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Gigi and Bella Hadid Go to the Gym Together of the Day

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid – the chosen ones…

Who weren’t actually chosen by anyone, but with proper marketing and positioning due to parents who want their daughters living their dreams, who have budget to hire the right people to help their daughter’s live their dreams, even when the dreams are vapid, useless and to be “models”….because their egos and narcissism need it….

Girls who now are “models”…getting paid as models…for jobs they would do for free…because they don’t need the money and just want the stamp of approval…

And the only happiness I have in the whole thing is that The Weeknd was fucking other girls when he was dating Bella Hadid…and Zayn from One Direction has fucked other girls while dating Gigi…which they probably know or knew about..as it is all just part of mutual using to get ahead…but that still makes me happy because I know their vaginas are cesspools of sloppy second shit…

Overrated, bought their fame, fame I’m amazed they have…but that they have…and now they go to the gym together…because “Photo Op”…

What a waste of time…space..opportunity…garbage..just garbage..

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Bella and Gigi Hadid in Some Sisters for Fashion Erotica of the Day


No, this isn’t a creepy family photoshoot – put together by the Hadid mom – or the Hadid sugar daddy dad – who loves models and wanted to pay “model shoot” for his girls to really understand his fetish.

You know, telling them as they grow up that all that matters is looking good enough to pose on camera – because it feels good on his testicles that ejaculated them out 20 years ago – and his wallet that has since paid lots of money to ensure a good life…

It’s not the mom having a play day, because she was a model and she wanted the kids to understand her struggles – that landed her a rich arab man….who probably shit on her chest…shit that may have seeped into her uterus creating these monsters…

YOu know, cuz housewives, especially rich and vapid ones….need things to do beyond shopping, redecorating and fucking the help…or tennis coach..

This is an actual campaign, for an actual brand, because both girls are considered actual models, they are tall, they are rich, they have followers…good marketing..

But I’d be more impressed if a fashion brand like Fendi hired interesting people, using Bella and Gigi Hadid is just basic, lazy, boring, played out garbage….

There are so many interesting personalities you can endorse, support, empower…hire…change the life of…you know women who are working, or trying to make it, who have great stories….

But they choose buying into this superficial, spoiled brat, crap…for followers….

I find it disgusting…and not very innovative, artistic, clever….

But here are the pics…

Here’s some Gigi Hadid Boxing for Reebok…because people love throwing money at this cunt…

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Bella Hadid See Through Shirt of the Day


Bella Hadid may be a shitty model…who is riding her sister’s fame and glory for a cheaper price because it works and people celebrate her like she matters….but she is showing her nipples that in an era of nipples everywhere doesn’t matter – but that I still prefer to her not showing nipple….

She’s a manufactured celebrity, it was paid for and even her celebrity relationship with Canada’s number two – the Weeknd, who I know has fucked other girls their entire public bullshit relationship, because all this shit is just opportunist on opportunist being opportunists – using each other in any way that they can to get as far as they can…a little deal with the devil type thing….

An whether they deserve the success or not – which in her case is I don’t think she does….she’s just rich, and rich brings opportunity, and people are fascinated with it, and want to buy into it…and her sister is the same fucking thing…and together they are like junior Kardashians who are friends with the kardashians…and other than being topless or in a sheer top, showing nipple rings cuz they are so edgy, there’s little to no excitement in her or what she does…and I am sure she knows it….

It’s like she could have so much substance, an interesting life, do good things, and still show her nipples, yet instead she chooses to be vapid garbage…I’ll still stare at…but not be impressed by, or actually care about…while I stare at her tits….so this is posted with no love…just boredom of “great, more nipples, not a bad thing, but not a revolutionary thing I am looking for”…step it up trick….take this narcissism to exciting places…..with more gaping buttonhole from big black cock…..THANKS.

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Bella Hadid’s Nipple for Paper Magazine of the Day


In really exciting news…that isn’t exciting…but that is up there on “fake news” caliber of worth wasting our already too short lives on….

Bella Hadid, the bootleg Hadid sister, who is actually hotter than the retard looking Hadid sister, but who is a little more horse faced – but equally jacked up with face fillers, who is now on the rise, the new it girl, doing very important things like VS Fashion shows, because her dad…is rich and bought them their careers and the world is basic, easy to manipulate, when you’re in the center of that nonsense…

This is for Paper Magazine, notorious for taking nudes of Kim K, because like all other media, they are trying to make noise with totally irrelevant, redundant, repetitive, bullshit photoshoot…but you can see her nipple…which is SUPER important…because if you’re going to look at rich, overrated trash, it might as well have a nipple…

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Horse Face / Injected Jacked Up Face Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Rekindled of the Day


I find it really depressing that the world, myself included, are posting pictures of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, even if I write about calling it out for being the garbage that it is, and that the women, mainly the Kendalls and the Hadids, who aren’t actual models, just are jacked up faced instagram sluts, in the Fast Food version of lingerie…that isn’t even hot to look at…it really isn’t…just go onto instagram and you’ll see 1000s of hotter girls that are less annoying….the level of followers or whether brands like Victoria’s Secret, that are garbage, but rich garbage, endorse them or not is totally irrelevant to whether they get naked, or whether they are hot, and this being some beacon on level of success is just fucking stupid…but all this shit is stupid…we live in stupid fucking times…where nothing has substance and nothing matters…

But the tabloid story is that WEEKND, Canada’s Got Talent winner, with his voice of an angel that the world fell in love with, that has allowed him to break streaming records on Spotify – yesterday alone – with his songs that everyone love…was fucking this Hadid when she was just getting started at coat tail riding her sister….before her horse face looked this weird…and while he was dating her for the tabloids…he was fucking other girls in Canada – who I know….making their whole thing almost as big of a joke as me knowing about their whole thing….and last week they officially broke up…and this week they are on stage together…even though they never actually were together…and people are saying shit like “AWKWARD”…or whatever…when bitch is so empty and soulless awkward doesn’t exist…and homie probably fucked her before and after the show…you know since they’re in paris together and people like to fuck….very fucking dumb story, dumb post, I’d apologize but I’m too busy hating myself for participating…

This is my life…are you fucking kidding…fast food candy coated dog shit…that’s what this is.

Here she is in a see through at the after party…

Here she is in the LOVE calendar bullshit advent calendar nonsense – that I’ve posted every day of december for a decade – where they mooch off various it people of the time

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Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid are Vapid Cunts For a Mall Brand Fashion Show of the Day


These are two rich girls are disgusting fucking pigs that represent all that is wrong in the world…

They have all the money in the world to live and do anything they want….they have a Palestinian dad who despite the Israeli’s stealing his land like he was a Native America but more Dessert and Arab…who would give them money to do anything they want….whether it’s going to school, becoming scientists, becoming the most educated humans in existence….people who make a difference…who fight for women’s rights…or for other shit that is actually feminist….or even saving sick kids around the world….you know something where they can go off and do good –

But instead they choose to be half naked instagram models…who are both cast to promote some shitty mall brand that makes shitty product in shitty factories in third world countries…that they just sell to the fat middle of the road people….at malls…in the form of an infomercial…that they star in….and it’s all so fucking disgusting, I blame trump…and his lowering of the tax for the 1 percent….so these rich reality show vain pieces of shit can validate themselves with their audiences…in a never having to work, fight or struggle for anything, leaving them with no character, just tits willing to be shown off…in what I feel is them playing make-belief…

I used to watch My Super Sweet Sixteen and it is

Here are some of Fashion Show pics…of Alessandra Ambrsio, Irina Shayk looking like Megan Fox, Bella Hadid looking horse faced, GIGI hadid looking Face Fillered Face, Adriana Lima looking like the Den Mother….and other sluts…like Izabel Goulard all fit as fuck…doing the one job she gets a year…Josephine Skriver looking like she was made in a test tube cuz she was…and Kendall Jenner just take her out back and shoot her like her dad gets shot by loads in his ass….she’s garbage..

Promo model dreams…

SO The fashion show happened – so here’s the bullshit low level informercial before it airs for all your half retards who probably don’t have an internet connection because why else would you watch that shit….there’s so many better things to do with your time – than make garbage made in china brand shit more money….to perpetuate their nonsense…

Lady Gaga is the musical talent because the same basic humans that watch the Super Bowl watch this shit and it’s part of her mainstream mass marketing…and she’s not wearing underwear…cuz she’s punk rock….just check out those tattoos..

Lame Gaga Dance…

Bootleg jenner / hadid / groupie wasn’t invited so she just got slutty for the paparazzi at the airport – knowing she’s jealous and bratty makes it more fun…

Here’s the lingerie…if you can call it that…it’s not hot…i don’t know how anyone could find this hot…all these girls look like garbage to me….

Here’s the instagram round-up….


And videos:

It’s all so repetitive….

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Bella Hadid at her VS Show Fitting of the Day


Really stupid dreams, like being one of the girls cast in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which is really an infomericial and only prestigeous amongst other vapid, mainstream, commercial, promo model cunts….who think it’s a status symbol in the model world to walk in a fucking infomercial that is televised to really dumb americans everywhere – because VS bought the time slot – like VINCE from Slapchop….can come true…if your dad pays for your PR team to get you and your sister a social media following – because brands fucking love following and so do other people – making them go viral in more than just the herpes way – all while feeling important when ultimately they are shit….face injected shit…but she’s still hot…in an instagram model rich kid with daddy issues – trying to feel hot – in the most obvious way….kind of way…

All this to say, I can’t believe people wath that bullshit fashion show…infomercial…just watch porn you freaks…

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”196359″]

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Bella Hadid Butt Shot of the Day


Bella Hadid is a Victoria’s Secret model now, because Victoria’s Secret is a trend setting company that digs through the depths of the world to find the next big model to turn into a promo model that sells shitty made in china overpriced panties…and sometimes the depths of the world is in your own backyard, knocking at your door, in the form of a social media hookers – that aren’t even first generation social media hookers.

This one is a third generation social media hooker who mooched off her sister who was second generation that mooched off the first generation social media hookers we call the man killing kardashians….

So does that make her social media fame and the fact the media love her – because they love her followers something to legitimately celebrate? Is she worthy of the audience that as a rich and connected person you can buy. Is there any difference between her and a Kate Hudson or other child star who was in the media or movies because of family friends – does this have any less skill or talent than being a terrible actress…

I figure it’s all fair game, plus social media fake models – living the model life – all get naked and give us butt shots…so there you fucking go…good job Hadid…the half Palestinian / Half sugar baby queen….

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Bella Hadid’s Possible See Through Bra Top Has Some Exposed Nipple of the Day


Half Palestinian Bella Hadid…who is the daughter of some almost billionaire – and a mother who taught her all her great moves…like a baker raises his son to be a baker…or a butcher raises his son to be a butcher….or a plumber raises his son to be a plumber…only with zero skill, just confidence in making dumb faces and poses, for a lot more money and more importantly zero…absolutely no benefit to humanity…

I guess the Jews did steal her people’s land…and now the Jews are paying her…and she’s paying us back by being a spoiled little rich girl – who gets more money than her trust fund from her bullshit model career with her tits…

And all I gotta say is…thank god she’s not a Kardashian…even if she pretty much is a Kardashian…

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Bella Hadid Dressed Like a Model Showing Nipple for Flare Magazine of the Day


Bella Hadid posted this Happy Halloween video….

A video posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

Which we can interpret as tapping into her narcissism, where she is obsessed with looking at herself, I know narcissist, alot aren’t even hot, but they are obsessed with staring at themselves while people look onto them, and this rich kid is no different…just a shallow and lame bitch who has her pic taken like she matters….and in turn she truly feels she’s so great, and not the scam the rest of the world thinks she is…even the fashion industry casting her as the affordable Hadid sister, knowing she’s not great or interesting, but also that she’s got a social media following…and they need that to survive…

While, I’m just happy she has tits…that she shows…in wet shirts…while she pretends to be a model…because that’s her disguise, her everyday is Halloween disguise that people don’t realize is a disguise…thanks to people being idiots and believing everything they are told…except on Halloween…so maybe this costume…or calling her out on this costume…will help influence the masses…even if I only have one readers…to know..she’s bullshit…but the tits…they are legit…I mean not necessarily legit in the sense of not implants…but legit in the sense of you can see them…

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Bella Hadid’s Victoria’s Secret Casting of the Day

Here’s a shocker…Bella Hadid was cast to be a Victoria’s Secret model for their bullshit fashion show that I don’t understand….It makes no sense to me…I mean from “girls in underwear” front I get it…but there’s this thing called internet porn that has girls going the extra mile in their underwear….and this other thing called social media…where girls are in their underwear…who you can actually message and promise fame to and they’ll answer….social media…the thing we’ll assume is the motivator behind casting this Hadid, the younger Hadid, the hotter Hadid…who is making moves and not just on The Weeknd’s dick when he’s not fucking other chicks after concerts….because Victoria’s Secret just wants as much hype as possible, and figure get an “it girl”…whether she’s worthy or not…she’s got followers, people give her press..and that press gets her more followers…in this cycle of at least she wasn’t as much of Kardashian /Jenner groupie as her sister….she played the less annoying entitled girl, who rode the sister’s coat tails…and ultimately…she’s got great tits…but still fucking sucks…and is only getting work because brands like Victoria’s Secret want to rape her followers and sell them product going into holiday…good old fashioned made in CHina yet overpriced making a billionaire…panties…that I’d be offended if someone bought me…not because I’m a man, I’m all about panties…but because it’s a shitty fucking gift…and the fact people watch their infomercial…that they put on in primetime…like it’s the home shopping channel with less fun…with always blow my mind…but maybe they’re there to see Bella Hadid…I’m sure that’s what the brand is hoping…garbage..

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Bella Hadid and her Hard Nipples of the Day


Bella Hadid is the younger sister of Arab nationalist Gigi Hadid…who distracts all you Muslim haters with her tits, her LA money and her ONE DIRECTION romance that she used to steal or upset all his fans, after stealing Jonas Brother fans, and Kardashian and Jenner Fans..because stealing…is something that she does…and stealing made her matter…and her mattering made her sister matter…and here she is – hard nippled…

The one thing I think is funny about Bella Hadid is that she’s fucking or dating the Weeknd, you know doing the whole be his public girlfriend / hole – even though it’s a fake relationship…. because I know he’s getting his dick sucked by girls in Toronto – when he’s in Toronto – all these famous guys like the regular hot college girls…they feed their ego more than…the famous entitled bitches…

So this generation is all into Open Relationships, I see it on TINDER, that’s how I stay dialed in… because it’s a me generation where committing to other people, just gets in the way and being accountable for anything other than yourself just gets in the way of the me…but she’s got great tits…that should be shared with everyone like I assume his dick is at the end of each show he puts on…because girls like famous dudes who get on stage…so much they’ll smear his groupie juice all over their spoiled rich girl in LA face…

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Bella Hadid Smoking Cigarettes in Hitler Pants to Encourge her Young Fans To Pick Up Smoking Paid For by the Tobacco Companies in Harper’s Bazaar Russia of the Day


Here’s a great pic of Arab young rich kid model Bella Hadid smoking a cigarette in a high fashion magazine….which would to me is a terrorist attack…something you could argue she is culturally pre-disposed to if you were a Donald Trump supporter…

The Tobacco industry is the single worst thing to have infiltrated your government with money and paid off doctors to convince America it was healthy for so many years, but with all the knowledge we have now, we should collectively not allow it…it’s like Marijuana is a fucking crime people go to jail for and cigarette that kill you, that are cut with chemicals are cool. I used to smoke and I quit smoking because I am not a pussy bitch despite being an addict and I tell anyone who I see smoking that they are fucking disgusting…

So Tobacco as a concept is a fucking terrorist organization…and Bella Hadid the young models all these young kids follow because they are rich and have access are a terrorist organization…and when they are merged together…they are collectively fucking evil…

Just think of all the 14 year old girls looking at this social media influencer smoking thinking “I’ll try that”….idiots…and the fact that bitch allowed this, even if she smokes to deal with the stress of being a trust fund cunt…just proves how vapid and garbage this flimsy, materialistic, Kardashian based cunts are…

The good news is smoking is a fetish to one of my creepiest friend of the site…who used to leave the best comments under the name HornyLohanWanker…I guess he’s dead now…

The other good news is that Bella Hadid’s got tits….

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Bella Hadid Spread Legs for Vogue Japan of the DAy


Bella Hadid uncrossed her legs for some fashion photoshoot for Vogue Japan like it was The Weeknd, while he was banging other girls, or any dude along the way who was there to help her and fill the sadness left in her heart thanks to being raised by some rich arab dad and some model stage mom…the figurative hole by filling her sex hole…

She’s all the rage in Fashion because she’s familiar, she’s just a different version of her sister, someone people know and are comfortable with, because people like to follow trends, not create trends, and instead of trying new things, they’ll go for the mall brand garbage they are used to, even if they launch a new concept store…they know it’s the same….even if it looks different and that’s a sad thing about humanity…you fucking drones…but spread legs are fun in fashion shoot…so racy..

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Bella Hadid for W Magazine of the Day


Bella Hadid isn’t quite the future, but she’s the more interesting thing coming out of rich kid LA…she’s not that interesting really and I am sure she’s the same vapid cunt, all mainstream and pop culture sucking…literally with her billboard chart topping semen dripping down her face…but she’s got dark hair and looks mysterious…which I guess is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the cunts she rode, and not in a good way to get here…no, not the Weeknd and his BBC…the Jenner idiots and her sister…that I guess she’s trying to avoid by doing edgier and more interesting performances…like this one for W Magazines..

As a reference point to showcase that this Bella Hadid looking good, exciting enough, while Gigi Hadid has let her fake celebrity get to her head, and has decided to produce photoshoots that are just so fucking boring they don’t get a post of their own….

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