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Baywatch Bitches Old at the David Hasselhoff Roast of the Day

Apparently they roasted David Hasselhoff this past weekend because his life wasn’t enough of a fucking joke and they figured they had to drive the point home….and all his Baywatch pussy made an appearance….and since I was one of the many dudes who jerked off to this shit cuz we didn’t have internet at the time and it was enough to get us off…back before all the desensitization that lead to throat rape being the only way to our orgasm….and I thought it’d be nice to post this as a where are they now, throwback to pussy that once made us cum, and maybe if you’re really into it, pussy that can make you come again, cuz like a fine wine, shit gets better with age, but I doubt that’s the case….cuz masturbation isn’t like marriage and we don’t have to stay locked down to one whore…but I’ve been wrong before…

So here’s Traci Bingham, Pam Anderson, Angelica Bridges, Nicole Eggert, Gena Lee Nolin all old, botoxed and some even fat, but their fake stupid shoulda been pornstar tits haven’t aged a bit….

Pics via Bauer

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Pam Anderson is a One-Trick Pony of the Day

I don’t hate Pam Anderson. I write mean spirited shit about her because I think it’s time to hang up her silicone tits and age gracefully. I find her holding onto her sex appeal and career based on her tits depressing at best…it’s actually pretty fucking pathetic….and the fact that people are asking her to sign her fucking Baywatch picture from 15 years ago just proves that it is time for her to move the fuck on. She’s a one-trick pony and will always and forever be the bitch from Baywatch and there’s really no fuckin’ point for her to even try, even though all she fuckin’ does is try, I mean when she’s not sucking and fucking dirty hep dick.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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