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Christina Aguilera’s Fat Tits of the Day

When you’re fat, you’ve got limited choices when it comes to sexing yourself up, and if you’re the lucky kind of fat, you’ve got tits.

Cuz there are fat chicks with not tits, and that’s just awkward to look at, while fat girls always have something dudes can focus on, cuz there are always dudes easily won over with tits…no matter how fat the bitch is…cuz dudes are pathetic…myself included….especially when drunk…cuz pussy is unfortunately pussy…even if it depresses me in the process…

Thank god you can’t see up her skirt….even though I’d like to evaluate the damage…and wish I could see up her skirt…cuz today’s been pretty dull

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Some Christina Aguilera is a Fat Chick in Leggings of the Day

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I don’t understand a lot about fat chicks and I’m married to a fat chick…not that that would make me understand the breed any better…it’s just that I always see these fat chicks in leggings….when you’d think legggins is the one thing, along with naked, fat chicks should avoid….I don’t know if they think it is slimming, even it it just emphaises all that is wrong with their bodies or if it is easier for them to stomach a stretched out XL than a pair of pants with an actual button and zipper that are less forgiving…or if the bitches feel like if they dress fit people will perceive them as fit….but I do know that I don’t have the power to stop them, so I might as well join them….and embrace this shit…even if I can’t get my arms around the shit….and know I’ll never fully accept..but luckily fat chicks are virtually invisible to me…and hardly ever pop up on my radar…except when I’m face to face with them and my “Fight or Flight” response kicks in….FOLLOW ME

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Christina Aguilera’s Super Shitty Superbowl Performance of the Day

I’m not American and apparently either is Christina Aguilera, cuz otherwise she’d know the words….

I can assume has been too busy eating her weight in food to take the 10 minutes it takes to memorize a song you normally have ingrained in your every inch cuz you’re American…this is shit you learn at a young age so you remember how proud you are…that is when your youth isn’t robbed of you for the personal gain of your mother who figures it’s easier to whore your kid out than to whore yourself out….

This is probably old news by now, since every American is watching the superbowl and probably very offened this first generation would piss on a nation on its proudest day, on its proudest Texan soil…she might as well shoulda come our dressed like an arab with a burning flag.

Let’s hope this ruins her…get her blacklisted and forces her to move to Canada cuz her voice is irritating….

Christina Aguilera botched the national anthem something fierce before the Super Bowl. Aguilera started out all right, but she had a problem with the ramparts — specifically, the “O’er the ramparts we watched” line, which she left out altogether. ..

Aguilera tried to make up for it by combining two lines — “What so proudly we watched,” instead of “What so proudly we hailed”, but let’s just say that it was too late to reverse the error. Twitter blew up, and all Aguilera could do was to oversing every word from there on out, which she most certainly did.

Here is Will.I.Am ripping off Daft Punk’s Show from 4 years ago, cuz Will.I.Am is about as creative as Ripping off a bunch of Electro DJs gets…#fullofshit

Everyone cares that Eminem did this Ad for Detroit….cuz he’s the only idiot rich enough to leave Detroit who stays in Detroit….

Because he did another commercial saying he doesn’t do commercial…

And Kim Kardashian – Despite being Fat – Promotes Heath Products – in Spandex

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Christina Aguilera’s Ridiculous and Amazing Cameltoe of the Day

This is hysterical. It’s almost like a clown car at the fucking circus. You know Ripley’s believe it or not’s fattest pussy found in the depths of the whore house…..

I feel like some kind of explorer who just landed on some heavily traveled path, scared of unfamiliar diseases, disgusted by what must be nuclear damaged, yet appreciating every nook and cranny, every lip fold and clip mound, because pussy is a magincal thing…

This pussy is MASSIVE. Maybe it’s pregnancy, maybe it’s overeating, maybe it is abuse, maybe she’s the kind of bitch who uses those pussy pumps to swell the shit up for obscure fetishists. Maybe it’s prolapsed due to disease or forcing too hard when she pees. I’m not a doctor, I just know shit needs it’s own TV show….

I love cameltoe, especially when it comes with such force and conviction, like it really fucking means it…

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Christina Aguilera’s Fat in Pink of the Day

I feel like I am staring at a giant vagina and underneath the very large, pink, pussy-like dress, I probably am….I mean babies don’t squeeze their way through small vaginas…and if they do, those said vaginas don’t stay small….not that I’m a vagina expert, I like to keep my vagina knowledge recreational….you know as hobbiest gyno….since vagina is a passion and interest of mine….not that it matters…what matters is just how fucking horrible Christina Aguilera looks and thie Burlesque bullshit is just taking it all

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Christina Aguilera See Through Dress on her Burlesque Tour of the Day

Fat Christina Aguilera’s gotta do better than a see through shirt with a black bra to win us back.

I live in Canada and she looks like the serious French trash you see serving hot dogs cuz their career as strippers didn’t work out too well for them.

I’m talking hard faced, damaged bodies, random kids with random people, and shitty fake tits, fake hair, bad make-up…

I get what she’s doing here. She is trying to draw as much attention to Burlesque as possible because it’s all she has going for her and it is her first movie role.

Showing her bra is cheap strategy. It’s like how that same french trash whore likes getting fucked up the ass on the first night you meet her. It gets you excited because you don’t realize she has other motives like not getting knocked up, making the whole thing substantially less special….

But I am glad she’s showing something to distract me to how brokendown and fat she is….but if she actually wanted attention, she’d be showing unshaven mom pussy….I’m sure that time will come…and I’ll probably be here waiting…unless my body finally gives out on me and I die…only time will tell….

What a fucking disaster…both her and her den mother…

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Christina Aguilera is Some Kind of Weirdness of the Day

I don’t get what’s going on with Christina Aguilera, I just know that it’s fucking weird. There is absolutely nothing attractive about her. Pretty much all of her is shit. From her fucked uo looking face that may or may not have been accidented, to her sloppy, thick, fat girl body, it’s just a fucking mess on some retired stripper recovering from a meth addiction by replacing it with a donut addiction picking up her half black kid at school look and I am really not into it….I like my strippers young and fresh faces just doing it to get by who are dabbling with E and Speed but haven’t yet gone meth deep…..

I don’t get why she’s not showing off her fake tits at the Burlesque bottom feeding to get attention for their shitty movie tour, cuz at least when she does that like she was Katy Perry I can distract myself from everything horrible about her that I just can’t ignore when her tits are being neglected…not that you care….you’d fuck anything…so here she is lookin’ like shit.

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Cher and Christina Aguilera Keeping It Classy of the Day

This looks like some fucked up McDonald’s character they are introducing to 65 year old men who used to jerk off to Cher in the 70s. You know some throwback “where are they now” jerkoff material to increase sales in double big macs because it is the sandwich that most resembles her pussy, or maybe it is just Cher doing what she can to get noticed in what may be her final tour as a joke of a person who can dress in lingerie despite being old enough to be a grandmother provided her kid didn’t trade her pussy in for a dick….In a lot of ways this is disgusting, sad, comical and erotic all at the same time….and I guess it’s nice to see Christina Aguilera’s whore behavior following her den mother’s lead….and I guess all these stunts are to promote their shitty movie…and I guess it’s working since I know they are in a shitty movie….here are the pics…

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Christina Aguilera Spilling Out of her Dress of the Day

Where there is old dead nipple , there’s Christina Aguilera’s Whore Tits spilling out of her dress…not quite like the night her married fat ass got knocked up while shooting this movie and her husband was at home totally unsuspecting…

She’s old, tired, thick and looks like she belongs in a trailer park. Serious trash that I guess I’d expect to get knocked up by another dude while married…cuz that’s just what her fake tits and shitty hair tells me…

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