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Britney Spears Back in Concert Pictures of the Day

Britney Spears brought her elaborate concert filled with smoke, mirrors, circus bullshit, dancing to distract the world from her doughy body, her insane brain, and the fact that she can’t sing. The good news is that she didn’t fall asleep halfway through the concert while eating mustard out of a jar, she didn’t try to hang herself off one of the props, and she did the whole thing showing off her mom body in a way that it didn’t look too much like a mom body, you know reminiscent of a simpler time, when she had one music video that played on repeat and I had cable and no job and she was 17 and I wasn’t and you know how this story ends.

Here are a shitload of her concert pictures, I wasn’t there, so what more do you expect me to say about it. I want to go to the one that happens in Montreal at the end of the month, I figure it’ll be a good place to abduct kids and the world can always use another amber alert…even though I’m sure he audience are people still latching on from 9 years ago, like me.

I asked for tickets on the site already and no one got back to me, I guess my dreams of meeting Britney before she dies will never be. Hit me baby one more time.

All I can hope for is she gets knocked up by another one of her bottom feeding back-up dancers who claims to be ungay. I feel like Britney needs more babies to live up to her destiny of being a deadbeat mom from the gutter.

Who cares what I think, here are the pics.

Here are some performance videos if you care, I don’t really, but figured I went to this much trouble, why the fuck not post them…

Britney Spears Performing Me Against The Music in the India Shit…

Performing Baby One More Time in the Black Bra Shit

Performing Breathe On Me with Her Nipple Tassels

I am sure there are a lot more – but I’ve played the 13 year old girl angle enough for one night….wow…this post makes me look like a real big fag in love with all things Britney…I just like her tits…yeah that took back my manhood….

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Britney Spears is the New Candy Girl of the Day

This Britney Spears shit is going to be a pretty big deal, All her shows are sold out and tickets are going for 200 dollars a piece and after seeing the dress rehearsal videos, some pretty fucking nutty shit goes down. It’s on some kind of Cirque du Soleil gayness, but maybe I’m just saying that because I’ve never gone to Cirque du Soliel, but probably more likely because seeing contortionists doing ribbon dances bores me, but I guess it all makes sense because her shit is called Circus.

It looks like it is going to be costing a lot of fucking money and even the dress rehearsals are big fucking scale. Her costumes are slutty, I want to fuck her and I guess so do a lot of big corporations who are on to help foot the bill, one of those companies is Candies, a shoe company and junior clothing company who have gone so far as to make Britney one of their Candies Girls, I guess in efforts to get their money’s worth.

It’s nice to see brands attach themselves to a bipolar, unstable, crazy person, you’d expect their conservative asses to stay as far away as possible from, but I guess they figure it’s worth draggin heir brand’s through the mud to be part of the biggest fucking concert in history, unless she kills herself before it starts….

Here’s the second video of her rehearsal….if anyone has tickets for me, I want to go masturbate in the crowd. Not to Britney but to all the little girls who act slutty like Britney.

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Britney Spears Circus Video Leak of the Day

Britney Spears is everywhere, this is her new video for one of her songs. It was leaked on some Japanese site which was a little surprising, since I thought Japanese people were only into puking on each other and fucking sea food, but then I realized this is Britney Spears we’re talking about and 90 percent of what she does involves puke and sea food.

If You Want To Watch the Video It Is Here For Now….

Here’s the youtube….

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Britney Spears Busting Out of Her Shirt of the Day

Britney Spears has tits and guess what, so do most girls. It gets boring talking about them, when all I really care about is touching them. Not necessarily Britney’s tits, but any tits that don’t feel like a grocery bag half filled with bacon fat that I’m used to because my wife’s a slob, but not the hollywood rich girl slob like Britney, but the real fuckin’ deal. Sure, she doesn’t shave her head or have self-induced breakdowns or even release hit albums even though the music on them is garbage, but she’s huge in her own way, and that way unfortunately starts at her ankles and works its way to her head. She still manages to squeeze into really big elastic waist band pants like Britney manages to squeeze into a tight dress that she busts the fuck out of all in celebration of her 27th birthday, one people thought she’d never see, but I always knew she was too soft to actually end it all and with her new revamped, hard new look, her tits look a lot better than the post pregnancy, nipples to the ground mess we saw a few months ago so I’m posting the pics. I am also trying to get tickets to her show here in March, so if you know anyone who can help make that happen, email me.

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Britney Spears “Rocks” GMA of the Day

Britney Spears proves that after you have a spoiled rich kid tantrum that leaves you a mother of two paying some deadbeat to golf and party for the rest of his life, after shaving your head, giving up on yourself and pretty much almost killing yourself while the world watches, because you’re so dramatic and you take yourself too fucking seriously, even though you don’t even know what seriously means, you can easily pull it all together with a multi-million dollar team of PR people, record producers, personal trainers and marketing, so that within a year, you can have a best selling album, because everyone wants to support you, because they saw you turn your life around and feel like they are along for the fuckin ride, even though she’s got no talent, her lead single is shit and she’s pretty much past her fuckin’ prime.

Happy Birthday Britney, I think the world’s given you a pretty good birthday gift, because let’s face it you’re pretty much done, or at least you should be.

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Britney Spears in a Couple UK Lip Synching Performances of the Day

So Britney Spears is on the promo tour in Europe and she played such prestigious venues like the UK version of American Idol called X Factor and the French version of American Idol called Star Academy. I could be wrong about these shows, but I do know that waking up at 9 am after not working for 4 days is fucking destroying my soul, like buying tickets to a Britney Spears concert hoping to see her perform live, before being fed this useless lip synching drivel. We realize she’s crazy, has no talent at that repetitive piece of womanizer, womanizer, womanizer, womanizer, womanizer, womanizer, womanizer, womanizer, womanizer shit is sung by a fuckin’ robot, so it’s hard to fuckin’ sing it, especially when you are dealing with your mental illness and struggling to not shove the headset mic down her throat, not to simulate oral sex but to choke on and die, because even she knows it’s pretty much over, over , over , over, over for her…

Read this story about how Britney’s Europe Fans are Mad about these performances, will I get woke up, warmed up and figure out how to make my comeback…

Here’s one from a show called Star Academy….in France….

Here’s a video of her celebrating her birthday at some club called G-A-Y, which is coincidentally the same name your family calls you when you’re in the other room….I mean it is the only explanation for you never having a girlfriend, right?

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Britney Spears Lip Synching of the Day

Britney Spears perfomed at some party in Germany, not it wasn’t a Nazi Party, that shit ended a long time ago, but it was something less hateful towards fags, jews, retards, russians and whatever else the Nazi Party killed, because let’s face it, I’m not historian, but I do know that Britney’s career should be history.

Bitch lip synched her way through her computerized song Womanzier. She was in some lingerie shit, she didn’t look good, even though she looks better than she did in her lowest of low points in theory, but I have a thing for girls on the verge of killing themselves, they usually fuck as crazy as they look, not to say that she’s not still worth fucking, because all girls are worth fucking, even if Britney’s got a fleshy smoked meat sandwich of a pussy after all those kids….what’s that? It’s not actually a smoked meat sandwich pussy but a smoked meat sandwich sandwich that she keeps in her pants to keep warm so that she has something to snack on every time her blood sugar drops? I guess you can’t take the fat chick habits out of the fat chick just because she’s not so fat anymore….

Here are the pics. Today is going to be a struggle….

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Britney Spears for Rolling Stone of the Day

Everyone’s talking about how amazing Britney looks in these pictures for Rolling Stone. They’re all saying that she’s back, like she ever left and that she looks fit because her dumpy southern gut isn’t hanging over her pants and because she’s taken the time to shower, get made up and photoshopped in post production and all I see is some pretty fucking boring pictures of someone I wanted to fuck when she was 16, only 12 years older, 2 kids, a couple breakdowns and addictions, some saggy tit slips, a vagina slip or two, a shaved head episode and a marriage to some loser, divorce and custody battle with the same loser, and a whole lot more crazy shit than the bitch who once danced around in a school girl outfit asking to be hit, has polluted my life with her drama that I would have preferred she kept to her fucking self.

I am only posting them as proof that the media is lying to you, she’s not back, she never went anywhere and we can’t bring back the Britney we all wanted to fuck, because it defies science, but you can youtube search some of her old videos to remember, because anything is better than this boring shit.

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Britney Spears Promo Picture of the Day

Here’s a promo picture for Britney’s new album. It’s like the second coming of Christ for her fans, you know thinking she can pull her whole life back together and bring the happiness she once brought to their lives through song back, it’s really a pretty selfish hope for her to get better, but who really gives a shit, because like Christ, the idea of her having a comeback is a myth.

It’s something totally fabricated by a record label in hopes to make some motherfucking money, so that they can run the small towns across the world and molest little boys without being questioned, like they were Lou Perlman and sure, I may not be an optimist or a religious man, because I am too realistic, but Britney Spears fans, like a religious people believe in miracles that just aren’t possible.

Sure she’ll sell records and have some hits, but she’ll crack again and here is some photoshopped pictures to perpetuate the lie that you will all be sold when her new album drops that this comeback is the real deal and all those who aren’t on board will burn it hell, the same hell that houses whoever edited these pictures cuz shit doesn’t even look like her…..

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