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Bella Hadid for GQ of the Day


Average looking but rich kid with connected family memebers…who want to be the next Kardashians, have fed into the sister, by financing her career which is more like playing model, like it was Halloween, because I guess they don’t like leaving one of the girls in the other one’s shadow, especially when she’s the sensitive one, possibly always in the shadow, who had depressive issues and shit like that….and after doing it with one of them saw how easy it is to do it with the other….especially since she has tits…

I am not hating on Bella Hadid, I just think their names “Gigi”….and “Bella”…are pretty telling of what kind of family they are from…right…

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Bella Hadid Showing Off Her Tits for GQ of the Day

I guess she’s the porny Hadid…with the bigger tits…that she’s showing off like it was her new Range Rover her rich dad just bought her, because they are probably like the new Range Rover her rich dad bought her, because he most likely has bought these for her….but I can’t be sure, or really care to fingure it out, she’s a rich LA kid with a fake modeling career her parents bought her, who gives a fuck….

There are so many tits in the world, I prefer those on the less celebrated sister, even though she’s sexier, and not just because she’s trying harder…but because Gigi is overrated and weird looking, when not being blocked out by Taylor Swift sitting on her face.

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Bella Hadid’s Tits in GQ of the Day


Bella Hadid is Gigi Hadid’s bratty sister….who whined her way into modeling because she didn’t like her sister getting all the attention…typical sister jealous of other sister dad that molests…it’s a common complex for girls to have and I guess not just in the trailer park, but also in the massive mansions with billionaire fathers…

You know that she’s the darker haired, bigger tits….that GQ picked up because why the fuck not, use whatever you can when it comes along…or because they were paid…or because Gigi said she’ll only work with them if they do a feature on her sister…it’s all nonsense…but here are her big tits, that should be a sex tape, because that’s the kind of issues I prefer “the other sister”…to have..

I’m talking to you Pippa.

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Bella Hadid’s Guide to LA for i-D of the Day

Some hipster / fashion / bullshit magazine put out the worst video ever, because they aren’t actually hipster or cool, but rather funded by some bigger publisher, creating nonsense for clicks, that advertisers appreciate, like this day in the life of Bella Hadid, who in the event you don’t care, and you sure as hell shouldn’t care, is some LA rich kid, with a famous sister named Gigi, and a dad who fucks models with his money, and a mom who fucks David Foster…and who put her babies into modeling, because it’s LA and all these assholes are vapid, superficial cunts…maybe that should have been the premise of this Guide to LA video, maybe it shoulda been “we’re so rich, we don’t work because we’re so rich, and sometimes people take pics of us, because my mom loves attention and so do we, we’re trying to be the net kardashians…”…fucking idiots..

But she’s got tits and is in a one-piece…

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Bella Hadid Average at Best Thank God She’s Rich Model of the Day


Bella Hadid is a model..but not really..

Maybe, it’s better to call her the daughter of a rich guy and a model mother who is pushing her into modeling, like her sister, because it is easy money, and the world will eat anything they are fed…they are dumb, tired, in debt and take what they are given….

I mean, even her sister, Gigi, is hardly model material, but this world is just a bunch of self promoting idiots, and the richer you are, the more access you have, the more interesting your social media is, the more famous your friends, the more, audience you have, the more relevant you can pretend to be…

Even though anyone with a brain knows NONE of this matters…

That said, her publicity stunt is that she’s dating The Weeknd, a Canadian very successful singer, making it big in the USA…who hit up a girl I know last week to fuck, so I guess it’s LEGIT..US Weekly…you paid off assholes and your lies….

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Bella and Gigi Hadid Legs for V of the Day


If I was a billionaire father….I’d be really proud of my daughters for taking their opportunities to pose in lingerie together in a magazine, that may be categorized as a fashion magazine, but that looks like softcore porn to me, and in case you didn’t know, I’m categorized as an Adult site, so I know softcore porn when I see it…and when the models are sisters…who share at least their mother…who some model the dad knocked up, as a billionaire, because that’s what billionaires do….and still do…

You know, she could be an actress, a lawyer, a doctor…she could own a brand, launch an app…but instead she was an instagram model…turned “model”….now trying to make her sister as famous as her…but doing sister fetish shit…because sisters who get naked or half naked together…excite people…almost as much as when one sits on your face and the other rides you reverse cowgirl..

Rich and trashy…awesome.

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Bella Hadid is a Good Time…in a bikini….of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.54.34 AM

Bella Hadid is the second in line Gigi Hadid…I assume they are sisters and share the same fame whore parents who moved to LA from whatever immigrant countries they are from to make stupid LA money and live out their basic LA dreams by becoming Botox rich people, yet still the fucking trashiest people, willing to whore out their kids, like they whored out themselves, or in her dad’s case, like he’s bought whores new to LA, because they needed a place to sleep and he needed head..

All this to say, this vapid, garbage, rich kid turned model thing is a joke, but as long as the bikini pics in tropical places are involved, and they are, because that’s just how social media works, I’ll look, since I’m a simple man who just likes bikini and has nothing else going on…whether bikinis are on kids thrown into modeling to compete with other rich people kid who star in reality shows, or some homeless hooker in her 60s down the street spread legged and tanning…give it to me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.56.18 AM

If you don’t like that – here’s GIGI, her sister, getting paid a lot to play pictionary with Michael Kors…wearing a tight dress…but more interestingly, acknowledging that she only has a career because of her instagram followers and without instagram she’d be nothing but a rich kid with another fake career…more importantly…she outlines how hungry she is…always hot from fake models….

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Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Jump of the Day

All the socialite, social media it girls are in Cannes because they are big into Film Festivals…seeing as none are actors or producers..they are also at the Grand Prix in Monaco…because they are really self proclaimed it girls…it’s not their fault the media eats them up…

All this to say, they are rich as fuck girls…who get to hang on 200,000 dollar a week yachts like it ain’t a thing, cuz people want them around and because that’s what it-girls do….

They have been trained properly by their parents, the billionaires who threw into the work force thanks to their egos, because why not use the hook-ups that get them paid…

Their names are Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner…and they are young and slutty when they don’t have to be, and could be doing other great things…

I don’t hate them…ultimately, who cares..

Here’s Kendall’s ass in Monaco


Here’s Kyle Jenner….

I am more into Bella Hadid’s bikini choice…


Here are some more pics:

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Bella Hadid Eats a Burger in Slow Motion of the Day

A video posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

Bella Hadid is the darker, more interesting, even less annoying and bubbly and blonde and scenester than her sister Gigi…you know possibly edgier…but still the same spoiled brat with a model mother and a model fucking very rich father….

Maybe I just like her cuz she’s knew rich kid model on the block…or maybe I just how easy it is for them to make it…while all you aspiring models struggle…

Or maybe I just like watching her eat burgers in slow motion…it’s a fetish….or maybe I just like watching her eating ice cream….

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.55.40 AM

Or maybe I just like her tits being relevant with Miley…

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.56.32 AM

Or maybe I don’t like her or anything about her at all and I find this whole Jenner/Kardashian famous cuz you’re rich in Calabasas stupid…when I like people being famous because they are awesome and people like them…but that just doens’t exist…so I’ll take the rich tits I see…cuz what the fuck else am I supposed to do…actually hang out with real girls, in real life, that’s just crazy.

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Bella Hadid is the New Gigi Hadid of the Day


I always put a lot of focus on the other Hadid…and talk about how the dad hooked her up through his connection to all the models…because he fucks all the models…that’s what billionaires in LA do…but the reality is there’s another Hadid…named Bella…and more interestingly enough…I have a feeling the mom is the actual stage parent behind this, because she’s old as fuck, but still an IMG signed model, the same agency that reps her daughters, because I guess when you’ve been with them since their inception, long before any of the bookers, you hold some level of clout and you can make them book your daughter’s jobs, because you’re old and have nothing else to do…and experienced in the industry…so you might as well hook up your kids because it is good for your ego…

So what I thought was rich dude pawning his kid off to other rich dudes with brands like Guess…is really just a shark model mom giving her daughters a life of vapid existence…instead of putting them through med school or something far better than modeling….

That said, here’s sister Bella…doing the same thing all these other bitches do…and it’s boring because modeling is boring…

This is for Something Called GREY MAGAZINE….

If you don’t like that Hadid because you are racist against Arabs- here’s her sister GIGI in V Magazine…back in 2014….because NIPPLES!!

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Bella Hadid Hot For Elle Magazine of the Day


Bella Hadid is the new Gigi Hadid…..because like all spoiled brats…if the sister gets something the other sister will want it to…and the dad will scramble and throw money at it until she gets it…because he wants to seem fair, but more importantly wants to say he has two daughters who are models, because as someone who only fucks models, that feels good for his ego…you know that he squirted this out of his balls..

That said, he is probably also avoiding expensive rehab bills, and all the other shit that comes from the emotional trauma of being the other girl, in the shadow of the prized girl…so he probably thinks of this as an investment into her future..so that she can pay for her own rehab, or find her own rich husband of her own…but really what the fuck do I know…I just see a less obnoxious Kylie and Kendall without the TV show, who will probably have a TV show…and who are probably friends with each other…doing rich kid LA life things…while getting in magazines on the side, because it makes everything seem more legit…even though none of this nonsense matters…

What it comes down to is that I like this one better than the other one…and here she is for Elle…

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Bella Hadid for Vogue of the Day


Rich girls, especially Rich girls in LA, that have absentee fathers who are out fucking the nanny and other aspiring models, because that’s what rich as fuck old men in LA do…are always kept happy and feeling appreciated by being showered with gifts…even if they aren’t actually happy, and have a drug problem to compensate that happy..

So it only makes sense that in this world of Narcissism and internet celebrity, a father like Mr. Hadid would leverage his connections in the rich person scene, and get his model-enough daughters some press, followers, and an agent…because why the fuck not…leverage…

The world is so easily influenced, that they just go along with “She’s important”…

He tested it with Gigi, now Bella is at it…because following in your big sister’s footsteps is what you do..

“But Daddy, you bought Gigi a career, I want one Too”..

Here she is in obscure Market Vouge…because she’s a model…

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The Other Hadid in Vogue of the Day


The funny thing with rich girls is that if you are their absentee father who is out fucking the nanny and other aspiring models because you’re rich as fuck in LA…your only way to keep them happy and feeling appreciated is to shower them with gifts…

So Gigi wanted to be more like her friend Kendall Jenner, so the dad called on his friends…because modeling and instagram followers is the new “Pony and Range Rover” birthday gift….

And with any bratty rich kid, comes a jealous sibling who threatens drug use, stripping, or whatever, even though they all do drugs, unless she get the same gift her sister got, which in this case is not a Pony or a Range Rover but a modeling career…

So here she is in Vogue…and I’m only posting it because it is funny to me…but not as funny as the alleged Gigi doing coke video that’s lurking around the internet that I am too lazy to google..

Ok fine…I googled it…

Gigi gets all the attention…so here is her sister…

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Love Magazine Advent Continues after Christmas of the Day

Love Magazine is onto something.

They realize that if they do an non-religious advent calendar, something that up until fashion got its hands on it was mainly used to anticipate Christmas…

They can inject little video pieces of content to the internet using a variety of “it’ girls…or sisters of “it” girls..and the internet will respond favourably, because the internet likes half naked girls dancing around for any reason, not just Christmas…

I guess this is more of a New Years Advent calendar….because none of it had to do with Christmas, and it felt more like a peep show I used to jerk off in pre interenet porn….

And they are carrying out videos until New Years…and I am all about whatever it is that they are doing…all magazines should do this…and I am sure will after the success of this.

Bella Hadid for Decemeber 27

Jaime King for December 28

Lindsay Ellingson for December 29


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