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Catherine McNeil’s Naked for Vogue of the Day



This Australian is named Catherine McNeil… she’s an Australian model….who has been modeling since she was 14…which would seem criminal if the photo studio was in my basement and the photographer was Roman Polanski…..which would probably explain why she’s a lesbian engaged to an MTV Australia VJ…sure lesbianism is fashionable…and it is good for PR…but I like to think it comes from a darker child rape place.

Here she is modeling…lookin’ good…beause she’s naked…in Vogue…beause she’s fashionable..

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Catherine McNeil for Vogue Russia of the Day

Catherine McNeil is some Australian model, who was rumored to be fucking a female VJ for Australia MTV, not that it matters, because no one cares about Australia or MTV Australia, it is one of those “If a tree falls in the woods” situations…that is a good enough local scandal to get the media talking about her so that she can go off and do big things like showing her tits in VOGUE RUSSIA….not that we should care about her personal life, or really anything about her, we should just care about her model tits being in fashion magazines, reminding us that fashion porn is a real thing, if you are still capable of jerking off to tits, which I doubt you are, since porn ruined you and your masturbation and brought you, and apparently everyone on TINDER to a very very dark place sexually….

That said, pics shot by Txema Yeste

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Catherine McNeil in Lingerie for Esprit of the Day

Catherine McNeil is some fake lesbian from Australia who was dating some MTV host which allowed her to be a public figure and thus book modelling gigs and for some reason the fake lesbian game doesn’t bother me, because I know even real lesbians aren’t actually lesbians, but misguided jaded girls who fear the cock, despite fucking girls who act like they have a cock, with rubber things that look like a cock…

Thanks to her dyke antics she’s booked some Esprit lingerie campaign, and these are the pics of her in panties, which are a lot like pics of her strap-on, even if she’s the one who gets fucked by a strap-on as she counts down the days before establishing herself so she can go back to the cock…at least that’s my theory.

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Catherine McNeil’s Hot Shoot for Harpers Bazaar Korea of the Day

Catherine McNeil is some Australian lipstick lesbian, who I am sure is just “GAY FOR PAY”, you know like all of ELLEN’s wives, because dating a chick gets a lot of media attention when the chick you’re dating is more famous than you.

I mean maybe I am just ignorant, and firmly believe all real lesbians, you know the kind molested by their family members or raped in their younger years, develop a hatred of cock and sexuality, look like dudes, and any hot lesbian is up to no good, taking advantage of a situation, cuz why would they be hot and lesbian at the same time, it just doesn’t make sense, lesbians don’t care about looks, they are the hub for ugly people getting love, and looks or looking good, is strictly girls looking for dudes to objectify them. Fact.

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Catherine McNeil’s Donna Karan Ad is Perverted of the Day

Catherine McNeil is some lesbian model from Australia, who I can safely say is not a lesbian by looking at her, and noticing she doesn’t look like she’s got balls, a hairy chest and a collection of dick’s she’s ripped off in a box in her basement….She’s more a lesbian out of convenience, because dating some MTV Australia chick has been good for her celebrity…pretending to be engaged, even better. You know some basic low level playing the system shit….get the people to talk, then book international campaigns for big brands that are up on some porn level, fetish level, the first scenes of a porno level kick….that really help establish her lesbian stance, because all lesbians like letting guys between their legs for money….right? Wrong. Lesbians hate this objectifying women shit, but more importantly they hate penis and would never allow this to happen.

Catherine McNeil, I am calling bullshit, you may eat pussy, but dick is what you’re all about…here’s the hot ad.

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Catherine McNeil is a Babe in Numero of the Day

Catherine McNeil is 24, born in 1989, from Australia and I’ve never heard of her….probably because my model knowledge barely exists, I just post pics of their nipples, fashionable hipster bush or bikini and lingerie bodies…knowing that they are all interchangeable….

After a bit of research (wikipedia)….it turns out that she’s a lesbian…..and is engaged to some Australian MTV Dj, that sounds more like they are trying to conceptualize a reality show like Jersey Shore about lipstick lesbians and how they deal with pretending to not want cock because it’s good for building a fan base, while real lesbians, the penis haters who were traumatized by penis at 12, thanks to some uncle, go along with the lie, because they like thinking some of their kind are actual babes…

All this to say, I wouldn’t mind letting her eat out my man pussy like it would advance her career….she’s kinda hot…for a lesbian….

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Catherine McNeil is Amazing in November’s Vogue Australia of the Day

It must be Australia Day because all my posts today have something to do with Australia….maybe I have some Australia connection I am destined to track down….you know like these women are sent as signs from the Australian Gods….who need me to travel there to rule their Australian kingdom….or maybe I have an Australia fetish…but I prefer to think there is a hire purpose to my nonsense….

This Australian is named Catherine McNeil…she’s 23, she’s an Australian model….who has been modeling since she was 14…which would seem criminal if the photo studio was in my basement and the photographer was Roman Polanski…..which would probably explain why she’s a lesbian engaged to an MTV Australia VJ…sure lesbianism is fashionable…but I like to think it comes from a darker child rape place.

Here she is modeling…lookin’ good.

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Some Model Named Catherine McNeil May Be a Heroin Addict of the Day

This girl is some 20 year old model from Australia who started modeling when she was 14. She is apparently a lesbian who is dating some MTV VJ I’ve never heard of and won’t bother looking up named Ruby Rose or some shit and these are supposed to be pictures of her “heroin” trackmarks.

This story has already been done, we’ve all seen the movie and read the wikipedia page, her name was GIA and Angelina Jolie got naked in the fucking movie.

I hate this cliche bullshit, it’s so typical, why can’t a model who gets paid to do pretty much nothing but sit around do something good with their life, like save AIDS babies instead of being so self involved and self absorbed that they become the AIDS babies who need saving thanks to dirty needles and homosex.

Who cares. She deserves to die for being such an idiot.

On a sidenote, it is very possible that these are just lesbian scatches or battle wounds from lesbian sex or lesbian fights or maybe it is from her pet cat who got overexcited when they were playing and that really changes the whole dynamic of this post, but I am down with the heroin in the fashion industry theory cuz it’s a better angle….so I’m sticking to it…

Here are some pics of her modeling….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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