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Brooke Burke, Mom of 4, Promoting in Shorts of the Day

I have a thing for mothers of four, with different dads, who have old haggard faces and great tans on their hot, tight, fit, fake tit bodies….but only in pictures, because I fear the state of their vagina looseness….

I still don’t really know what Brooke Burke does, I’m thinking she’s now a professional twitterer who blocked me, who was once on TV….but here she is promoting random crap…making me think there’s so much more to her…

But I’m more into her hot mom bikini body….

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Brooke Burke Freshly Married But Still in a Bikini of the Day

Brooke Burke is living a life of sin no more….Sex before marriage. Children out of wedlock. Awkward moments at PTA, Hyphenated names, unmarried with two sets of kids with two different dads like a bitch on welfare who lives next door to me no more.

She’s decided to make an honest woman out of herself and marry the man who has cum in her at least enough to make a couple of kids after her last marriage and before her current marriage…making this mom of 4 with what is one of the hottest bodies….officially spoken for….and luckily she’s celebrating the only way she knows how….in a bikini. Amazing.

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Brooke Burke Does the Beach of the Day

Wild On the Family Edition may not be as wild or exciting as it was 10 years ago…at all those Spring Break bikini clad parties around the world…where you could almost smell the herpes through your TV….but according to Brooke Burke’s Ass and fake titties…It is still pretty fucking hot….

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Brooke Burke’s Wild On in Her Bikini with her Kids of the Day

Wild On loses it’s appeal when you’ve got a kid…It’s like not so Wild On…So Wild I’m in bed at 9 On…So that I can wake up at 6 am and deal with my brat who ruined by vagina but I still have my fake tits and a decent bikini body as memories of my career on Wild On..cuz that’s the only thing I can use to evaluate or quantify my self worth…because it is the only thing my self worth has been based on my entire life…So Wild On that instead of rager all nighter, the only event I attend at night is the resort daycare to watch kid movies…we only get wild on once a month to help plan the dream family we’re creating as we live off all the money from Wild On….Depressing maybe, hard faced and older sure, but still in a bikini and that works for me….the tail, bi product, remnants of Wild On like some archeological dig…the bikini version….and that works for me.

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Brooke Burke in her Panties for Twitter of the Day

I don’t know about this Brooke Burke character. I just know she blocked me on twitter because I probably made a comment about how fucking boring she is.

I mean you’d want to think this bitch had some substance, or was interesting, because we have memories of her being on Wild On and in Playboy, but the truth is she’s just an empty vessel that carries around her fake tits…

She is an old mom of 4. Remember, with a serious fucking breeder comes a serious fucking breeder vagina.

Not that she has to worry about vagina – cuz based on these pics – she’s obviously obsessed with working out, cuz all I see when I see these pics are low estrogen levels, midget body builder legs, and silver panties….proving that sometimes, it’s better to keep your clothes on and instead of posting new pics of you trying to sex it up in the most desperate of way, post pics of your glory days, cuz that’s the only reason people care anyway….

This bitch is done…

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Brooke Burke’s Latex Halloween of the Day

This was the first time I went out for Halloween in a long time. I ended up drinking with some dude who kept giving me back massages while talking about how much he likes fucking pussy until 7 or 8 in the morning..it wasn’t really by choice…he just kept following me from party to party and I think he may of been on E and thought my tits looked fun to play with…the good news is I did get at least one girl who was passed out in the corner to let me suck her tit…sure she didn’t actually give me permission…but she also didn’t say no….which was good until her friend, who happened to be a crazed bartending lost her fucking shit and threw a flashlight at my head insisting I leave the party for being a sick man…even though her friend was totally into it..despite the whole no moving and snoring….but if she didn’t want it why would she be wearing a bra out in public…

Either way, I’m recovering and here is Brooke Burke’s pretty amazing mom body in a latex outfit, that although is typical generic halloween bullshit…is good enough for me cuz she wore it to a kid’s with AIDS charity to show them what they’ll never get cuz girls like Brooke Burke don’t fuck adults with AIDS just cuz she fucks with Kids with Aids cuz it gives her a good public image…you know since Wild On wasn’t so conducive with people seeing her as a good, relevant, contributing member of society….unless you were talking to me…in which case it did..cuz I like drunk chicks with fake tits in bikini tops all the time…but who cares what I think..

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Brooke Burke’s “Wild On” Nipple in a Tank Top of the Day

I remember Wild On. A show where Brooke Burke, the host with fake tits in her bikini, would go to some of the cheesiest, lamest, frat boy, All American Spring Break parties Cancun and other dumps had to offer, before switching her life up where the on “Wild On” happens in the playground with her 10 kids, or on twitter when tweeting about how much she loves her fucking family life, or apparently in her white shirt as one of her nipples goes of and plays on its own leaving the other one alone and confused…

Here are the pics…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Brooke Burke’s Got a Real Sturdy Bra of the Day

What the fuck is this bitch wearing…..some kind of military equipment or some shit? Is she like the crazy lady I met in the pharmacy the other week wearing a full outfit made out of aluminum foil, because she didn’t want the radiation to get to her and because buying lead is out of her budget…like is this some breast cancer prevention bra made out of fucking cement…or maybe it has something to do with how wrecked her tits are now that she’s a mom of two and I don’t really get it but I know it reminds me of all the bitches I’ve met over the years in padded bras who tricked me into thinking they were more stacked than they actually were and the whole thing brings back a lot of horrible memories…all reminding that Brooke Burke is a thing of the past and that the only thing Wild On! in her life these days is when one of her kids uses the fucking toilet on its own or something….Pretty fucking depressing….

Pics via Fame

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Brooke Burke’s Padded Bra and Broken Foot for Dancing With the Stars of the Day

Here’s Brooke Burke at Dancing with the Stars, or what I like to call, ex celebrities trying to get some more exposure because they have less money in their bank accounts than Anne Heche, walking around with a food injury in some kind of slutted up 1950′s cheerleader outfit for one of her dances you’ve probably already seen.

These pictures of her tight body may not be as hot as watching the 68 year old woman across the street masturbating at night when she’s done watering her plants and forgets to her blinds while wearing a similar get-up from one of her glory days, I mean without a TV or an interest in reading, I don’t get the luxury of seeing Brooke Burke in her padded bra and I’m left with few options to entertain myself.

So if you’re down with seeing girls in costumes get hurt, or already hurt, these are for you. I figure if it saves a husbad from pushing his wife down the stairs to get off because he gets his fix here, it’s worth promoting….

Here’s some dude’s creepy video of her getting injured, performing, I am guessing he’s one of those fans that is so much of a fan, shit is borderline criminal…

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