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Alexandra Daddario Ass for Vanity Fair of the Day

If you watch TV, you’ve seen her naked and fucking. Making this ass shot a waste of your time. It’s one of those if you fuck in a show, you might as well just fuck your way through everyday life, not that she doesn’t, I mean how did she get the jobs she gets in the first place….but she’s not doing it on street corners, in restaurants, or on the beach…or even in Vanity Fair, a controlled setting where she could be fucking, but instead is just underwater mooning, because they have advertisers, and can’t be the HBO of magazines yet, even though if they were…they’d probably make more money…because this is the porn generation, no one gives a fuck about anything that doesn’t involve fucking…

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Alexandra Daddario Naked in True Detective of the Day

I’ve never heard of Alexandra Daddario, or the show True Detective, but I have seen her tits on TV in the clip from the show, and that may be all I need to know because they are pretty fucking fantastic…and make me wonder why it took her so long to walk into my life…it’s like she’s almost 30…this shoulda happened back when she was 20 and probably too good to get naked before realizing it is not a big deal and does so much for a career.

Here is the clip:

TO SEE GIFs of Alexandra Daddario Topless in True Detective CLICK HERE

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Hot Pussy at the Hall Pass Premiere of the Day

I was given tickets to the local premiere of Hall Pass. So the theater I was in didn’t have a red carpet and was filled with old ladies who won the shit on radio contests and shit…but even if I was at this premiere, the only thing that would have saved this movie would have been more of the baby sitters tits…That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to fuck the Blonde Australian …but I just can’t help but hate them for being part of what must be left over ejaculate that poored out of some Farrely brother wife’s asshole weeks after she gave him anal and was found and nurtured into the garbage that is this movie…if that makes sense……

The worst thing in all of it is that people hate being married and a hall pass could really be a revolutionary thing…and instead of showcasing that goodness, we were stuck watching two idiots fail at being men in what was probably some of the most embarrassing maybe even humilating way that wasn’t funny but just left me feeling sad….

I’m glad I saw it, I just wish people put more love into making movies that are actually good….maybe I’m just a hater…maybe this was the shittiest attempt at a movie review ever…I guess I’m no Siskel….

Here’s the Busty babysitter…

Here’s the tight bodied Australian….

Here’s Alyssa Milano’s pregnant mom tits you’d probably stay happily married to even if she’s a bitch to me on Twitter like she was Denise Richards…I love how she’s playing the pregnancy up…

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