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Christina Aguilera in some Ready To Drop Porn of the Day

Christina Aguilera is old, tired, boring…and I mean I forget her glory days, they were just that long ago…

I do remember that after her last pregnancy, she was fun to laugh at, because she kept getting fatter and fatter, only to prove to us or to herself that she could get ripped if she focused, thanks to a high paid team of nutrition and fitness people, only to get pregnant again, this time with a different daddy, like a fat white chick at Walmart…with a 50 shades of black babies…

Because you can give a bitch one hundred million dollars, but you can’t make her daddy issue ass anything but a daddy issue ass…

The interesting thing in all this is that she doesn’t need to be performing, but she is performing, because she is addicted to having people cheer her on, in one of those “I’m sharing the gift god gave me with the world” kind of obnoxiousness

I am just posting it because pregnant girls dressed slutty are funny…and because it is mother’s day.


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Less Fat Christina Aguilera Does Maxim of the Day

This video is shit…

There is still hope for Cyberbullying…because Christina Aguilera has taken the years of abusive “bullying” calling her fat cuz she was fat seriously…because fat people who aren’t told they are fat sometimes forget that they are fat and keep eating only to die prematurely because no one wanted to be an asshole to the fat guy, so instead they just help him hit a premature death…

Cyberbullying works and I guess Christina Aguilera is trying to also..but she’s chosen to do it in Maxim, which is weird to me since they haven’t done shit since the 90s, and all their celeb photoshoots are ghetto and low levels….She woulda been better off hiring the photographer and posting the pics to her own site….fuck Maxim. They are the enemy who send me lawyers letters every week…

Unfortunately, Aguilera is still fat, not all that hot, almost pathetic cuz she’s too old to be doing this, not to mention she’s a mom but she’s better than she was, and that’s worth celebrating, to encourage all the other fat girls out there, that they too can be hot, even if we all know they will rebound back to their fatness….

All this to say, Fat, Less Fat or Fatter than Ever or not, getting half naked is always a win…

To see the pics CLICK HERE

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Christina Aguilera’s Been Working Out of the Day

The most important lesson we can learn from Christina Aguilera…is that Cyberbullying is effective.

I don’t care what the fat chicks, the lesbians in their birkenstock’s eating vegan food, or the latch on losers who pretend to be nice say…the fact is that bullying people, is human nature, mocking people for getting fat, is effective in letting them know they are fat, and making them do something about it, you know doubting that second serving of donuts, leading to them getting healthy an fit and looking better than they have in years, but more importantly, feeling better than they have in years, and fucking better than they have in years, and living a longer life thanks to doing something about us.

Bullying is a fucking social service, and that is why I will continue to make fun of fat girls until they start doing squats and runs, and not from sprinting the to buffet and running to the toilet to shit all of it out…but in fitness.

Christina Aguilera looks hot, despite the fact that her personality is probably still shitty as fuck.

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Christina Aguilera’s Fat Chick Fat Tit Comeback

So Christina Aguilera is trying on some high concept music, you know the kind of shit that reaches a whole new crowd, that huge and loyal hispanic market, who historically have no taste.

So she’s singing in with some dude named Alejandro Fernandez, in what may be a great Love song that the hispanic fire appreciate because it reminds them of some shitty soap opera…

He is clearly a hero in his country because his video has millions of views and has only been up for a few days…views Aguilera wants for herself now that America has turned their back on her due to her obesity…not that Obesity stops much in America…not even Kate Upton.

The fun starts 2 minutes in when she’s in a bra and a high waisted skirt to hide her broken down mom who likes to eat cake…so much cake…stomach.

This is what I think about Christina Aguilera in a bra…shit’s like getting electrocuted crossing the street when you’re just minding your own business cuz God is clearly against you…only with more cleavage…

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Christina Aguilera May Be Getting Fit, But Her Ass Is Confused of the Day

Christina Aguilera reminds us that making fun of a fat bitch, works.

It is something that parents at school and the media call bullying, something they are aggressively campaigning against because a few gay kids and a fat weirdo killed themselves, making it a fucking national crisis, despite it being part of human nature, and even seen in the animal world, with primates and shit, but we’re civilized and need to keep our shit talking or telling people they are inadequate to our fucking selves, or else we will get arrested…

Bullying works…and if it didn’t, why would this pig be hitting the gym daily, cuz clearly she was into being fat, and even tried to take ownership on it, before it became too much for her to handle, and I’m not just talking about the elastic waistband of her pants, I’m talking her soul…

So now she’s getting fit, but her ass is in a state of confusion, as it bounces around in leggings trying to figure out what it all means, is it meant to be fat, or round, or flat, it just doesn’t know what’s going on, and for some reason I find it fascinating to stare at.

Follow X-Tina’s lead, choose life, not diabetes.

With Love,
Jesus Martinez


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Christina Aguilera’s Bikini Pic Lie of the Day

Christina Aguilera posted this picture to facebook and it is safe to say that it is either from a decade ago, before she decided to embrace her eating after her pregnancy and turn her 90 pound popstar self into 150 pounds of disgustingness that even her massive tits couldn’t overshadow….or it is photoshopped as hard as her team of talented graphic designers could to legally be able to still call these pics of Christina Aguilera.

Unless her time off TV gave her time to reflect, hire a cook and a trainer and work at shit, because despite embracing her fatness, like all fat girls do, she probably actually hated it, like all fat girls do, and just wanted to be sexy again.

The whole beefcake tank who loves cookies and cake didn’t translate so well on TV….

Either way, you can probably masturabte to this, since her belly isn’t hanging out over her skirt, a new and good look for her, even if it is a lie, something we should expect, since all women lie.

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Christina Aguilera Scared Me While Pantsless of the Day

I hate the American Music awards with a passion and I always have….It isn’t because I have something officially against Dick Clark or his Host Body Ryan Seacrest….it is that I have something against a poorly produced….bar mitvah caliber produced….pile of shit award show for the sake of having an award show…featuring top selling artists that aren’t actually artists…but instead just puppets making the industry richer….because they can afford to shove the garbage down your retard throat….and make you think it is good.

Well – I didn’t watch it…but the hooker I was with made me watch it for a minute before I violated her as punishment….and this Aguilera…derssed like a fat Gaga….pantsless and sining badly about loving each other in some anti bullying we are all God’s Children, love each other, pile of shit I’d expect for a middle school project…and not from some pop tart who eats too many pop tarts trying to make some more $$…

The whole thing left me very upset…and that’s why I had no choice but to post it.

Let’s get nostalgic by getting dirty…

(It is as good as it gets)

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Christina Aguilera’s Ass in Jeans of the Day

Christina Aguilera is wearing some tight jeans…showing off her dumpy ass in jeans….and you know what I am really fucking disappointed….I expected this shit to be fucking epic…you know like it would blow me away in its fat and disgusting….the dumpiness that fucks with my mind and makes me question humanity….but instead shit just looks like a mom ass in its 30s…which it is.

What a waste of obesity….


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Christina Aguilera’s New Cover of the Day

I have a question…How many of you have masturbated to the new cover pic for the X-Tina – I think she goes by Christina Aguilera now…cuz X-Tina was too erotic and lean for someone so fucking large……and disgusting….because I guess she’s addicted to emotionally eating cuz she can now that that world has embraced her fatness and accepted her as more than a poptart with implants and a big irritating singing voice…which is unfortunate…cuz I like social pressure on all girls to look awesome and think this is bad for the fight against diabetes as fat girls everywhere say “well I’m not as fat as Christina Aguilera so I can afford to have this slice of Pizza”….bad fucking news.

I am not sure if she’s a mermaid in this shit…but I am sure she’s not exploiting her one redeeming quality in her obesity….her tits….what a disaster.

Apparently if you play around with the conrrast of he pic….you can see her fat girl vagina lips….

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