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Cameron Diaz’s Big Pussy Lips Getting Hugged Hard By A Bikini of the Day

(i don’t have the rights to the pics, so click the link below to see them Big Pussy Lips Getting HUgged)

I don’t have the rights to post these pictures cuz the paparazzi hate me and threaten to ruin me even though I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to post shit I find on the internet on my personal blog to write about why the fuck Cameron Diaz’s pussy looks as thick and fucking bulging as she flexes her new A-Rod muscles in a yellow bikini…see cuz A-Rod likes turning middle aged women as manly as he fucking can…it’s kinda his thing…you know since the steroids….

When you click the link, you will see that shit is almost like watching a dude in a bikini…but it’s Cameron Diaz….who was once one of the best pieces of ass in Hollywood….but now just looks like she fucks dudes up the ass with the sausage she’s got stuffed in her bikini bottomand the truth is…as gay as it may be to be into her new look…there’s just something about mary and by mary I mean a big pussy lips being hugged hard by a bathing suit bottom like it’s getting choked the fuck out in a wrestling match or some shit…and I’m loving this…on so many levels…

To See The Pics of Her Big Pussy Lips Getting Hugged
Follow This Link

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Cameron Diaz’s Strong Arm in a Bikini of the Day

(i don’t have the rights to the pics, so click the link below to see them)

Alex Rodriguez has this thing where he takes women and turns them as hard and as manly as he can get them without being actual men…whether he shoots them in the ass with steroids before they fuck him up the ass with their newly grown dick clits…jocks are all the gay same….

Cameron Diaz was once hot…seriously awesome thin, long body, but now she’s just boxed the fuck out and looks post menopausal and the only period she gets is when she rapes girls on their period…..

At least that’s what it looks like…..

To See The Actual Pics – Cuz My Photoshop Job Wasn’t Arrousing Enough – Follow this Link…

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Cameron Diaz Bad Teacher Car Wash Scene of the DAy

I think I just figured out the reason I want to see Bad Teacher…originally I just thought it was cuz of all the marketing money they’ve put behind it…brainwashing me to want to waste 2 hours on mindless drivel…cuz sometimes you just need to turn off and watch a shitty movie….but now I know the truth….It’s Cameron Diaz’s hard body that’s sucking me in…botoxed in all the right places kinda thing…

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Cameron Diaz Legs and Bra of the Day

Cameron Diaz is tall and amazing. Long legs and a see through top.

Sure she’s older, more haggard….Botoxed face, maybe even scary looking, like some kind of muppet or treasure troll coming to steal my soul…. rocking a body built to fucking last in a wrestling match, all muscular and broad shouldered, pretending her hourglass figured isn’t boxing out, and her menopause isn’t turning her half man, unable to reproduce and all out of estrogen….

But amazing as she promotes her movie Bad Teacher….nevertheless…

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Cameron Diaz Legs for Elle of the Day

I like Cameron Diaz a lot when she’s photoshopped to shit and I can’t see the strain in her face, or botox needle scars used in efforts to hide the strain in her face….

She partied hard in her younger years, and it’s taken a toll and you can see she’s 40 years old, but she’s got an amazing fucking body, at least when the muscle definition is dulled out, that can be attributed to the abortion industry, cuz there’s no way this bitch hasn’t been knocked up, but clearly she’s never had a baby….

Her legs are long and amazing. She should invest in a technology that makes her look like this all the time.

Here she is in Elle. Dressed like an 18 year old only not 18. Thanks technology for giving her a hand…..now wouldn’t it be nice if you could, you know since at a certain age a finger’s not quite enough….

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Cameron Diaz Does Maxim of the Day


I hate Maxim.

I mean if you think about it, I should try to be friends with them and sell my site to them, so I can retire, and travel the world with a flipcam making amateur porn videos of dumb sluts for the internet for at least a month, because that’s all this site is worth…

But instead, I write hateful letters to the Vice President, and CEO telling them how useless they are, how shitty their photoshoots are, and to embrace the fact that it’s not 1994 and the world doesn’t need them….

Leading to them hating me and sending me lawyers letters everytime I post pictures of their bottom feeding celebrity photoshoots, that have declined and become more insignificant every year….

Because I’m not in a position to take pics of these bitches in my basement apartment, so I rely on other people to do it for me…

And the funny thing in all this is that MAXIM featured me in an article years ago….gave me a photoshoot like I was Cameron Diaz and shit….giving me more reason to be nice to them…

But I just feel when you’re done, you’re done and sometimes you need a friend to tell you…

That doesn’t mean I don’t like looking at Cameron Diaz’s old photoshopped legs….She’s spectacular…that’s just to say, I’d rather see it in any other venue but in MAXIM…

To See The Rest of the Pictures
Follow THis Link

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Cameron Diaz Bikini Pics of the Day

All these Cameron Diaz pictures in a bikini kinda look the same…A muscular chick with hard nipples on her rock hard pecs walking around like the hot piece of ass she was before the testosterone she was taking took the fuck over, broadened her shoulders, boxed out her hips, robbed her of her ass, and gave her a 6 pack.

I don’t know how I feel about this shit, on one side of the equation, I hate fat chicks, and on the other, I remember the body building stripper I managed to bring home out of curiosity of what fucking a body builder was all about….turns out it is pretty fucking weird, and leaves you with bruised pubic bone and as they dig as hard down as they can to feel as much of your dick as they can before squeezing the fucking thing off in some intensity that makes you feel kinda gay after you cum.

I guess she’s just trying to pull a Madonna for her man A Rod.

Who cares, it’s scary…

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The Many Faces of Cameron Diaz of the Day

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Cameron Diaz brought her long, lean, fit, old lady body I’d fuck, even if it’s not quite what it once was, because it’s better than most old lady bodies I see, maybe because she decided to be vain and not have kids, you know spending her millions on herself, living the good life traveling and partying and fucking various men, while all the other girls she went to high school with live the suburban hell life….but a face can’t always hide the hard living, the thousands of loads it has had dripping off its chin, botched botox, sun damage and a 40th birthday…Not that that doesn’t make her just as erotic as she once was, if anything the experiences that have tainted her ass, make her far more appealing, like choosing the veteran hooker over the fresh faced teenage runaway, only the masturbation version, that is if you can jerk off to a bitch in a red dress, which you can, cuz you grew up on comic books and Green Horney Hornet is all the porn you need….before realizing Seth Rogan is in it….cuz he fucking sucks…

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Cameron Diaz is Still Hot of the Day

There’s just something about Cameron Diaz…Something magical….Like memories of the first time I had anal sex with my first girlfriend in the back of our highschool during gym class cuz she didn’t want to get pregnant that no matter how much time goes by, it never gets old and is always nice to reflect by trying to violate yourself in the corner while your wife is taking a shit. If you know what I mean and if you don’t I’m trying to say she’s amazing, weathered yes, but amazing.

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