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Britney Spears and Her Sloppy Hard Nipples of the Day

Britney Spears’ nipples remind me of this skinny girl I once knew, who the second you’d get naked, the truth would come spilling the fuck out all over the fuckin’ place. Her tits would drop, her ass would fuckin’ drop and her legs would have the dirtiest cellulite I pretty much ever saw, before marrying my wife, he turns out to be made up of 98 percent cellulite and 2 percent useless fuckin’ lazy cunt who annoys the fuck out of me and lowers the little self esteem I have when I have to admit that not only did I fuck her in a bad drunk decision, but I also married the whore.

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Some Britney Spears Pictures with her Agent Boyfriend Re-Release of the Day

These are some old pictures of Britney and her agent boyfriend. A story that hit yesterday and is being used to cover up something, but I’m not sure what. Maybe the fact she had an abortion, or maybe it’s some conspiracy organized by her over-bearing control freak alcoholic father cuz he needs her money to keep his shitty businesses afloat.

I’ve probably already posted them. But I guess any excuse for bikini pictures is good enough for me, even if the pictures are of Britney, a piece of ass a lot more weathered than the prime teenage chainsmoker in American Apparel I was sitting next to 5 minutes ago.

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Britney Spears Topless in her Video of the Day

These pictures are doing the rounds, thanks to some horny fan who wanted to zoom into a pole dancing scene in one of her music videos, only to discover what he hoped he’d discover, like a fucking explorer finding America, or a treasure hunter finding the fuckin’ gold, like his life work of being a creepy pervert weirdo finally fuckin’ paid off, because Britney’s not wearing pasties, she’s wearing temporary tattoos, but her nipple is stickin’ through, in some kind of easy access to feed babies and me between shots, and I’m posting the pictures making me as lame as the dude who went out and got these screenshots..

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Britney Spears Cleansing Her Abortion Vagina of the Day

I was emailed anonymously by someone who works at an abortion clinic, or who claims to work at an abortion clinic, where Britney Spears had an abortion the last couple of days. The reason was because she didn’t know who the baby daddy was and now she’s taken a couple weeks off to relax, recover and get her shit together.

The reason she’s acting wild on tour, fucking all the random cock she can, is because her dad has her by the abortion vagina, or as I like to call it her death trap, she’s on a short fucking leash and she’s been trying to escape him.

Her cellphone was taken away because she was calling friends to kidnap her from the hell she’s living. I can only assume it is going to end in a bloody murder as it is her only way out of this court order control.

The reason he’s got a tight fucking leash on her is not because he needs it for his dental bills because he pretty much crawled out of a Louisianna Bayou but because she finances all his business ventures that fail and he needs to keep the flow of cash comin’ in and the whole think is almost sad, except for the whole fact that she pretty much won the lottery when she was a kid and this is just what comes with selling your soul to the devil.

I wasn’t Allowed to Post the New Bikini Pictures So To See Them – Follow This Link

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Britney Spears and Her Crazed Fan of the Day

This is a funny video – skip to 2:15, where Britney is performing and some fan jumps on stage, scares the fuck out of her, makes her scream but miraculously, you can’t hear her because the Mic is off and singing isn’t her thing, despite being on stage in concert performing her album, and the whole thing throws her off while making me laugh. I guess watching people fail, even when they are huge stars with sold out concerts and huge album sales, makes me feel better about my useless self.

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Britney Spears for Candie’s of the Day

Who the fuck is Candie’s trying to fool with these Britney pics? We get it, April Fools, good one, cocksuckers.

That’s almost as bad as Heidi Montag saying she’s pregnant on Twitter, but a little more creative, you know you actually had to get some asshole scraping off the layers of fat on photoshop, while Montag was just being the unoriginal cunt she is.

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Some Britney Spears Ass Picture from Twitter of the Day

Britney Spears posted this picture of her ass on Twitter and by Britney Spears I mean one of her staff memebers who pretends to be here, because the last thing Britney tried to use a computer, it ended up in her deep fryer and eater, because that’s what southern pigs do, they eat shit they deep fry. Sure that may not make sense, maybe I should tell a story about a mom of two who got on stage without pants on at my local strip club, because she’s trying to put food on the table, unfortunately, they couldn’t photoshop retouch her live, because her shit wasn’t this smooth and put together, in fact, her vagina looked more like a scaled down, fleshy garbage truck and kinda smelled the same. I still paid her 10 dollars to touch the tits, but only because she promised to squirt me with lactation, which leads me to ask, can you get AIDS from breast milk?

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Britney Spears’ Bikini Ass Picture of the Day

These pictures of Britney came out a couple of days ago, but who the fuck cares when they came out. Someone emailed this picture to me and I felt the need to post it and I don’t necessarily know why. It’s probably got something to do with me having no interest in posting or reading my email today, but it probably has something to do with her ass not being tainted with her beat up crusty face.

I guess I should post the video for F-U-C-K-M-E video cuz it is hot.

Here’s some weird Asian version…

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Britney Spears Bikini by the Pool of the Day

I saw some ragged immigrant at a pharmacy late last night. I had nothing to do with my time and figured I’d swing by and pretend to pick up a few obscure objects to make the people around me nervous. You put someDuct Tape, Vaseline, a pair of scissors and some Diapers and tell a random woman in the cosmetic section how you’d love to take her out for coffee. The reaction is always funny. I will film it one day and if anyone out there rips off the concept I will have no choice but to reference this post and sue you…

Either way, she was buying maxi pads, which was weird to begin with, because everyone knows that nobody uses max pads, we’re a tampon generation filled with Toxic Shock, but as she went through the packages comparing prices, while her crying baby was in a carriage by her side and her 3 year old was pulling shit off the shelves at 3 in the fucking morning, I thought to myself that this would be Britney’s life if she was working the night shift at the dinner where she belongs, but thanks to some miracle that isn’t being all that talented, or all that hot, but more to do with being marketable or marketed, bitch is rockin’ out in a bikini by the pool. It’s almost a rags to riches story, but I have a feeling she hadn’t got her period when she first started out. Admit it you liked that play on words…

Bonus – Here’s Some Pictures of Her Shopping in Some Daisy Dukes…..

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