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Christina Aguilera is Staying a Fat Girl of the Day

And here I was thinking that the last 3 years of Chrisina Aguilera being a fat as fuck pig of a woman who clearly fell the fuck off….she was working out everyday and watching her diet….I did not think the only eating disorder this monster had was eating an entire cake every night while lyig in bed….but that she as anorexia….starving herself to fit a fucking mold society expect of her…

I’m so glad she’s cleared up this confusion…by saying that her bodies is hers and she doesn’t care to be fit, healthy or live a long life…she instead wants to pig the fuck out eating all she can buy to be a real soul singer like the fat black women she idolizes….

I like the unrealistic expectations we have for all people…because we are all fucking lazy and should all do something about it…people who embrace their obesity are bad for society.

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Christina Aguilera’s Fat, Slutty, New Song Preview of the Day

Christina Aguilera is either releasing a song or an album called “YOUR BODY”….and with that comes a promo video that I watched…not because I am interested in anaything Christina Aguilera…especially not when it comes to her body…unless it involves me ejaculating inside her with my eyes closed so that I K-Fed her….but because I am scared of her body….and every now and then seeing a fat chick rolling around trying to be sexy brings me joy and inspires me to not eat the fucking day old donuts the coffee shop gave me for free cuz I’m poor.

Seriously, this is a massive, really massive.. nightmare….and it makes me laugh.


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Christina Aguilera’s Fat Tits of the Day

These are some heavily phooshopped pics of Christina Aguilera and her implants turned fat chick tits….because she’s a fat chick…despite what these pictures are trying to trick you into thinking…..I mean I’m pretty sure her leotard on The Voice yesterday tells a whole different story…one that is a lot more truth…..

But I guess we’re all allowed to dream….See there was a time many years ago when I made a bet with a friend that I would fuck Christina Aguilera in my lifetime…he laughed but she’s shaping up to the point of no self esteem, which is generally all I can get….so all we need is for her to make a few bad business decisions and she’s fucking mine….Not that I actually want her…unless of course she comes photoshopped like she is in these pics…..

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Christina Aguilera’s Period Legs of the Day

It’s not a party til a bitch gets her period all over her legs…cuz otherwise you know she may be pregnant….

That’s not to say Aguilera was having her period at the Etta James funeral, I mean I guess it is possible that she was having a miscarriage, you know pregnancy could have been a reason for her fat…..or maybe she got raped….or maybe it is just chocolate from the cake she just fucked to feed her fat chick pussy or maybe she just shit herself…a little wet fart from all her fried foods….who knows…but more importantly…who fucking cares….

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Christina Aguilera Fat at Some Event of the Day

Everyone is so concerned with Chrstina Aguiler’s weight gain, but I’m more concerned with her catcher mit with a lot of miss piggy rouge of a face….which I guess it is as appropriate of a face she should have since clearly, she is a fucking pig …..

I don’t care what tricks she tries to pull by wearing black, or having her hands on her hip to seem more slim in pictures….she’s fucking huge and I don’t care how much she pretends or acts in love with that Russian Maffia looking boyfriend of hers….nothing distracts from the fact that she’s fucking huge…

And sure, making fat jokes is lame, boring, obvious and easy….but I think the real joke is what happened to her…..something only pictures can convey….who cares…

Briana Evigan was there and if you don’t know who she is, she’s the newest person I want to fuck….but only cuz she wears retarded head bands while showing off her dancing titties…

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Fat Christina Aguilera’s Fatness Does the Pumpkin Patch of the Day

I love Christina Aguilera’s weight gain…not because I like fat chicks…or even because I like seeing tiny bitches everyone wanted to fuck, who everyone will still fuck cuz it is Aguilera, only they’ll do it with a little less bragging rights, since her body is the caliber of shit…but her star power still balances that shit out….making it worth it…but because I like seeing bitches give up and give into their emotions…

That said, I’m not sure if Aguilera is smuggling some pumpkins out of the pumpkin patch in her leggings, or if she’s just been eating too much pumpkin pie, but I do know she’s round as fuck and assume she’s doing some research on her Halloween costume to get accuracy, cuz it only makes sense she puts the slutty obvious costume away, and brings out the not so popular sexy pumpkin out…only cuz it ties in nicely with her body type..


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Christina Aguilera’s Offensive Pig at the Michael Jackson Tribute Outfit of the Day

I guess she didn’t realize he liked farm animals to seduce little boys not farm animals….Here are some pictures of Christina Aguilera on stage for some Michael Jackson tribute and it looks like she’s about to take a shit, I guess cuz when you’re this fat, and squeezed into such a tight harness, one piece bikini / leotard that should be saved for the skinny chicks, your bowel movement’s gonna pass faster than your slow metabolism is used to…in a squeezing the shi out of her at such a horrible time, making her qustion both eating all that food at the spread, and wearing something fat chicks should never wear…and the funny thing is, you’d still fuck her…dumpy bitch all ready to eat even though she looks like she’d be the star of today’s STUFFING VIDEOS cuz that’s clearly her fetish…how else could this be explained….laziness, pregnancy, depression, bad genetics, eating disorder, who cares it’s gross anyway you look at it especially dressed like this….and we’ll leave it at that…busting at the seams….

Here’s the video…

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Christina Aguilera is Large and in Charge…of the Buffet of the Day

I remember Christina Aguilera when she was a tiny little thing….with tiny little tits…and a tiny little ass…in a time long before she raped her uterus with pregnancy and raped the all you can eat buffet of all the food everyday for the last two years cuz that’s the only thing that can explain how far gone she is…it’s like she threw it all away and for no really reason….other than possible internal torment…maybe her daddy used to touch her…I don’t know…but I do know she needs to take some of her money and hire a fucking trainer cuz I believe in her…and believe there’s another chance for this mom pussy to win me over instead of the restaurant owner of every restaurant she walks into ready to make his month with her one order…if you know what I mean….

Maybe I’m just wishful thinking, maybe I just hate fat chicks who look like retired strippers at the trailer park, I guess I could just move onto the many many other not tainted vagina out there to post pictures of…an that’s just what I am going to do…

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Christina Aguilera’s Ridiculous Mom Pussy Eating a Pair of Leggings of the Day


I don’t have the rights to post the pictures, but I do have the rights to link to them, and they are fucking ridiculous….

I mean she might as well not bother wearing pants at this point and just paint herself black so that it looks like she’s wearing pants as to not get arrested, cuz at this level of cameltoe, I can practically see her fat chick mom clit…

I guess this is a prime example of a girl who gained weight not admitting she’s no longer a size small, by squeezing into a size small, cuz no one wants to admit they are extra large, even when showing the world that their vagina is…..

At this point it’s not even a cameltoe, but a camel leg…

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