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Candice Swanepoel’s Milk Filled Tits and Mom Body Do a Topless Enough Photoshoot of the Day

The highlight of these paparazzi pics is not the Mert and Marcus homosex photogrpaher in the speedo taking pics of her…..or even Candice Swanepoel as a damaged mom with a shitty body that she’s destroyed due to childbirth but that she’s working on getting back and is confident enough to bringing it out for photoshoots so that she can stay relevant, in the mix, exist…as it gets her paid…even though her ass is far less substantial…as she’s old….a real fucking situation….aging…whether from South Africa with AIDS and Racist or not…but probably not because she’s holding the Scary Spice scary implant ravaged nipples….

It’s biology and she’s on the decline…and she’s riding that slippery slop in high waisted bottoms, because no one needs to see her ravaged stomach or battered pussy womb…

However…the milk filled tits…those are ok…

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Candice Swanepoel’s in a Bikini of the Day

I was in the mall yesterday, you know window shopping women shopping, as I do…because I don’t like buying myself shit I don’t need, but I do like slutty young girls in slutty clothes buy things they don’t need….especially at Victoria’s Secret…where Candice Swanepoel’s face is still all over the fucking place – like she didn’t run off the last year and make babies with her long term boyfriend she’s been cheating on with rich and connected people that haven’t helped her career because she is still a one client whore….

Well, she is out there making moves in a bikini with her troll baby that raped her Candice Swanepoel pussy….but that plastic surgery has fixed….since they are alll plastic…

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Candice Swanepoel is Back in a Bikini of the Day

Candice Swanepoel is probably in Miami recovering from Plastic Surgery from her Plastic Surgeon who gives all the VS girls Tummy Tucks….before releasing her mom body…to the rest of the world…via staged paparazzi pics….

It’s the big reveal…

It’s too bad that bikini is containing her banged out mom pussy, because I’d rather see something authentic on this plastic bitch…you know everything so manufactured and full of lies…

The Victoria’s Secret star, who has only worked in Victoria’s Secret…doesn’t even have milk filled tits…which brings up the important question of what the fuck is the point of having kids…maybe it’s some shes’ 30 and feels the need to breed with the guy she cheats on….or maybe it was one too many abortions…or maybe it is some South African AIDS rate related bullshit….and that’s about all I have to say about that…

Classic bikini paparazzi pics though…good old fashioned internet content…like bikini pics even matter anymore…

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Candice Swanepoel – Activist of the Day


Candice Swanepoel posted a picture of her breast feeding – with some bullshit caption that reads:

Many women today are shamed for breastfeeding in public, or even kicked out of public places for feeding their children. I have been made to feel the need to cover up and somewhat shy to feed my baby in public places but strangely feel nothing for the topless editorials I’ve done in the name of art..?

The world has been desensitized to the sexualization of the breast and to violence on tv…why should it be different when it comes to breastfeeding? -Breastfeeding is not sexual it’s natural- Those who feel it is wrong to feed your child in public need to get educated on the benefits breastfeeding has on mother and child and intern on society as a whole

I didn’t read it – but the takeaway I got from what I did see was that she needs an INTERN on society…because this shameless exhibitionist – pretending to struggle pulling her tit out – when she only exists because she pulls her tits out – would only understand the concept of interns and nannies..

I understand that some restaurants don’t want public breast feeding at the table, like they don’t want me pissing on the table, it’s just basic etiquette….but I don’t understand this fake fight these people have – breast feeding is natural, I think the entire world knows that, it can’t be illegal or shameful….come on…stop creating fucking issues…

Having her say a baby sucking her sexualized tit – that she got paid to sexualize – is so hypocritical, she’s obviously dumb…and anyone jerking off to a tit being sucked by a baby is fuckin weird – so just look around the bbay and stare at the tit – and that’s ok…

Some of my favorite memories of working at a coffee shop on this site – before I didn’t leave the house was mom breast feeding dates – all trying to occupy their time during materinity leave – I’d all ask for more, or be left wanting more…

Point being – breast feeding isn’t illegal…stop creating campaigns to champion it – it’s stupid…just fucking breast feed and shut the fuck up about it…typical women…

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Candice Swanepeoel is Ready to Drop of the Day

Candice Swanepoel is ready to drop – and like the narcissist ego that happens when you’re a Victoria’s Secret model – always being praised and sucked up to – treated like you’re the hottest girl in the fucking world – for getting half naked in work that is pretty much the only thing she really knows…you get your professional photographer friends to shoot you and your massive gunt – as the parasite inside you grows to an obscene size….before tearing apart her pussy destroying everything she was – and forcing her to try to get fit like the other bitches she works with…

I remember an era where these women weren’t allowed to breed…If pregnancy happened, abortion, they didn’t want anything to get in the way of what they worked for, I don’t know where they get the arrogance from, or why girls these day doe this shit out there in the open – advertising the shit – but I guess it’s all because they think it’s a beautiful experience or something – and don’t realize how much it annoys and offends most men who jerk off to her – who don’t have a ready to drop fetish that is…because it’s vile…and unnatural…


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Candice Swanepoel’s Artistic Pregnancy Photo of the Day


Pregnant chicks think being pregnant is so fucking sexy…I guess they’d have to convince themselves that it’s some beautiful experience, rather than accept that they have a parasite that will leech of them for 18 years after ripping their pussies apart on the way out, because otherwise why would they get pregnant in the first place…oh right…egos…

I mean the idea that people reproduce in and of itself makes them irresponsible humans who don’t realize what’s going on in the world…and they are doing it for selfish interest meaning the kid will just end up being an asshole in their asshole image…

So in some attempt to be sexy – because they think they are sexy – no one else does – but maybe other pregnant women – and a few pregnant fetish perverts who love mom pussy or mom body – because no woman would ever let their weirdness get them pregnant….Candice Swanepoel produced this shoot…

Not that anyone should care about Candice Swanepoel…

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Candice Swanepoel Tits for Vogue Spain of the DAy


This is the best thing that Candice Swanepoel has ever done….she’s naked, I am sure she’s been naked before,

This is called “I am pregnant and I may lose everything so let’s bring it”…..

It could even be “I am pregnant and people have been diddling me like I was just starting out in this model thing – trying to get to United States of Victoria’s Secret…and putting my pussy out there is exhilerating”…..

Or maybe it’s just that this is the nature of the business, get naked to make moves, everyone is naked, she’s pretty much made a career naked..

Now she doesn’t look like this today, she’s about to explode…she may never look like this again, but as long as you’re alive, you’ll be ale to look at these anytime you want because they are done…they happened…and boring or not…she’s great to look at…and the fact that she’s not out there, loud an annoying in a world of “Look at me”…makes looking at her much more interesting…

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Candice Swanepoel in Some Not Naked Enough Photoshoots of the Day


These are rumored to be some unretouched pictures of Candice Swanepoel shot before she was pregnant, but it looks like her nipple was edited out of the pics, which is the kind of retouching, the only retouching that we don’t actually want done…so maybe the rest of her is natural, with tons of make-up / hair work and proper lighting, shot with the best camera by an experienced photographer – in a way that the photo doesn’t need to be retouched…

NOw, I think Candice Swanepoel is on the outs, she made the mistake of not really pushing the limits of her fame, she kind of just rode the Victoria’s Secret train. She didn’t host TV shows, Vegas clubs, didn’t get in movies, she did the bare minimum, and now no one is in love with her personality, so as her ass starts to sag and younger girls replace her, her relevance becomes less and less, and these could be her final years, but probably aren’t…she’s probably got another 5 years with Victoria’s Secret, not that anyone will really care…we’ve seen enough of her, it’s time for new pussy, not mom pussy.

Maybe you’re more into her ready to drop – pregnancy porn – from instagram – which is actually some of her more interesting work.

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Candice Swanepoel Topless Pregnant Baby Gender Annoucement Pic of the Day


Candice Swanepoel posted a really casual pregnancy pic on her instagram for her fans that make-up of 90 percent men jerking off and 10 percent women who want to figure out whay their men jerk off to her….and by casual I mean…in a professional studio with a professional photographer…a hair persona and make-up person…and a fashion stylist to get just the right jeans…and whoever else they didn’t tag…


I assumed that girl got pregnant as an angle for her career, maybe Victoria’s Secret made her…or maybe she’s tired of the model game and all her rich friends have babies and she wants one too…

I just find the whole thing offensive, not because of all the smoke and mirrors that went into the picture, what a waste of time and resources for such a dumb and irrelevant thing….not because I am sad that some hot model is destroying her body with babies that she will bounce back from because she’s vapid and superficial and vain…not because I wanted to be the guy to knock her up, I never think that way about these cunts…I actually feel bad for the rich dudes who end up knocking them up…they are so high maintenance and annoying…and really not that hot when crying in bed on their period or in this case with a ripped open pussy..

I am offended that in this era she will call her baby a boy – just because he has a penis – without having a conversation with the baby to see how the baby identifies.

This is a genderless society, and we don’t need her archaic oppressive “boy” or “girl” classifications to fuck up her kid, that we all know will be fucked up anyway, his mom’s a titty model whore…with way too much money…

Candice Swanepoel should know better…


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Pregnant Victoria’s Secret Models in Magazines of the Day


Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo are both Victoria’s Secret created models – who have really only worked with Victoria’s Secret from day one in their career and who have gone onto do other things coordinated by Victoria’s Secret, because that’s how they manage and leverage their hookers….

They’ve already recruited new girls, who probably have a “DON’T GET PREGNANT” clause in their contract, but these two, Behati and Candice have been recruited to do their Maternity Line of lingerie and Bathing suits, seeing as they can’t do shit without permission from the brand that owns them, I wouldn’t even be surprised if they were forced to get pregnant to be the launch pad for the new line of maternity gear.

Never trust evil corporations or the models they make….So apparently, they want to keep them

Candice Swanepoel in Some Magazine in China

Behati Prinsloo in Some Magazine…

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Candice Swanepoel’s Pregnancy Erotica of the DAy


Everyone who follows Candice Swanepoel or Victoria’s Secret, along with Behati, her BFF, and two of their main people, are pregnant…

I saw it coming, because I guess getting pregnant isn’t a career death anymore, even though it should be, because people like fat chicks, and like when they bounce back.

My theory is that they are still owned by Victoria’s Secret, who created them and is the only reason they exist, so that when Victoria’s Secret decides it’s time for maternity lingerie, they need to recruit the girls who owe them the most…

I guess this pregnancy pic isn’t as whorey as it should be, because her engagement even though she’s cheated on her longtime boyfriend the last decade, not that he cares, make that money honey….give these South Africans that money..

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Candice Swanepoel is Fun but Boring of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.46.47 PM

Candice Swanepoel is pretty boring in everything she does publically, she’s actually a disappointment, she just was so cautious her entire nude model career, and maintained this level of class and sophistication, as to not get fired from Victoria’s Secret and sent back to fucking hell South Africa, where legless celebrities kill models because he’s jealous of their legs, and the fact the fuck other dudes..

It’s like we know Angel Candice has been a straight up dirt bag, we know she’s done all kinds of fucking drugs and cock, yet her image is squeaky fucking clean…it’s almost hot how safe she’s been, espcially when you factor in the South African AIDS rate…

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Candice Swanepoel’s Great Ass of the Day


I posted a bunch of VS modeling pics featuring Candice Swanepoel’s old, boring, experienced ass…

But for some reason I didn’t most the one where her and some other model are standing off like a couple of bucking wild animals or primates in some battle of territory…with their asses pushed up to the air…making their asses look rounder and more amazing than they probably are…in a threesome you’ll never have…unless you’re a big film producer and the answer to making them Hollywood stars after this whole VS thing fizzles..not that Candice is allowed to do anything besides VS…they own her…you know like her South African family owned black people…but as long as they produce pics like this…I’m ok with that..

Here are the pics I already posted…

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Candice Swanepoel Still Does Victoria’s Secret of the Day


Candice Swanepoel still does Victoria’s Secret, it’s really all she fucking knows. It’s the only job she’s really had, and since they saved her from South AFrican black crimes against racist slave driving white people, and HIV…so much HIV….but giving her a work Visa and celebrity…she owes it to them…

She’s currently engaged, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t fucked countless rich dudes while dating her gay looking fiance…she’s pushing 30…and still has a rocking fucking body..but I still find her totally fucking boring….

We live in a world that being hot and half naked is enough to get noticed, followed or a like…but to really have impact…bitch needs a personality…or maybe I’m just low testosterone and not enough of a caveman to think “girls are just pussy, this girl is good pussy, even if this pussy is diseased, I’ll conquer it like a fucking primate”….and I’m all sensitive and shit, thinking “please do something more than the same fucking thing you’ve always done – 9 years later”….because I can just cross reference those pics, when she was young and better…why would I want to look at her at 30 doing it…when I have access to her youth…ya know…I know..

But then again, Victoria’s Secret, like everything have taken a cue from instagram and made their traditionally typical, the exact same shoots, for the same product shoots, more snapshot feelin’ and real…I mean bitch is actually smiling and having fun…weird..

The “Easter Egg” in these pics is the one with her wrinkled faceand double CHIN…just how we like our models…

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Candice Swanepoel’s Ass of the Day


Candice Swanepoel is trying to milk her celebrity as much as she can because she’s old and tired and throwing out nude pics, or in this case ass in thong pics, since it is really what her career is based on, like an overpaid showgirl, because when a lingerie model gets married, she’s ready to throw in the towel and the fantasy…a fantasy she barely every brought…because she’s had this great body, this great face, but this terribly boring EVERYTHING else about her..which I guess you could argue was nothing, there was nothing else to her or any girl who has a body and face like this…and I guess you’re right and I’m crazy to expect more out of the girls I want to jerk off to..

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