on the “fat chicks get work”…..”fat chicks get the jobs”….”Fat chicks get celebrated for being fat, so why the fuck am I going to work out 8 hours a day for my millionss of dollars, when I can just eat as much as I fucking want and pretend it’s a feminist movement, that I’ve made millions making girls feel insecure about themselves, but that I don’t need that Patriarchy machine to hold me down, even if they are her only employer”….because why work, when you can just take the jobs and pretend it’s more than just getting old and tired, like there’s purpose to it…when really it’s just lainess…

I don’t know why a model gets a wax figure, but I know there’s a fetish in watching a model play with a clone of herself, especially for you scifi weirdos who remember LIMA as one of the hottest models to exist the last 20 years…


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Adriana Lima’s See Through Dress of the Day


So Adriana Lima wanted you to see her shit stain nipples…because she wore a see through dress to some fashion week event…and I guess because she’s an old used up puppet that’s used to being used by brands as their puppet…and is probably trying to do some kind of commentary to that…like an artist…or a model who is tired of being used up and replaced by the industry…in a way she feels like she doesn’t matter..when 10 years ago…she was all anyone could talk about…because she was so amazing looking..and now that she’s just old..it takes more effort…effort I encourage and would prefer if it was more of a meltdown that involved her smearing her period on the wall screaming “I’m still fresh…I’m still young….I’m still fresh”….but I’m weird..and like pussy lips more than nips…

Here are pics..


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Adriana Lima in Vogue Eyewear Campaign of the Day

I don’t think there’s anything really exciting about Adriana Lima. She is an old, even washed up Brazilian model who made it in the early 2000s and now gets overpaid to spend a day getting her picture taken…two decades laters…

She is known for her lingerie and bikini half naked modeling, but I guess now that she’s expired, they’ve decided to put her in sunglasses…which as it turns out may cover up her haggard over 30 year old, probably botoxed face…and mom body…but clothed makes her a hell of a lot less interesting than when she poses in lingerie and bikinis, even if her in lingerie and bikini body isn’t as good as it used to be…I’ll still look at half naked over whatever is going on here…

I have no idea why I feel this is important to post, because I don’t..it just kind of happened.

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