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Behati Prinsloo Nipple for Victoria’s Secret of the Day


Here is the nipple that Adam Levine either sucks, or pretends to suck when trying to prove to the world that he’s not a homo, despite what every single song he’s ever releases says about him…

He is one of those people, thanks to his annoying fucking voice, that I can’t fucking stand….

He has polluted my life with his high pitch crap that plays on the radio everyday – in public places…

And whether he’s a cool LA rich kid, or a lame LA Rich kid, and whether he’s a real nice guy who can’t control that the world likes his shit music, that he makes lots of money he probably never needed thanks to being an LA rich kid to begin with or not…I fucking hate everything he represents..and does…

Including, but not limited to his wife..and her nipples, that Victoria’s Secret are nice enough to show us now that they are over the photoshopping of nipples, as the Free the Nipples movement and internet porn have opened our minds up to….

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Behati Prinsloo Nipples for Victoria’s Secret of the Day


Behati Prinsloo is married to Adam Levine, which unfortunately for her makes me smell his cum on every picture of her, not that I know what his cum smells like, but I am sure a bunch of old fags in the local bathhouse he frequents when on tour here do….

She’s gone from immigrant model, to Victoria’s Secret model, to celebrity wife, and now Vogue model, set for fucking life…and all it took was being skinny…and tall…

So remember that girls with 20,000 dollars of debt, trying to get by, struggling with the idea of joining a sugar daddy site….

Show your pussy, use your pussy, that’s what it is there for…

So along with having a stupid fucking name, she’s now shown some nipple, because Victoria’s Secret has been criticized for photoshopping out nipples, in an era of freeing the nipple, because it is just fucking nipples dude….a fight I’ve been fighting with this site for a decade, but that everyone discounted as me being smut, when I just felt censorshop wasn’t authentic..

In retrospect, I would have censored everything to get rich, buy a yacht and fuck hookers everyday…

Hindsight…you know…

Here’s some promo video..

Here’s her nipples because a lingerie company is being progressive by showing what the lingerie looks like – rather than erasing nipples because nipples, despite being human….are bad and offensive…they feed babies and people suck them when they fuck….seriously…


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Behati Prinsloo Nipple Flash of the Day


If a nipple has been licked and sucked on by Adam Levine….like Behati Prinsloo’s nipple…does it still count as a nipple…or does it represent all evil in this world…

I guess I’ll let you figure that one out…but I’m going with it represents all evil…as we know it is the host body that will carry a baby to this world….but I don’t want to influence your opinion…

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Behati Prinsloo Smells Like Adam Levine for Some Event of the Day

Behati Prinsloo 05

I don’t know if this is gay or not, but every time I see Behati Prinsloo, I smell Adam Levine’s sperm…not that I know what sperm smells like, even though I theoretically have sperm, and probably always smell of sperm, making me desensitized to sperm smells, but not making the girls I sperm on desensitized because they always seem to throw up when they come in contact with it…

I think it is more of a figurative thing….where all I see is his annoying face any time I try to think she’s hot.


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Behati Prinsloo is a Zombie Santa of the Day

Someone posted this video of Behati Prinsloo being a zombie Santa because I guess making fun of one of the most iconic characters in the history of the Christmas spirit, you know the fat man in a red suit, that has nothing to do with Jesus, the birthday you’re supposed to be celebrating, when really he’s the one who was an actual zombie, while Santa was just a cartoon, but I guess her playing Zombie Jesus wouldn’t go over well…kinda like her marrying Adam Levine…since he’s the fucking worst…and no matter what she’s doing here…all I smell is his seed all over her…making her the fucking worse than the worst because she married the worst…if you know what I mean.

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Candice and Behati do Victoria’s Secret Photoshoots of the Day

Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo are on the beach, because they are doing the VS Fashion show and it is prime time to get the girls in the paparazzi they pay, wearing bikinis, when they are at their fittest because they’ve been on a program to get as fit as possible pre-VS show…as no one, especially VS likes fat girls posing in their bikinis, despite the fact that 98 percent of their clients are fat girls wearing bikinis to be as sexy as the skinny girls they hire to pose in said bikinis…and I guess bikinis is good enough for me to post, even knowing one of the bikinis smells of Adam Levine’s seed..


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Behati Prinsloo in a Bikini of the Day

All I smell is Adam Levine’s cum…and it’s disgusting…So potent and offensive that it ruins her Victoria’s Secret hooker way and body I would normally love…

I mean this immigrant girl hustle modelling lingerie to lure rich dudes most Americans hate, all in efforts to fulfill her childhood dreams of fame and fortune, willing to do whatever it jakes is honourable…put her on payroll Levine, that’s what she’s looking for, but don’t call her a prosti, since she’s got a ring on it, call her a wife…it’s different.

It’s just one of those grey areas..and I’m all for sluts and hookers – as long as Levine isn’t their main client…because any girl who could have any guy but chooses Levine is the worst.


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Behati Prinsloo On Set in a Bikini of the Day

Behati Prinsloo recently married Adam Levine, which makes part of me hate everything she represents, because rich kid Adam Levine, from Hollywood, who just leveraged family contacts to be Adam Levine is a fucking loser, despite all his money, and his music is shit, and when a girl like Behati Prinsloo could be with any fucking billionaire because she’s a victoria’s secret model choosing Adam Levine, is a fucking fail on all fronts. He is the worst…and now she’s polluted…

That said, I can stop staring at her backfat in this pic. She must be eating her feelings because immigrant or not, excited by the American Dream or not, she fucking knows her husband is a cunt…a cunt she lets in her cunt…disgusting.


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Behati Prinsloo for Victoria’s Secret of the DAy

There are a few things I don’t like in life….and three of those things happen to be in these pics:

1- Victoria’s Secret…because they exploit third world countries to make profit margin on shitty product for white people that they can in turn pay models too much money to be part of…giving models inflated egos about their worth and celebrity….

2- Catalog bikini pics because they lack any sort of story, purpose, creativity, or really substance. They are boring and a misuse of a high budget, good photographer and established model.

3- Adam Levine. Who sticks his dick in this shit…

But I’m still posting it – because half naked girls are half naked girls…even when they get paid millions for this and have horrible taste in men…

I can’t really Blame her, she’s from another country, and probably thinks Adam Levine is awesome because compared to the popstars back home, he is…

I mean she can’t be as picky or hateful as us, she’s just happy to be out of the hell she was living…and probably gets as pumped about a pair of Levis Jeans or Nikes…

Plus he’s rich, and thus good to make babies with…

I get it….but I don’t like it…

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The Behati Prinsloo Sizzle Reel of the Day

Behati Prinsloo doesn’t exist to me, not because I’ve never met her or any of the other famous hookers I would fuck, but prefer to hate on the site, because I don’t think they deserve the praise or money they get…you know like I was that Elliott Rodgers loser, only I actually get laid…because there’s always a willing bitch when you have no standards…

I just see hotter girls than these models all the time, who don’t have the same ego, or entitlement, who aren’t living the life and who aren’t egotistical snobs who have been given everything they ever wanted with little to no work…

Behati Prinsloo doesn’t exist to me because Adam Levine cums in her…and she allows it..like it’s not a rape situation, but rather a retirement plan, child support situation and I don’t care how big his dick or wallet is…his music is enough reason for him to die alone, shunned by society for being the fucking worst…

Here’s some sizzle reel I guess one of her fans made…weird.

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Behati Prinsloo vs Amber Heard in DT of the Day

I like when these magazines put these girls up against each other, making them hate each other, and compare themselves to each other, buy giving them equal play in a magazine, and waiting to see who gets the most coverage for it…because friendly competition, coupled with egotistical cunts who think they are the best thing ever, feeling insecure is erotic to me…

So one of them is engaged to the worst human ever, the kind of guy who you probably want to kill, because he is Adam Levine and annoying in his Bar Mitzvah DJ hustle…tainted…

The other is a home wrecker, who lured Johnny Depp, a relatively cool person in Hollywood, because he takes his Disney roles seriously…

Both of them are trying to be fun, sexy in DT Spain…and it’s safe to say Amber Heard won this one…and I guess won on all fronts…based on the fact that she isn’t engaged to Adam Levine.

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Behati Prinsloo Nipples in Vogue Spain of the Day

I can’t take Victoria’s Secret Behati Prinsloo seriously…even when she’s doing a Vogue Spain shoot…while showing her nipples because that’s the key to modelling and nipple is the only way to be taken seriously…not because I hate Victoria’s Secret models with stupid names…or more importantly nipples…but because…she’s marrying Adam Levine and that means he cums in her, and more importantly, he dumped her, fucked another model, and ran back to her like a man who has the authority to take these models and have his way with them…even though he’s a massive fucking pussy sent here from the devil to brainwash us with shitty music and Bar Mitzvah DJ charisma…

But here are her nipples anyway.

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Behati Prinsloo in a Bikini of the Day

If Adam Levine’s publicists and the people at The Voice, who probably always own People Magazine, in what is the biggest lie of a publication since Million Little Pieces, because everything they write about is fed to them by Publicists…have made him the “Sexiest Man Alive”…something most Jewish midgets don’t get awarded…

Does that make his Fiance, imported model Behati, the sexiest women alive?…I’m gonna go with no, but she still is good enough for Victoria’s Secret and I guess with that stamp of approval, she’s good enough for me…you see they’ve marketed her so hard I have her in my head…and think that just because they say she’s a “bad bitch”…she actually is one…and in her defence, she’s half naked…making huge money which is two criteria I look for in girls…making her pretty alright to me…

TO see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Behati Prinsloo in Underwear for GQ of the Day

Every time I look at Behati Prinsloo I see Adam Levine up inside her, tainting her groupie immigrant model groupie pussy….even if they are in “real love” and getting married.

I don’t know what it is about Adam Levine that makes me hate him, I guess because he’s always on the radio polluting my motherfucking life…coupled with not being a girl who thinks he’s so dreamy…cuz every single girl I ever talk to thinks he’s amazing and that this Behati is lucky…

So even in her lingerie, or bikinis, or whatever this GQ shit is, I just see Adam Levine’s face where her face is and it’s really fucking with my boner.

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Behati Prinsloo Got Some Juicy Jeans of the Day

Behati Prinsloo is unfortunately tainted by Adam Levine so bad that she’s willing to marry the motherfucker…

I guess that’s just what these models do in their off time, they fight with each other to see who can land the biggest earning musician…

Behati is so bad at it, that she was willing to get back with said musician, who happens to be Adam Levine, after dated 3-4 other models who are hotter than her after they broke up…

I guess hat’s what true love is all about people…we just need to use models to show us the light…the light that is getting knocked the fuck up as fast as possible and not worrying about who else he fucks as long as you’re the one legally in line for 50% of his assets or at least a decent alimony settlement even though you make a million dollars or more a year as a fucking model.

Because it’s all about winning the “which A-Lister can you marry and get impregnated by”…contest…

I find her pathetic, but she’s an immigrant and doesn’t know better, and here she is in pants for Juicy, Juicy Pants for a Juicy girl, who only gets Juicy if you have so much radio play people want you and your high pitched voice dead.

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