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Beyonce In a Tree Like a Monkey in a Swimsuit of the Day

Beyonce posted these Jamaica bikini pics on her tumblr, that you can assume are all retouched…and it turns out that despite popular belief…Beyonce is not a bikini model…but she probably reminds you hicks of this clip from Oprah in the 80s with a racist…not because I’m racist…but because you are and it’s just the obvious joke when a black girl starts climbing around in trees joke you probably

I don’t really understand why Beyonce is compelled to show off her body…she’s worth so much fucking money, she could keep her Jamaica trip to her fucking self, it’s not like this sells albums, it just makes me think she’s addicted and starved for attention as she hits her 40s and Jay-Z hits every groupie and Rihanna around…

It’s silly…but it happened…

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Beyonce’s Topless Pic for Tumblr of the Day

I guess the most important thing to say when writing a Beyonce post is, who the fuck cares about Beyonce….and why the fuck am I writing a post on her “topless” picture that a bunch of websites have decided is news…and the sad thing is, I don’t have the answers, I just find it ridiculous that a picture that is clearly from a photoshoot of Beyonce possibly topless, is something people are talking about, because there is no nipple…and even if there was nipple, it’s Beyonce and we are all supposed to collectively pretend she doesn’t exist, because she’s the fucking worst…sent from hell to fool the world into buying into her bullshit…and now has a horrible ego because it worked….

Here’s the pic…that is hardly a topless pic but rather just another one of Beyonce’s lies.

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Beyonce Gets Pulled Off Stage by a Fan of the Day

This is funny to me, mainly because celebrities are robots and not human to me, you see if this was a girl on a bus, or in a park at the playground, I would probably be like “someone should call the police”…but when it comes to Beyonce, I kinda want him to win, you know and drag her out back to his van where he takes her to some camp in the woods where she is never found again…

Unfortunately, Beyonce forgives her crazy fan who can’t get enough Beyonce, after getting manhandled by his super gay powers, because you’d think she’d need farm equipment to handle moving her from pasture to pasture….

The whole thing could have ended so much better to the world…since she’s evil..but again, Beyonce wins.

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Beyonce Fat Bikini Ass of the Day

The problem with Beyonce is that too many people suck up to her on the regular, making her think she’s more important than she is, but that she will never realize, because her bank account and album sales, thanks to a world of retards, just keep getting bigger and bigger…a lot like her ass…because she’s at that stage in the game where she thinks as a mom in her 30s, she’s got it going on enough to rock a two piece…and I guess that two piece has a sarong to cover up her big black fried chicken loving junk…but even it isn’t substantial enough to screen or shield us from all this booty evil…you see cuz Beyonce…and everything about her…naked or clothed…is the fucking devil…

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Jay Z is Beyonce’s Bitch of the Day

My theory behind this Jay Z surprising Evil Beyonce while she performed on stage is that he either fucked around on her behind her back while she was on tour and he’s trying to do damage control, because no celebrity or performer is loyal to their signficant other and every single one I’ve met has cheated on their significant other while on tour..

You know, keep the bitch happy, so she doesn’t smell your dick when she gets home…

Or Beyonce whined like an entitled cunt and demanded this from him.

Whatever the reason, he’s a real bitch….real gangsters treat their hoes like hoes….yo.

The thing that amazes me is how pumped her fan is, but then again he’s at a Beyonce concert so you’d assume he’s a half retard to begin with.

The other thing that amazes me is that I am posting this, what’s wrong with me…

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Beyonce Stuck in her Number 1 Fan of the Day

Beyonce had a show in montreal last night…and I had a feeling she was in the same city as me…not because we are connected at the fucking soul, but because she’s the fucking devil and all I felt was evil around me…like the illuminati were outside my house watching to make sure I didn’t try to humiliate her or something…

But it turns out she humiliated herself, as she got her weave stuck in a fan and some security dude tried to sort her out…

I am sure there was more than one person killed off for this, you know punishment for making her look like an idiot, because she’s a fucking cunt with too much power, and like all cunts with too much power…”off with their heads”…

I don’t see what the big deal is, she kinda looks her hottest restrained, struggling, and trying to save face, when you know inside her soul she’s fucking raging and coming for fucking blood.

I kinda wish her being stuck in her number 1 fan, was more along the lines of two dogs breeding stuck, you know her huge cock lodged in and unable to come out cuz it’s burred.

But this is still good enough…

The video was captured by my homies at Montreality and they did good.

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Beyonce Covered in Glitter for FLAUNT of the Day

Beyonce covered in glitter reminds me of those pills they sell that make your shit turn to glitter, not because she is brown in color and comparable to shit based on that reason alone, that would be racist, but because she’s something that I feel has as much to offer the world as human waste, only instead of being flushed, it has been fished out of the toilet to spread her diva cunt attitude around the world…where idiot drones celebrate her because she’s on TV…

I like the think that is the message Flaunt is trying to get across..

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Beyonce Slutting Out for the Internet of the Day

I don’t know why no one has told Beyonce that she’s too old and fat for this…whether her kid was made in a surrogate or not, her posing like a import model is fucking awkward as shit…

Oh right, because everyone in Beyonce’s camp, who has any access to her, to stop her from making a fool of herself is on payroll and the number one line item on their employment contract is to never doubt Beyonce, or question what she does, if anything, pretend she’s the most important and most amazing thing, otherwise you’re executed out back and no one will ask questions cuz she’s fucking Beyonce, the queen of the world…

I hate her, and I hate what she’s doing here, yet I’m posting it anyway, she’s gotta me sucked in.

Those thighs…damn..that’s some thickness..I guess she’s just trying to do the Rihanna.

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Beyonce in her Bikini in Video for H&M of the Day

Last week, I posted pictures of Beyonce in a bikini for H&M because I was offended that anyone would allow Beyonce in a bikini, even though I know Beyonce runs the fucking show and if she wants to be in a bikini, despite what her team of handlers tell her, she’ll be in a bikini, it’s all part of being old and fat and bitter at the new generation who make your husband more money than you do.

You know a mom, who prior to being a mom had tree trunk legs I didn’t want to see in a bikini, being a spokesperson for a bikini line at H&M, was probably not something they did because she’s so hot bodied, but more a “it’s fucking Beyonce, imagine the press, we can do pictures and we can even do videos too, everyone will watch….”

Well here’s part two of their fucking program.

To See her H&M Bikini Pics – Cuz You’re Some Pervert Freak -

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