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Alyssa Milano in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Alyssa Milano wore a bikini and her 50 year old tits sagging out of her one piece shape shifter bathing suit will make her fans happy…because they are all 50 year olds too…still hung up on her from Who’s the Boss a show no girl I have ever fucked even remembers existing because it was that long ago…because in case you didn’t know, along with hairy fucking arms she got lasered, Alyssa Milano is one of those obscure barely famous people with a weird cult following of perverts, who are very passionate about Alyssa Milano and hate when people laugh at her enough to get her to block me on the internet…a cult following that will get so worked up when I call her a useless twat…or even when they see she’s with a dude…who isn’t them…because in case you didn’t know – the world is filled with irrational freaks….


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Alyssa Milano in Maxim Old Ladies You’d Still Fuck Issue Of the Day

Seeing Alyssa Milano all posing sexy in Maxim is weird to be…not because I saw her hairy arms, she’s had lasered on TV grow up before my very eyes, from 14 to 100 fucking years old, and seeing her try to be sexy makes me uncomfortable, but because she’s 100 fucking years old, and posing sexy, and that in itself should make everyone feel uncomfortable.

I don’t care if she’s hot for 100, or not, she’s still a menopausal dried up twat who has no business being half naked…

I don’t care how much she works out or how much estrogen she pumps herself with to stay youthful and womanly during “THE CHANGE”..

I don’t care how many obsessed fans are still into her cuz they are freaks and don’t know how to move on in their lives to experience new things, because the old and familiar are comfortable.

This should have never happened…

But I guess seeing as Maxim is going a dying magazine, it’s only natural to feature actresses whose sex appeal is dying if not already dead…


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I Miss Alyssa Milano’s Hairy Arms of the Day

I hate Alyssa Milano and not because she blocked me on social media. And not because she’s 100 years old and a do good mom. And not because she’s struggling in her tight dress showing off her legs. And not because she’s some internet savvy entrepreneur probably making huge fortunes while doing it.

I hate Alyssa Milano because she’s caved into society’s expectations of her. We bullied her for having hairy fucking arms, and she’s reacted by getting laser hair removal on the shit, like a fucking pussy, insecure bitch, who lets bullies push her around, instead of embracing her hairy fucking destiny, and that just shows me that she’s a weak fucking person, who will raise weak fucking kids, and is the reason why bullying is being banned, because these assholes who were bullied, and are too insecure to defend themselves, are running the fucking show.

Bullying makes for stronger people, kills off the weak, and in Alyssa Milano’s case, cleans up her high testosterone levels nicely.

So fuck you bully haters and fuck you Alyssa Milano


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Alyssa Milano Self Shot Pregnancy Pictures of the Day

Here is a picture of Alyssa Milano ruining the concept of self shot pics….they say she’s a social media expert celebrity who blocked me on twitter along with everyone who doesn’t like my twitter earthquake coverage , but she’s doing these self shot pics all wrong…and not just cuz she’s pregnant and pregnancy is digusting…but because she’s not fucking naked.

I appreciate the fact that she’s using the hipster photographer app for her pics…but I don’t appreciate the fact that she’s not showing her hipster bush…that I know is a serious bush strictly based on her arm hair…

Pregnant or not, if you’re gonna take a pic of yourself in front of the mirror, you gotta do it right…and that’s naked…

I’m an expert on these things cuz I spend 90 percent of my day looking at self shot pics, or recruiting girls to take them, the other 10 percent of my day is spent shitting, crying, trying to masturbate- usually all at the same time…

This Post is Dedicated to our Fallen Soldiers in Japan. Support our Troops.

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Hot Pussy at the Hall Pass Premiere of the Day

I was given tickets to the local premiere of Hall Pass. So the theater I was in didn’t have a red carpet and was filled with old ladies who won the shit on radio contests and shit…but even if I was at this premiere, the only thing that would have saved this movie would have been more of the baby sitters tits…That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to fuck the Blonde Australian …but I just can’t help but hate them for being part of what must be left over ejaculate that poored out of some Farrely brother wife’s asshole weeks after she gave him anal and was found and nurtured into the garbage that is this movie…if that makes sense……

The worst thing in all of it is that people hate being married and a hall pass could really be a revolutionary thing…and instead of showcasing that goodness, we were stuck watching two idiots fail at being men in what was probably some of the most embarrassing maybe even humilating way that wasn’t funny but just left me feeling sad….

I’m glad I saw it, I just wish people put more love into making movies that are actually good….maybe I’m just a hater…maybe this was the shittiest attempt at a movie review ever…I guess I’m no Siskel….

Here’s the Busty babysitter…

Here’s the tight bodied Australian….

Here’s Alyssa Milano’s pregnant mom tits you’d probably stay happily married to even if she’s a bitch to me on Twitter like she was Denise Richards…I love how she’s playing the pregnancy up…

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Alyssa Milano and Jennifer Love Hewitt Kiss for the Homeless of the Day

This would have probably been exciting 15 years ago, when both these bitches mattered, before Jennifer Love got old and fat and Alyssa Milano got weathered and boring….Seriously, as if them doing homeless charities together wasn’t enough of an attempt to get the paparazzi to take a pic….staging these “almost” kissing pics is more desperate than two mom’s at a resort bar trying to get their husbands to notice them, but they are too busy checking out the young pussy that still matters.

I hate lightly humorous cries for attention, you know like “haha, we’re so silly and fun” kind of cries for attention. I like my bitches real desperate and willing to do things they never would have done when not desperate for attention, so these pics just piss me off. They are pathetic….but you are a loyal fan…and can’t get over these bitches….so here are the pics…

I am going to pass the fuck out now..

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Alyssa Milano’s a Fat Hairy Whore of the Day

Alyssa Milano is a whore and I am not just saying that because she blocked me on twitter when all I was doing was trying to be her friend. If twitter was high school, she would have been the popular girl who had a party and invited the whole class excpet for me because I was the socially awkward immigrant no one really liked and were actually a little creeped out by and I guess guess that did happen to me in high school and I am sure it happened to some of you, and being reminded of it by some chubby aging cunt in Hollywood doesn’t make me happy and knowing she’s not down to earth but is superficial and high maintenance first hand makes me happy cuz I never bought her sports loving, man’s chick biullshit……but I am saying she’s a whore because of this public display of being a whore with some dude…

Pics via Bauer

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Alyssa Milano Hot Naked Video The Way We Like Her…of the Day

Here’s a video of Alyssa Milano Naked in some recent movie called Pathology. Her nude scene is her dead and getting cut open in some sort of autopsy and it’s pretty fucking sick but you can still see pussy. I assume that some of you are fucked up enough to find this hot as you spent most of your childhood killing your neighborhood cats and other random animals that would cross paths with you and you haven’t quite moved onto bigger things yet, because you aren’t that much of a psycho and you just leave the psychotic thoughts for your masturbation.

I was talking to my friend the other day and he told me about how he plays a game called “Would You” with his friends. It’s basically where different scenarios are laid out and you decide whether you’d d fuck the chick or not. One of the weirder ones was if you’re driving down an old dirt road in the middle of nowhere and you come across a passed out 18 year old hot girl in a mini skirt is lying on the side road like she had been hit by a car or something and you pull over to help her, do you bang her or do you call or help or do you bang her then call for help. I guess fucking a passed out chick is a lot less disgusting than fucking a dead chick, most of the chicks I’ve banged were passed out by by booze or drugs and not by getting hit by a car, so I wouldn’t do it and I’d get her help, but I bet you’re not as wholesome as me you horny fuckin’ creep.

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I am – Alyssa Milano’s got Rockin’ Cleavage of the Day


In an era with so much porn and so many fucking sluts, I am surprised that I am posting a picture of some slut in a push up bra, but I am anyway. There’s something that reminds me of a middle aged jewish man in these pictures and I am not sure what it is, maybe it is the Seinfeld pants. Speaking of jews, I linked up a make-up company last week for free make-up for my stepdaughter and they emailed me back saying they couldn’t deliver. This is what I wrote to them:

Dear Make-Up Company Rep,

I told my stepdaughter that I got her a gift, I missed her birthday last year and spend all my money on lottery tickets and whiskey so I was excited about this free package. I was trying to redeem myself and work my way into her heart because I heard that winning over her heart leaves me one step away from her vagina. When she turns 18, I am totally planning on stuffin’ her like thanksgiving turkey and this make-up kit was my ticket. I guess I’ll just have to get roofies like I always do.

If you can’t pull through it’s fine. It will break her heart but it’s not a big deal…I guess we all have to learn that Santa doesn’t exist sometime. Unless you are jewish in which case Santa never really did exist.

Just remember, you are the biggest cockblock I have ever met and I hate you.

With Love,

Jesus Martinez

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