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Ava Sambora’s Instagram Bikini of the Day

Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear’s troubled tween…who I assume is troubled because her mom is Heather Locklear and her dad Richie Sambora….you know Richie Sambora always in and out of rehab causing rockstar issues and Locklear constantly trying to kill herself..leaving poor little Ava, alone to fend for herself while her parents are too into themselves, with her million dollar trust fund and more importantly, money she’s made on her own thanks to being thrown into the industry at a young age, leaving her in Hawaii posing in bikinis for Instagram, that would be creepy to look at if Ava at 16 wasn’t more grown up than more 25 year olds thanks the living the rockstar life, her whole fucking life…

These are some pics of her instagram, she likes to show off her butt, I guess she thinks it is cute…who cares…

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Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora With their Daughter of the Day

Her name is Ava Sambora. She is 13 and despite all her make up and see through tops…looks 13. I’m not posting this shit cuz I know you like 13 year olds like the sick fuck who needs to be locked up that you are…..but as more of a tribute to modern parenting skills and the modern teenage girl especially when she coms from two self involved idiots who don’t really know why they have a kid together, and who don’t have any real business having a kid together, but shit seemed like a good idea at the time while coked up… cuz they can afford it so it’ll be alright….and what it really comes down to is how many undeage girls Richie Sambora has pretended were 18 both on tour and at his daughter’s sleepover parties…her’s a rockstar…that’s what they do…

Bonus that’s not really a bonus cuz bitch has already done playboy and we’ve seen her naked Bridget Marquardt was wearing an almost see through shirt was wherever these people are…

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Ava Sambora and Heather Locklear are the Mother/Daughter Team of the Day

Ava Sambora is the daughter of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora. She had her modeling debut for her father’s new clothing lined called “White Trash Beautiful”…something that I didn’t think was real white trash until finding out she isn’t 18 but is actually 13 and I guess whoring out your 13 year old daughter like this was the trailer park and poppa needs a case of beer and the only money he has is in the form of his daughter….at least until the welfare check comes in…only makes sense…or maybe she just wants to become a model and since his marriage to her mother fell apart he decied to give his baby what she wants….and who knows maybe she’ll be hot later in life and since Heather Locklear is hot….

I’m really just posting this because I accidentally was in the same restaurant as Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora this saturday as a crowd filled up outside and they were definitely a lot more low key and less bullshit than the other celebrity encounters (Jake Gyllenhaal) I had later that day….and now I’m not sure if I will get in trouble for posting this but assume I won’t since I am not the father who put his girl on stage for everyone to take pictures of…and I guess many future mother/daughter sexual fantasies will come from these two and hot mother/daughter combos I see walking in the gym, at Starbucks or shopping are always amazing….as long as the daughter isn’t still a kid….here are the pics…

Here’s Alexis Knapp and her Snake in a See Thru Shirt at the Event…But I Have No Idea Who She Is…or why she was allowed to bring her snake in….but I guess she was keeping in like with being White Trash Beautiful whatever that means….

Pics via Bauer

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