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Anna Faris and Chris Evans Naked on Set of the Day

They are saying these pictures of Anna Faris on set are of a body double, but I don’t think Anna Faris is the caliber of actor pussy that gets a body double in the budget, you know since her career is based on her being the talentless chick they hire cuz guys want to fuck her, the hot chick who can’t act but who has good cleavage and looks like a pornstar who “got away”, and really who cares who the pictures are of, there’s a naked flat ass pulling down her panties and that always works for me no matter who is doing it whether bitch is awake, asleep, alive or not….

To See the Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Anna Faris is Boring on the Beach of the Day

Who the fuck is Anna Faris and why the fuck am I posting these pictures of her on the beach. Seriously, beaches aren’t for party dresses unless you are in Aruba on Spring Break and about to get thrown into the fucking ocean after some dude from Holland rapes and kills you….what too soon?…That shit happend 6 years ago….

Pics via Fame

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Anna Faris isn’t Hot n her Shorts and Tight Shirt of the Day

I don’t understand why Anna Faris gets cast as the dumb hot chick in all the movies she gets cast in…or at least the one movie I know of that she’s been in, because following Anna Faris’ career is really something I have any interest in doing, I really don’t have any interest in much more than naked chicks and watching Oprah in McDonald’s because they were smart enough to put TVs in some locations for the elderly folk and me to feel at home drinking their dirt cheap coffee, not that I have a TV at home, but shit is pretty comfortable and a great place to pick up pussy, if grandmothers or fat 14 year old Asian dudes are your thing, since they seem to be the only ones obsessed with the shit, because she is ugly.

Pics via Fame

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Anna Faris And Her Crotch in Period Short of the Day

Here is that pretty irrelevant actress who gets cast in shitty movies you would probably only watch at 5 in the morning after coming home alone wasted when it’s on TV and you’re lying in bed and too lazy to go to the computer and figure your best chance to get off is a story about a Playboy bunny becoming a Sorority girl, only to wake up 10 hours later, still drunk with your underwear around your ankles and your dick still in hand, with random memories of the night before, coming in wasted and alone because the girl who was dancing provocatively didn’t go home with you and trying to jerk yourself to sleep to some shitty B movie, but unsure if you ever finished. That’s the kind of girl Anna Faris is and here she is showing off her pussy in a pair of period shorts.

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Anna Faris Isn’t So Hot of the Day

I feel like these pictures of Anna Faris chick in a onesie are only hot to severe pedophiles. I am not talking the 20 year olds who are fucking 16 year olds. I am talking the serious pedophiles who fuck babies like they were in South Africa trying to cure themselves of AIDS .

I know she plays the hot chick in all these movies, which brings up a serious topic you should all start debating, and that is that there are hardly any real hot girls in Hollywood, most really hot girls are in small towns, satisfied, because they have nothing to really prove, since they’ve always been hot.

For the most part, Hollywood just has all these insecure cunts trying to get validation that they are worth something, maybe because daddy never hugged them, or their first love cheated on them, or because they were fat and the loser in high school but knowing deep down that they were better and more important than they got credit for, and now they can walk by all the haters, with their noses in the air like the snobs they always wanted to be, because it’s a slow day and the paparazzi snapped some pics of them.

It’s okay for them to think they are better than me, because it isn’t saying much, the homeless man who I paid 2 dollars to see his cock is better than me, he at least knows how to make a dollar….

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Anna Faris and Her Tits at Some Premiere of the Day

I saw some cheesy whore on a date with some meathead in Ed Hardy the other day. She’s the kind of girl you can tell goes on dates with many random men, many times a week, because I’ve seen her game before and I’ve seen her hustle, and I recognized the desperate weak conversation they were having about how often the dude goes to the gym, and how she kept telling him how amazing his muscles were, because I guess she doesn’t know better, and thinks that meathead guys are good husband material, or at least good fucks, or who fucking knows, what I do know is that she looked like a cheap whore, the kind of girl you want to wear a condom with, you know a pornstar without a porn contract, and her t-shirt was shredded apart like Anna Faris’ dress and this story really fucking sucks and I don’t know why I just told you it, because if someone told me this story, I’d laugh in their face and call them fuckin idiots for wasting my fucking time, so feel free to do that in the comments.

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Anna Faris Does Arena Magazine of the Day

Here are some pictures of Anna Faris lookin’ alright in Arena Magazine. What more really needs to be said, maybe that now you don’t need to buy the magazine because I am giving you all that is of value in it, but I probably shouldn’t say that, because when they come to me with lawyer’s letters saying that I’ve contributed to a loss of sales, it’ll be hard to deny that I believe that I did, not that anyone buys magazines anymore anyway, you can’t blame me for the fall of an industry, blame the Internet and evironmentalist hippie assholes tied to fuckin’ trees making the cost of paper too much to make sense. I don’t know what I am talking about again, I get on these useless rants and I figure I should spend more time on what is important, showering, drinking, napping.

So here are those pics while I get off the computer to rest my eyes in the shower drinking a beer.

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Anna Faris and her Period Bloat in Some Shitty Photoshoot of the Day

Who the fuck is Anna Faris, oh right, she did a movie that would have been straight to DVD if the US population had any level of intelligence, but instead eat this kind of shit up like it was Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 – The Search For My Castrated Testicles in Paris Hilton’s Panty Drawer . She was seen doing some kind of photoshoot on the street in some Freddy Kruger dress I find disgusting, because it reminds me of a tampon that just gave your girlfriend Toxic Shock Syndrome because it was kept in too long, but I guess it’s appropriate considering she’s rockin’ some serious period bloat. I love being a fat guy who can spend his day hating on girls who would never fuck me, it’s like some kind of restitution that brings me peace. Thanks Anna Faris for being the kind of girl who would never fuck me, you don’t realize how therapeutic your superficiality is.

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Anna Faris Lookin’ Hot Smoking of the Day

For those of you who like when girl’s smoke and the whole grey skin, grey pussy, haggard face, stink, cancer, disgusting teeth and fingers that comes with it. Here’s some pics of that Anna Faris bitch smoking and lookin’ what I would consider her fucking best. I don’t even know who this bitch is, and who really cares….I know that I don’t….

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