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Britney Spears Proving the Power of Spandex of the Day

I guess Britney Spears is proving that Spandex is some space age fabric technology designed to do miracles, like every fat chick in Yoga pants who has their booty that is normally fat, sloppy and disgusting, turn all round and awesome…and from reason, I am not offended by this, even if Britney died to me before the K-Fed years and babies happened….Maybe I like big round asses in spandex…or maybe I like broken down, mental disorder moms who can generate millions in revenue when they are well past their prime…who knows.


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Miley Cyrus Dances at a Britney Concert of the Day

So Britney is doing a Vegas show now, which I assume was the much anticipated, for people with nothing better to do, than worry about Vegas shows and Britney’s whereabouts and doings…even though she kinda died in 2009…and as far as I’m concerned, this pussy is embalmed.

But new generation Miley was there taking notes on how to scam the world into thinking you are talent after Disney, you know on how to keep interest when you push 31, because that means 10 more years of money making…

And in being new generation, Miley took the opportunity to steal the fucking show, by being outrageous, which everyone knows is totally fucking tasteless, classless, and like the jealous sister at the wedding getting drunk and causing a scene, but it was still better than watching Britney’s fat used up uterus dangling out of her onsie like she’s not pushing 35.

The highlight was that Mario Lopez was there…


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Britney Spears’ Work it Bitch Video of the Day

Here’s a little medicated Britney half naked with a horrible fucking song and another one of her comeback videos because obviously her handlers want to make some more money to buy themselves all their fancy things….

If you’ve made it through the first 15 seconds of the song, you will learn the valuable lessons that Britney’s dad has been shoving down her throat since she was five – You better work bitch….you know the message that he’s’ been brain washing her with….because leaving in their Louisiana trailer park when you make a girl of Britney’s fuckable stature, even at 35, as a mom of two, only means one thing to hicks, sell her for cattle feed…

It’s some shitty electronic garbage….like real deal shit…but watch it on mute and appreciate the hard work…..this silly bitch is putting in…when she could just retire…cuz she’s still hot….

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Preview of Britney’s New Hot Video of the Day

As fun as it is to see a mom in her 30s play dress up like a half naked slut a month before Halloween because she’s a vapid puppet who no longer has a mind of her own thanks to all the medication and brainwashing…because it makes everyone millions…

I am more into this for the quality of the lyrics…you want a Lambo, a Mas, a Bugatti, you better work bitch…

Thanks for the tip Britney…or you could always just find a shell of a human to exploit like her handlers did…it worked for them yo’…

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Britney Spears Twitter Bikini Pic of the Day

Britney Spears posted this to twitter with the caption “WorkBitchDay2″…whatever the fuck that means…I assume she’s shooting a video…or doing something that I’m not gonna bother complaining about because she’s doing it in a bikini and even if I think Britney Spears is a pile of trailer trash shit seeping out of the communal outhouse, especially now that she’s in her 30s, a mom, and relatively boring, there was a time she was a huge deal, hot enough to jerk off to her music videos, and a pile of pop tart after it was digested…and shat all over the walmart bathroom stall…

I am still convinced that the best thing that came out of Britney Spears was K-Fed, the gold digging fertile motherfucker who taught us all that if you know how to dance, for a dumb, sheltered bi-polar bitch, dreams can come true…

She doesn’t look as bad as you’d expect, at least not from the front, probably all the ativan…good medicated millionaire puppet hustle…it’s her angle…cuz from the her Backside she is Pretty Shitty

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Britney Spears in a Bikini of the DAy

Britney Spears decided to walk around in a bikini and it wasn’t as disgusting or amazing as it could have been. I mean seeing fetus head, cheetos, a bottle of Mountain Dew sticking out of her cunt like it was old times would have been a lot more fun…

I mean sure, she’s not offensively fat, she’s actually kind fit and thick, in a fertile bitch I want to fuck like I was K-Fed and not just because it comes with a retirement plan kind of way…but in a she’s got good fucking booty to stick it in her pooper, even if said pooper smells like fast food…no wait…especially since said pooper smells like fast food.

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Britney Spears Shitty Photoshopped Bikini Pics for Shape of the Day

It’s probably a very good thing that these pics of Britney Spears in her bikini for Shape are such shit quality, because despite the lie that is photoshop, a lie I’d like to thank for existing, because let’s face it, I don’t ever hang with the real Britney Spears and I prefer a more refined version of her, you know leave her thick single mom, cellulite ridden, legs and average at best looks, that her bank account, celebrity make a little more tolerable to K-Fed, at Walmart, and give me the Hit Me Baby One More Time bitch we all grew to love as she fell apart at the seams.

I mean the only shape Britney is actually in is mom of 2, in the deep south who shops at Walmart and loves chips….

But I’ll let Shape magazine keep the dream alive, lie to me media, it feels so good.

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Britney Spears Face of the Day

Here is a picture of the legendary teen icon, Britney Spears, no longer a teen, definitely not a girl and fully a woman, and old, washed up, tired woman who is hanging with what looks like Jabba the Hut, at least according to its chin, possibly to make her look skinnier, or maybe just because this is what America Looks like now thanks to all the bad food marketed to you, and it’s working, because Britney, despite looking dead, with no soul, all medicated and confused, with her titties and belly button stickin’ out, looks hot to me, but then again, medicated, dazed and confused girls is with no souls is kinda what I’m into. Maybe I just have a stupid lookin’ face fetish.


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LOLZ of the Day

What does Britney Spears think of the Passing of Annette Funicello…She thinks it’s great!!

LOLZ!! Thanks for all the meds dad. Thanks for raping my soul society. I’m into it.

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