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Ana Beatriz Barros in Bathing Suits for Harper’s of the Day

This is for Harper’s Bazaar Spain….and I feel like a few of these bathing suit pics don’t quite hit the mark. I mean 4 year old girls building sand castles at the beach show more skin…this is some “We’re moms in our 30s and can’t look like sluts with the other moms at our babies swim class” look…you know or it is like some orthodox christian, jewish or muslim, friendly bathing suits, because even they have to swim sometimes…

Speaking of Religious women, when walking the dog, I saw a young Rabbi and his religious wife, who was wearing the wig, and skirt down to past her knees, in a little AMISH style collared shirt, looking relatively wholesome, so I stared at her tits, then back at her, and winked, to remind her what being a woman is all about, and that’s turning me the fuck on…even when you’re in it for God, wholesome as shit, I know deep down, there lives a slut…there always does…

The good news with this shoot is that Harper’s Bazaar, got a little more european, and put her in a little less clothes, even if it’s not quite European enough for this pervert, I can always find a way to make it work.

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Ana Beatriz Barros All American for Some Magazine of the Day

I don’t even know if these are pics of Ana Beatriz Barros or some other model from the same shoot, in fact, I don’t even know if I am posting pics of the same girl, white girls, even when from Brazil all look the same, more importantly, I have facial recognition blindness, cuz I am normally looking at their tits….

All this to say, whoever the model is, I like her weird as fuck poses and squatting drunk handicapped person who needs to take a shit stance…

That’s porn to me.

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Ana Beatriz Barros in a Bikini in Miami of the Day

There was a minute when Ana Beatriz Barros was all the rage…you know doing Victoria’s Secret….back in the early 2000s…but I guess that was a while ago…cuz she seems to be out of practice in wearing a bikini in an erotic way….cuz these pictures of her are more ape-like…as her 6 foot frame with a shitty hip-to-waist ratio…and what could be testicles filling up her bikini bottoms…kinda drag her knuckles in the sand as she walks over to her seat….

I get that she’s is or was a Brazilian lingerie model….but whatever is going on in these pics is some weird fucking body….and that’s too bad…cuz I remember her being a serious fucking babe….oh well…we all fall apart eventually…

Freedom has been attacked.


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Ana Beatriz Barros Uninspiring Beach Pics of the Day

I know what kind of delusional asshole am I to call pictures of a lingerie model in her bikini uninspiring….but I can’t help the way I feel people….her ass looks like it is melting into a sloppy, skinny, mess and that tramp stamp screams stripper whore who has seen better days, but thankfully the black light hides the disease ridden, malnourished, meth ass cheeks from really scaring off customers…..

I am a huge fan of all skinny girls, in fact I encourage fat girls everywhere to stop eating, because they’ll be more appealing to fuck, I make a habbit of giving them that advice they don’t want to hear whenever I see one, you know “Hey you should really consider anorexia”…or “Ever heard of atkins?”….because the truth hurts….just ask Ana Beatriz Barros and her million dollar – thank god for photoshop ass cheeks…

Nice tramp stamp. Seriously can’t fully embrace how funny it is….

To See the Rest of the Pics

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Ana Beatriz Barros Nipple for Fashion of the Day

Ana Beatriz Barros did Elle Magazine recently….and like every good model…she got a little erotic, naked, softcore porn for fashion, because her job, like a hooker, is to satisfy a need and do what she is told to do, in exchange for money, like she rented her body out for the day….and there’s so much hot in that….if you’re a controlling pervert like me who likes buying women…which I like to think we all are….

Anyway, here are her Victoria’s Secret tits showing nipple, for Elle Magazine…like a good model worth millions she is….Good times…

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Ana Beatriz Barros is an Off-Duty Model of the Day

Here are some boring pictures of a Victoria’s Secret model who you are used to seeing half naked in lingerie and bikinis ruining her fucking image by wearing everyday clothes. There should be something in their fucking contracts that when they sign their life away to Victoria’s Secret in exchange for the safe return of their family, that all public appearances are made half naked, cuz seriously, I’m sure she’s hot, but I can’t really make it out because I’m too busy googling pictures of her to bother with the actual pictures of her…I wonder if her boyfriends have the same issue with her, it’s like everytime they try to fuck ends up in a fight cuz her grown over bush and un-made-up face is nothing like the pictures they have framed of her around the room that he is forced to stare at to cum, becuase he knows his pussy has potential, she just needs pounds of make up and 10,000 dollars a day to make it shine.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Terry Richardson and Vanity Fair’s Pirelli Calendar Behind the Scenes of the Day

Terry Richardson proves yet again that being a photographer gets you pussy, or at least gets you to hang around hot pussy, especially when you’ve convinced the world that your perverted, amateur style of photography is fuckin’ art and not just perverted and amateur, because your dad was some successful fashion photographer you rode to the top of your game, and really who cares, his shit is at least semi-interesting to look at, especially when the girls in the pics are hipster trust fund trash he’s pulled out of the bar and brought back to his loft to get, but are actually highend fashion models at the top of their game doing the Pirelli Calendar. What it comes down to is we’re all full of shit, the smart ones are the ones who make money off it, or at least get pussy from it, and the nice ones are the ones who share that pussy with the rest of us in pictures….

The modesl you see are Miranda Kerr, Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr, Eniko Mihalik, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Catherine M, Abbey Lee, Daisy Lowe, Gracie C, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, Georgina Stojiilkovic and their tits.

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I am – Ana Beatriz Barros Celebrating Her Birthday with Alessandra Ambrosio of the Day


Here are some pictures of Victoria’s Secret Models, Ana Beatriz Barron and Alessandra Ambrosio at that stupid restaurant every fucking celebrity goes to called Mr Chow. They are wearing more clothes than you’re used to and I guess that goes against what you are used to on this site. I like to keep you on your toes. I also like to look at these people who little girls aspire to be in their natural state, without the filters and photoshop touch ups and lighting and professional photographers because these paparazzi are just scummy immigrants with a camera .

I am not going to say these bitches are busted because it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t, but I will say that I would never make a good model scout. They don’t look any better than the girls I see out when I go out, I probably wouldn’t even notice them in a club, but the second these whores take off their clothes and rock a catalog every 14 year old dude and married man with no internet or porn in the house can jerk off to you know they got it in them….what they will never have in them though is you, because no one likes you, even the 400 pound Wal Mart cashier wants nothing to do with you.

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