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Anja Rubik is in Underwear for Mango of the Day

Anja Rubik is some underwear model…I mean I doubt she’d want to be referred to as just some underwear model. She’s booked Victoria’s Secret and that’s some major campaign, that she probably likes to think makes her more important because it pays a lot of fucking money, and I guess it kind of does because when you get paid by those assholes and sign your life away, along with being prostituted to A-Listers who also get a certain level of fame…but to me…and based on these pics she’s just some underwear model.

I prefer her Her fashion nudity…it’s a better hustle…but then again, I fucking hate any and all lingerie catalog pics…because besides a half naked girl…shit is a fail…but I guess the half naked girl makes it tolerable…like all things…even prison…if you’re not the one pretending to be the half naked girl…

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Anja Rubik Does Kim Basinger for Vogue Germany of the Day

Here is Anja Rubik pretending to be Kim Basigner…while Kim Basinger’s own daughter is pretending to be an open minded lesbian into black girls who rope her in for the media attention and who Ireland lets go down on her…because every girl likes getting eaten out, and other girls are usually better at it, since they understand the vagina…giving Ireland the orgasm her boyfriend never did…leading to her confusing orgasms with love…and self discovery and identity crisis makes sense…especially since she’s built like a ogre lesbian…all big and scary..

Not that this has to do with Ireland Baldwin or even Kim Basinger, I don’t even know what these pics have to do with Kim Basinger…maybe inspired by one of her movies? I just know I got side-tracked, it happens when you ramble all fucking day…

This has to do with Anja Rubik being amazing, even when she’s not naked, even though I like her BETTER WHEN SHE’S NAKED

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Anja Rubik for i-D of the Day

Anja Rubik is a Vicoria’s Secret model….and she’s been NAKED SO MANY TIMES that her posing in clothes would be news or something to talk about…if being naked wasn’t so fucking amazing.

The fact that she’s Polish, just makes me assume she’ll do anything to avoid going back to Communism, because at 30, she probably remembers a bit about what poverty was like. Not to mention, when she goes home and sees all her girls, who have gone onto sex work, living shitty lives, she’s like “HERE ARE MY TITS, MONETIZE”….

The interesting thing about her, at least to me, is that she’s naked so much, she might as well be considered a nude model, like a Suicide Girl, or a bitch in Playboy. But for some reason, her nudity is considered fashion, and she still books huge campaigns. Including Christian friendly Victoria’s Secret…the kind of company, who behind the scenes gets 16 year old girls in lingerie, but for brand image fires girls for fucking Bieber….

I haven’t really figured out this grey area of sleazy, porn and sleazy fashion nudity, I just know Fashion nudity makes more money, is more luxurious, the tits are smaller and I like it better…

So here she is in i-D

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Anja Rubik’s Full Vag for LUI Magazine of the Day

Fashion porn…is getting more and more hardcore as the years go on. There was a time when you had to buy or steal a “Penthouse” or 50+ to get off…or to see a little twat, it was he 90s…we didn’t have internet back then.

You know, showing the pink, or lips, is why Larry Flynt is in a fucking Wheelchair…it is also the reason he’s a billionaire…but it must be funny for him to see how he had to fight obscenity charges, but now it’s considered fashion, when really it’s just a naked girl and we all love a good naked girl…

So this is progress and Anja Rubik looks good, even if you may prefer her in MUSIC VIDEOS….I prefer her hipster fashion model bush.


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Anja Rubik in a Music VIdeo of the Day

Apparently this is model Anja Rubik getting into the music scene, because models are generally coked up party girls and making music is very fucking easy to do now, thanks to computers, even in Poland where she’s from…

Now sure, she doesn’t look like a smoke and mirror done up Victoria’s Secret model, but she is one…She’s also shown her tits for fashion so many times SHE’S GOT HER OWN SECTION ON THE SITE

I find this career move refreshing, because modelling is some seriously dumb shit…

And here are pics of her modelling for Peter Hahn Collection…which is some real boring shit…


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Anja Rubik in Vogue Video of the Day

Anja Rubik is a pretty hot model who I’ve DONE POSTS ON BEFORE . She’s pushing 30, has consistently been topless for fashion, like all good models do when starting out, and now she’s booking Vogue and Victoria’s Secret and a bunch of other campaigns that still sometimes feature her nipples, like ANTIDOTE MAGAZINE the other day….but this Mario Testino photoshoot video on instagra was hot for me…I don’t know why, but I assume it’s got something to do with her long perfect body.

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Daisy Lowe, Anja Rubik and Lara Stone Naked in Antidote Magazine of the Day

Antidote has taken fashion models…I mean that is if you consider Gwen Stefani’s stepdaughter she never wanted because her tranny fucking husband never told her he had a love child with a groupie who at 18 had to paternity test to deny, but instead confirmed…leaving her some daddy issue titty flashing Daisy Lowe…along with other actual models…and pretty much made them subjects of soft core porn that if this was the 70s would be considered obscene and would have got Larry Flint shot, but since it’s the 2010s…it’s considered art…the world is progressing…#fact.

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Anja Rubik’s Nipple for Vogue Russia March 2014 of the Day

Anja Rubik is some Polish Victoria’s Secret model in her 30s who is in the latest issue of Vogue Russia showing her tits, because I guess that’s not a very gay thing to do, in a gay hating environment, even though the only people jerking off to Vogue Russia are probably girls…until today, not that I’ve shared these titty pics with you…

It’s safe to say, when it comes to Russia, this is the better than the Olympics…but not quite as good as all the youtube videos of drunk russians being insane…

I’m a fan…

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Edita Vilkeviciute and Anja Rubik Nude for Vogue France of the Day

Edita Vilkeviciute and Anja Rubik are a couple of models you may or may not have heard of…but who you would notice if you were in the same room as them…not because of their stunning beauty but because they would be a solid head taller than everyone else in the room…which is always the creepy thing about models…that people always forget when jerking off to pics of models…is that they are usually big and wide and look skinny, but are the kind of girl you’d want to have put you on her shoulders at a concert or any event so you can see the fucking crowd…

That said, these babes are naked for fashion not porn, and there’s a huge difference in being naked for porn and naked for fashion, and we all know that nudity, although fun to look at, is not a big deal, and is not as hot as seeing it getting cummed all over, and even if we want to see the nipple to tit ratio of every girl we’ve met or seen, doesn’t mean we get excited by nipple, I mean we aren’t Muslim or in the 1800s anymore…we are a little too desensitized for that shit…

The only thing that makes me laugh in all this is that I can’t land an advertiser for posting this because they call me porn, while it’s straight from the pages of Vogue, that makes tens of millions of dollars in advertising from the same pictures I’ve stolen from them…where is the justice…who knows…but here are the model tits…

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