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Bella Hadid in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Bella Hadid’s nipples are on vacation….at least that’s what one of these bikini pics from her vacation candids is telling me….maybe it’s her sensitive nipples from the breast implants…or maybe she’s naturally a skinny girl with big tits due to her ARAB roots, but based on her mother and everything about her existence, including her dad’s sugar baby fetish with young slutty hookers, nothing about her or her career, or her relevance is real…it’s all Tila Tequila caliber polarizing retards who understand ‘she has followers cuz of her sister, lets make her a model like her momma”….bullshit…that keeps this world going around…at least for rich LA people who all know each other and pretty much jerk each other off at the country club….they are members at because they like to assert how rich they are…


Here’s a video of one of her friends…being wild and crazy

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Bella Hadid’s Exciting Perm in a One Piece of the Day

Bella Hadid – continues to pretend she’s a model despite her shitty face – thanks to being rich, having parents who bought a career for her, a cuter sister and famewhore who paved the way for her, and her entire celebrity seems more like a joke to me, like she’s playing make-beleif, because she is, just unfortunately the decision makers are buying into her lie and paying her out on it making this fantasy, this childhood birthday party game, where the Jenners and the Hadids all get together while their brother was out back fucking Nicola Peltz, in this “we’re all billionaires let’s plot”….hustle that worked…because the brands support it…

It’s so weird to me, but not as weird as the visual I have when I think about the Weeknd splitting her in half when he’d fuck her, not that she felt anything, these rich kids are so medicated and like filling voids…with large objects…often…they get everything handed to them, it’s the only thing that matters, that feels like an accomplishment…y.iu know…

I figure her in a one-piece with her perm is enough silly for us to celebrate her the way she likes being celebrated…looked at and paid…kind of like every single other girl in the world…

Here’s some other pics she’s posted and I guess proud of…

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Bella Hadid – Tranny? Naw..She’s too Big of a Cunt of the Day

I’ve seen her tits, but haven’t seen her pussy, and until I do…I’m calling tranny.

These rich people are freaks….and their parents would go as far as to turn their little boy into a girl to get her famous as fuck – without releasing their dirty little rich person secrets….

Here she is on the RUNWAY with her sister looking like pure tranny shit..

But she’s probably not a tranny, but rather just some brat who gets her face injected with shit at 20….not realizing she’s going to look like a fucking monster by 40….if she lives that long and doesn’t die of a drug overdose from this glam life, broken childhood, and lame existence…that she thinks is so fucking cool cuz it’s all fancy and shit…


She’s in France….with a bunch of other rich cunts that people will say are part of the zeitgeist…because the masses….with other rich kids, Jenners, Baldwins and that Big Busty Cami Marrone chick…

So here they are at bottle service….being all edgy….

Kendall getting her ass slapped….

While Hailey’s SUcking Phone like cock…

This is what the kids look up to, rich cunts getting richer, being VIP…the world is fucking doomed…

Here’s GIGI HADID’s nipple on the RUNWAY because she’s a legit model….doing legit model things….like walking on the runway showing some nipple…that I don’t think deserves it’s own post…

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Bella Hadid is a Serious Model of the Day

I find a lot of laughs in the joke that is Bella Hadid being an “actual” model…sure she’s on the runaway wearing see through outfits showing off her tits like a real model..but that stupid face is so not what a model should be…she’s all marketing, promo model…playing high fashion to remind everyone that high fashion is fucking bullshit, a lie, just trying to get hits shamelessly like a bunch of fucking groupies who know this bitch has following…so lame…but the tit pics..they are ok..

Oh…and these girls…the best…

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Bella Hadid’s Panty Flash of the Day

Bella Hadid wore panties – which is too bad because we can’t see how banged out she was left after the Weeknd left her for Selena Gomez….maybe she’s just too classy to be sprawled out getting out of the car like a fame whore…you know too rich and famous to bother putting it all out there…but you’d assume she have the daddy issues and rich girl seeking attention issues to do better than this…I mean those white panties aren’t even piss or cum stained….like what is this manufactured bullshit…like she knew the paparazzi would be there waiting…it’d be so upsetting if I gave a fuck about Bella Hadid or her fame whoring, or fake modeling career, that is so manufactured and nonsense…but she doesn’t know that because she’s a brat and that’s how being entitled and rich works….it all works out….

She posted her nipples on Instagram – because instagram allows nipples when you’re famous….but when you’re me – you’re a pornographer…

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Bella Hadid Topless of the Day

Very Important Bella Hadid and her ugly troll face…that is celebrated as being a model…because the industry is a fucking lie…they are just a bunch of insecure idiots who try hard to be exclusive and cool…which in and of itself is not exclusive or cool…but that’s just the way the Fashion industry is…the people who get into it are just a bunch of groupies, underpaid…but with access to fancy events where they can feel important at…even if they are insignificant…

So the second they see a bitch with millions of followers, while they want millions of followers, so that they don’t have to be low level PR people or media buyers or whatever the fuck is casting this bitch in their shoots…only because she’s got a rich family, a famous sister, a marketing team that has pretended they are important…and the fucking industry perpetuates them….

The only I like about her is that I know one day she will die…I’ve said that about Beyonce and other people…and it’s true…

I hate this young “it” people movement…it’s like something the Kardashians shat out….these people are fucking garbage…remember that…no matter how much money they make…or who participates in their nonsense…

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Bella Hadid Nipple for Love Magazine of the Day


Bella Hadid is the bootleg Hadid that some think is the better Hadid…because she’s less popular, mainstream, and the less popular sister is always the naughty one who ends up killing herself, but in this case, she just rides that Hadid wave and cashes in on the family business that makes no sense to any reasonable person, but that makes sense in this internet fame whore world…

I like to think of her as more of the girl who got blasted by big black dick, because rich girls like to fill voids, through cock, especially when they are the least popular sister…but I figure this one is clever enough to realize she’s already fucking scamming hard enough and to be as important as Gigi doesn’t fucking matter, because she’s doing pretty fucking good just being in her fucking shadow…with her nipples out…in Love magazine…nipples…you can stare at like you were the Weeknd without actually needing to be the Weeknd, that tour schedule..so tough to keep up…

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Bella Hadid Ass Crack of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.04.36 PM

Look Bella Hadid posted a picture of her butthole sucking in her underwear like it was The Weeknd’s dick…..because you know, based on a few facts including but not limited to broken rich girl, vapid rich girl, celebrated model despite not being that cute, younger sister jealous of her more famous sister she’s latched onto, knowing people only care about her thanks to GIGI, that ass has seen some dick…

I know, I know, these kids all grew up on 2000s porn, anal is standard, I haven’t met a girl who doesn’t do anal under 40 years old ever….people like a good shit on dick ass fucking…

But it’s still nice to point out…especially when the stories I’ve been told by the girls who couldn’t fit The Weeknd’s dick in their mouth, that it’s substantial enough to blast out this girl and make her anus some sort of vaccuum….


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Bella Hadid in her Porn Stance of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 12.57.29 PM

Everyone knows that when a girl is on the floor looking up at the camera – she’s trying to be a seductive little minx, giving the illusion that she’s about to suck your dick, or about to be victimized by your cock, like you’re living in some POV porno shoot, that she is very well versed in because she’s under the age of 30 and has grown up on porn, coupled with being a rich kid, and all rich kids are fucking weird both in personality and sexually, filling the void through their vagina, whether from famous Canadian rappers or whoever the fuck else is around, and she knows what she’s doing…it’s pretty fucking clear…she’s learned from the best…in porn.

I like that she’s added a little DEWY face to her face – to really bring the – I just came on her face fantasy home…

Play this off as innocent, I see it as tactical and manipulative…because some people manipulate to get the most out of life, to get what they feel they deserve, while other undeserving, but luckily placed manipulate to get likes…and male attention…

In the event you haven’t been paying attention – this dress is the dress she wore a few days ago…and it’s see through…she’s got this classy hooker thing down…and she should…her mom was one…

She’s not even hot – but whatever – let her shine…

She’s in Paris Fashion Week – Because she’s a model…and here she is walking in a see through dress…

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Bella Hadid for Vogue Paris of the Day


Bella Hadid is so fucking boring and she’s got this half dead, probably medicated, because all rich people are fucking weird, especially when they have model fucking, sugar daddy, dads like hers….

The fact that she’s a model is silly, ridiculous even. She’s not all that hot and I don’t think being an interesting ethnic ambiguous model with a more popular sister is enough reason to book jobs or book Vogue..

But apparently, you can buy your career that is hardly a career, bitch stands in front of a camera and makes “serious faces”…it’s more of a joke that she gets paid by brands for this shit..

But I guess being from a superficial, trashy, tacky, but rich family makes her realize the only thing that matters is establishing a modeling career…an audience….it makes all these narcissists that are her disgusting parents feel good about their genetics…despite all the face injections she has…

So instead of putting her through school…because instagram followers…matter…and when you’re already rich, just do nothing instead of something…who needs an education or to contribute to society…just perpetuate the vapid mindset of everyone and cash the fuck in….

It’s only amazing, because she’s really not that hot..but nothing seems to make sense in this world of clickbait…and this is just the human version of that…

SO IN MORE INTERESTING SHAMELESS OUTFIT CHOICES…she’s in France for Fashion week and I guess this is one of her parties she attended in a see through dress to make some noise…and the party photographer captured just how fuck injected her face actually is…but with tits out to make WEEKNDS jealous…who cares about how overrated she may be..

Young girls – titties everywhere…it’s a good movement…

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Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid See Through in Paris for Fashion Week of the Day


I know this isn’t about Trump, or the Women’s march…where women everywhere came together and were activists together because I guess it was more fun that doing the dishes, laundry, cooking dinner….

Where husbands everywhere were forced to eat take out, while listening to the women in their life spew some shit about equality…even though that’s got nothing to do with Trump, or the fact he grabs pussy, because clearly all these bitches like money, and having their pussies grabbed, making them seem totally delusional to pretend to be offended by it…but I guess delusion is the way things work….especially when actors, who are the most delusional greety, narcissist pigs, trying to relate to the people…terrible…

So the little pigs who objectify themselves, and know the value of tits, like Bella and Kendall thanks to their dads being well…not Kendalls, being rich guys who fuck hookers who become their moms…continuing to breed “look pretty, hang out with other rich people, enjoy life”…..

So mesh shirts…not telling trump to suck their dicks…as politics are always boring and tits aren’t…is what we should focus on…

Little rich slut…dreams..

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Gigi and Bella Hadid Go to the Gym Together of the Day

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid – the chosen ones…

Who weren’t actually chosen by anyone, but with proper marketing and positioning due to parents who want their daughters living their dreams, who have budget to hire the right people to help their daughter’s live their dreams, even when the dreams are vapid, useless and to be “models”….because their egos and narcissism need it….

Girls who now are “models”…getting paid as models…for jobs they would do for free…because they don’t need the money and just want the stamp of approval…

And the only happiness I have in the whole thing is that The Weeknd was fucking other girls when he was dating Bella Hadid…and Zayn from One Direction has fucked other girls while dating Gigi…which they probably know or knew about..as it is all just part of mutual using to get ahead…but that still makes me happy because I know their vaginas are cesspools of sloppy second shit…

Overrated, bought their fame, fame I’m amazed they have…but that they have…and now they go to the gym together…because “Photo Op”…

What a waste of time…space..opportunity…garbage..just garbage..

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Bella and Gigi Hadid in Some Sisters for Fashion Erotica of the Day


No, this isn’t a creepy family photoshoot – put together by the Hadid mom – or the Hadid sugar daddy dad – who loves models and wanted to pay “model shoot” for his girls to really understand his fetish.

You know, telling them as they grow up that all that matters is looking good enough to pose on camera – because it feels good on his testicles that ejaculated them out 20 years ago – and his wallet that has since paid lots of money to ensure a good life…

It’s not the mom having a play day, because she was a model and she wanted the kids to understand her struggles – that landed her a rich arab man….who probably shit on her chest…shit that may have seeped into her uterus creating these monsters…

YOu know, cuz housewives, especially rich and vapid ones….need things to do beyond shopping, redecorating and fucking the help…or tennis coach..

This is an actual campaign, for an actual brand, because both girls are considered actual models, they are tall, they are rich, they have followers…good marketing..

But I’d be more impressed if a fashion brand like Fendi hired interesting people, using Bella and Gigi Hadid is just basic, lazy, boring, played out garbage….

There are so many interesting personalities you can endorse, support, empower…hire…change the life of…you know women who are working, or trying to make it, who have great stories….

But they choose buying into this superficial, spoiled brat, crap…for followers….

I find it disgusting…and not very innovative, artistic, clever….

But here are the pics…

Here’s some Gigi Hadid Boxing for Reebok…because people love throwing money at this cunt…

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Bella Hadid See Through Shirt of the Day


Bella Hadid may be a shitty model…who is riding her sister’s fame and glory for a cheaper price because it works and people celebrate her like she matters….but she is showing her nipples that in an era of nipples everywhere doesn’t matter – but that I still prefer to her not showing nipple….

She’s a manufactured celebrity, it was paid for and even her celebrity relationship with Canada’s number two – the Weeknd, who I know has fucked other girls their entire public bullshit relationship, because all this shit is just opportunist on opportunist being opportunists – using each other in any way that they can to get as far as they can…a little deal with the devil type thing….

An whether they deserve the success or not – which in her case is I don’t think she does….she’s just rich, and rich brings opportunity, and people are fascinated with it, and want to buy into it…and her sister is the same fucking thing…and together they are like junior Kardashians who are friends with the kardashians…and other than being topless or in a sheer top, showing nipple rings cuz they are so edgy, there’s little to no excitement in her or what she does…and I am sure she knows it….

It’s like she could have so much substance, an interesting life, do good things, and still show her nipples, yet instead she chooses to be vapid garbage…I’ll still stare at…but not be impressed by, or actually care about…while I stare at her tits….so this is posted with no love…just boredom of “great, more nipples, not a bad thing, but not a revolutionary thing I am looking for”…step it up trick….take this narcissism to exciting places…..with more gaping buttonhole from big black cock…..THANKS.

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Bella Hadid’s Nipple for Paper Magazine of the Day


In really exciting news…that isn’t exciting…but that is up there on “fake news” caliber of worth wasting our already too short lives on….

Bella Hadid, the bootleg Hadid sister, who is actually hotter than the retard looking Hadid sister, but who is a little more horse faced – but equally jacked up with face fillers, who is now on the rise, the new it girl, doing very important things like VS Fashion shows, because her dad…is rich and bought them their careers and the world is basic, easy to manipulate, when you’re in the center of that nonsense…

This is for Paper Magazine, notorious for taking nudes of Kim K, because like all other media, they are trying to make noise with totally irrelevant, redundant, repetitive, bullshit photoshoot…but you can see her nipple…which is SUPER important…because if you’re going to look at rich, overrated trash, it might as well have a nipple…

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