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Ashley Smith and Dioni Tabbers for Agent Provocateur of the Day

Ashley Smith is a Texan model who moved to New York because she was tall, skinny, busty and had a gap tooth in an era when gap tooth models were in….

I’ve known about her for what seems like forever, she’s been making money at this, but she wasn’t a household name, she wasn’t a big deal, and for some reason – this past year something clicked, and she became more relevant…is booking bigger things…is getting a fan base…and I think she’s hot as fuck..in some big titty, party girl, crackhead…kind of way…

I’ve interacted with her at least once when she was not doing much…I tried to sing her vagina love songs – but she wasn’t having it. I guess she didn’t believe that we were soul mates as much as I did when staring at her tits…

She’s now in this campaign for Agent Provocateur that is hot….because Agent Provocateur is hot, even though I just assume they are owned by Victoria’s Secret.

She’s doin’ it with Dioni Tabbers…who has done a bunch of modelling, but I’m not lettinger her steal the show from the one who matters….Ashely Smith.

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Ashley Smith is a Busty Trick for Fashion of the Day

Her name is Ashley Smith, she’s been modelling forever, but only recently did she start getting any real attention, that’s not to say she wasn’t always making models, it’s just to say that I used to follow her on instagram and harass her, before being deleted by her and blocked by her, as girls do when they can’t deal with the burning love they have for me…you know when my romantic advances upset their boyfriends…but since those days, she’s got a following, still has awesome huge tits and a gap and despite our love never materializing through instagram, like it has with so many other girls I’ve had sex with, I still believe there is hope for us.

HEre she is in unFLOP magazine by our friend and photographer SILJA MAGG

Good times were had by all, but I’d like more nipple.

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Ashley Smith Dancing of the Day

I used to flirt with Ashley Smith on the internet…unfortunately, my flirting is called being creepy…then she got famous and too important for my gap tooth big tit model fetish….She ignored my love letters then…she really ignores now…but that doesn’t change anything on my end…it just makes me like her more…

The good news is that thanks to the internet, even when she ignores me, and pretends I don’t exist, I can watch her dance videos and feel like I’m masturbating in the corner watching her in the party from the comfort from my home, and for that I am thankful, even if being thankful is so last month…and now we are all onto Christmas miracles.

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Ashley Smith is My Cheerleader in NYLON of the Day

Ashley Smith is an up and coming model who makes me interested in getting up in it and getting it cumming provided she answered me on instagram, where I’ve been sending her love letters and messages of how we are soul mates for at least a year…only to be ignored…because as you know sometimes words just get in the way of feelings…you know don’t speak, just keep doing photoshoots with your gap tooth and big titties to show me that you care…unless she’s more of a if I ignore the creep he doesn’t exist and will go away…but that can’t be the case..I mean how could anyone…not want to love me back….

Either way, she’s dressed like a Cheerleader in hipster turned pop magazine, and I like it even if it isn’t edgy enough, but in my defines, I like everything Ashley Smith does…especially when it involves showing her nips..

She’ll be famous soon, I am sure of it.

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Ashley Smith Naked for Purple of the Day

Ashley Smith is amazing, at least her gap tooth and big natural titties are…

She ignores me on social media, which you’d think would make me hate her, but instead makes me want her more…..

I am an internet legend no one has every heard of, so you’d think I’d get the respect I deserve…I am talking requests for autographs, NOODZ and blow jobs, that I deserve…but instead…I get nothing…

The good news is that a mutual friend of ours, told me that Ashley Smith thinks I am a creep..which is better than her not knowing who I am…making me feel like I’ve won, or at least like I am one step closer to fucking…because now all it takes is me spinning it a bit…and really, who needs to actually fuck, after looking at these pics of her for Purple, I feel like we already have.

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Ashley Smith’s Awesome Tits for River Island of the Day

Ashely Smith is some busty model, with serious fucking tits, and also has a a gap tooth, that compliments her real serious fucking tits, a gap that I find sexy, but I’m not going to lie, I kinda wish my dick was her retainer, in some modern dental technology that has nothing to do with fixing imperfect teeth, that as far as I’m concerned are perfect, but that has everything to do with giving girls cold sores.

I’m a fan…and you will be too…if you want to see her awesome tits…you can click on the links below…because like all amazing busty models, those tits have been unleashed to get her to this level of about to breakout famous….

See Her Tits 1- Here , 2- Here , 3- Here

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Ashley Smith in the Shower of the Day

Ashley Smith is an awesome gap tooth model who has rockin’ tits…and who I guess is making the move into acting….because here she is in some 5 mintue movie…this girl likes the camera….and remindsus how easy it is to be on camera….if you look like her…..

So this movie goes from her communicating with her dog about what to wear…showering in a way that I can’t see her nipples….going to a photoshoot….then meeting some creepy dude who looks like a woman/and or lesbian…for international women’s day I guess…..

It doesn’t end in anal….or close ups of her throat fucking like most movies end….but is a shitty love story and she is still seducing me with her hot model hotness…despite how bad this is….reminding me she exists…and leading me to my archives to find pictures of her tits…..

TITS That you can see –

1- Here
2- Here
3- Here

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Ashley Smith and Anais Pouliot and Others for French Revue de Mode of the Day

I know there is no nipple on the covers of French Revue de Mode…and you’d think the whole being French part of it would have ensured that there was nudity…I thought the french were the whole reason for this titties in fashion movement that has taken over the world since the 70s….but all they are giving us is Ashley Smith’s amazing cleavage….along with some other girls I have seen naked, but would prefer to see squirting in my mouth after giving them the Jesus Martinez face fuck…I’m a sexual god like that…I’d get testimonials but these crackwhores I get with are both a bad look and embarrassing to brag about….but more importantly…illiterate.

Here are the pics….of some model greatness…

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Ashley Smith Topless Shoot of the Day

Ashley Smith is a hot fucking model with big old titties that she always shows off…and that I like to look at…but not necessarily cuz I like busty models willing to show off her tits…even though I really like busty models willing to show off their tits…but because I like girls with fucked up teeth…and this girl has a gap for fucking days….a gap that is erotic to me for some fucking reason…and maybe it is cuz it is symbolic of the gap between her legs…or maybe cuz a bitch with fucked up teeth…


Here she is in this unknown shoot….

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