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Britney Spears Half Naked and Untouched for Candies of the Day

Here are some pictures of Britney Spears half naked for Candies, it looks like they aren’t airbrushed or photoshopped and keeping her untouched shows off all the places she’s been touched….

They’ve kept all her scars, bruises or what I like to call memories of being rich white trash with a lot of psychological issues in the pictures….I still think she’s got it going on but then again, some of the pussy I’ve gone down on both drunk, high and sober, has been far more gutter, far more dirty, far more diseased, haggard, rotten, damaged, gaping, emotionally unstable, dripping out green shit, addicted to drugs, pussy that smelled like shit, that looked like roadkill, that people would never put their fingers in, but I was there twirling my tongue around it like it was a fucking jujube or like it was water I was lapping up like a dog after being stuck in the desert for 4 days after a plane crash….if you know what I mean…

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Britney Spears and Her New Hot Look of the Day

There are some pictures of Britney Spears last week that I didn’t bother posting because following Britney Spears is not one of my many hobbies, plus I’ve been pre-occupied trying to get my Asian grocer to agree to working on my new project, where we pay random homeless people to shit on his chest, something that I am telling him will be the next big thing but is really for my own personal “Shits and Giggles”, but this new look, with the glasses and the bra that makes me forget her tits hang to the fuckin’ ground like a fat chick who just got her stomach stapled and dropped 140 pounds….So if she kept up this naughty nerd hiding behind her glasses, I’m sure a lot more of us could start masturbating to her again…you know it’s almost good enough for us to forget all the damage she’s done to her pussy and how crazy she is, cuz everyone knows nerdy girls can’t be crazy, they’re too busy studying….see Britney, it’s already working on me.

Pics via Fame

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Britney Spears Looks Like She Smells Good of the Day

Watching Britney is like watching a homeless woman dig through the garbage looking for cans. Part of me is disgusted of the smell you think she gives off, while another part of me is sad her life has gone this route, because you know when she was a little girl she wasn’t dreaming about digging through the trash, and the main part of me find shit hot as fucking hell, cuz those gutter down on their luck girls are easy…

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I think it’s safe to say no showers were involved or hurt in the making of these pictures….

Pics via Fame

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Britney Spears is Looking Unstable in Shorts of the Day

Britney Spears was out shopping in a ridiculous outfit and I don’t think she was wearing a bra, because her nipples that are positioned great for midgets to suck on, seem to be exposed, but I’m too lazy to look, I just figure anyone dressed like a court jesters is about to lose her fucking shit again and the whole world will get another Britney Spears media takeover…I figured she’s already shaved her head for us, maybe this time she’ll shave her pussy in some manic rage for us, but I guess that’s just wishful thinking and the liklihood of her next episode being hot is really unlikely and I’ve got my money on her taking a shit in public, jumping off a bridge, or something equally funny but not so easy to jerk off to, but then again, since bitch turned 18 she hasn’t been so easy to jerk off to….

Either way, here are some pics of her lookin like she’s a bout to blow the fuck up in some wild bloomers you’d expect to find on your grandmother back in 1890…something that may bring back fond memories of childhood masturbation…if you’re 70.

Pics via Fame

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Britney Spears Scary Tits Need a Bra of the Day

Britney Spears has some wild-style nipples. It’s like they are all over the fucking place in some real sloppy fucking mess, making the rumor of her having implants a serious fucking joke, unless she did have implants and got them removed, leaving her tits this saggy, empty bag in desparate need of getting filled.

I really can’t imagine anyone being able to jerk off to this shit, but then again, that’s probably giving you a little too much credit, cuz if there is a will there’s a way. I will say that these are the kind of tits, if you do jerk off to, you end up really questionning yourself with shit like “did I really just cum to that?”. “What’s wrong with me?”, “Has it got so bad that I got no standards in my masturbation too?”….kinda thing…

But I guess it is Britney and here are the pics…

Bonus that’s not really a bonus – some pictures of her ass crack….

Pics via Fame

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Britney Spears Does Candies with Terry Richardson of the Day

I have a problem with Terry Richardson. I am torn because I find him boring and obvious as fuck cuz he was just some rich kid with a connected fashion photographer father who ripped off other better photographers by taking pics of his semi-famous friends half naked with point and shoot cameras. So as much as I love amateur looking pictures of naked sluts doing obscure staged hipster things, no matter how hard it looks like they are trying to be cool or obscure, cuz rich kids generally lack creativity when it comes to being gutter, it got boring pretty fucking fast.

Then American Apparel ripped off his style and so did every other magazine and photographer until everywhere I look on the fucking street I see Terry Richardson style pictures….some were from his corporate gigs and others were just rip off artists and the whole smutty drugged out rape victim shit, as hot as it may be got played the fuck out….

Here he is doing another corporate gig for Candies with Britney Spears, only instead of having her laying gold eggs out of her pussy or stepping on her labia, he’s got her clothed and you’d think if motherfucker got famous doing the sleazy trashy shit, he could step it up a bit when he’s dealing with the trahsy popster….

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Britney Spears in Her Dick Shirt of the Day

I guess Britney Spears loves dick so much she decided to wear it on her t-shirt….see we understand the subtlty of shitty ironic t-shirts…so we get what Britney and her sweaty sloppy self is trying to tell us…the issue of whether we want to give her want she wants really comes down to the condition of her pussy cuz based the rest of her, you may have some scrubbing to do….not that that would really stop me…this is Britney Spears we’re dealing with…she’s one of those things you rawdog under any circumstance…including AIDS…I figure if Homeless dudes can live with the disease for decades…it can’t be that bad….

Pics via Fame

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Britney Spears Lesbian Tits of the Day

Here are some pictures of Britney Spears’ tits doing something seriously unnatural, so unnatural it’s like two people of the same gender having sexual relationships with each other and requesting the government allows them to get married…Gross….

Seriously, these are some serious lesbian tits, it looks like Britney ripped them right off a fucking lesbian, like a really broad, construction boot wearing, real deal lesbian, not the lipstick college girl who had a bad relationship with her high school sweetheart so she lets her roommate fuck her with a vibrator before bed kind of lesbian, but more the kind of lesbian who changes transmissions for fun, who likes cutting down trees and who likes operating heavy equipment because demolition is the best part of rennovating lesbian…when not too busy banding together to challenge each other to hit the streets the person who comes back with the most severed dicks wins…

Needless to say…shit’s not hot…

Pics via Fame

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Britney Spears in Her Bikini Lookin’ Good of the Day

Britney is in Australia in a bikini with her family and new boyfriend / fiance / guy who is pretending to be her boyfriend because he is actually her agent or manager and gets paid a percentage of what she makes. Therefore the more successful she is the better off he is and his logic is that that pretending to be her boyfriend or fiance will distract people from the orgies this headcase was having on tour with her dancers, because apparently I’m the only person who respects a popstar who lets multiple men fuck her crazy pussy.

Bi-polar chicks are the best chicks especially when they are not mean bi-polar chicks, but are the bi-polar chicks who are constantly manic and hungry to get fucked and spend all their money in some erratic episode, and not the bi-polar chicks who are constantly depressed and busy plotting way to drown their babies and not get caught.

The real point of all this is to say I think I love Britney’s mom of two body. Sure she’s on a strict diet and workout program and her nights are spent dancing her ass off like well oiled machine on its last legs that she is, and I know the second that stops she’ll look like a real white trash southern mom is supposed to, but until that happens we should take this in and love it….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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