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Christina Ricci is Gonna Be Naked in her New Movie of the Day

Christina Ricci is in a new movie called After.Life and she is naked in it.

She doesn’t show bush in it and not because she’s a modern girl in today’s society where bush doesn’t exist, at least not with any girl I talk to except dirty hoodrat hipsters who I assume have very vile smelling sex sessions, but because her pussy is angled away fromt he camera every nude scene, but apparently you do see a whole lot of ass and a whole lot of her plastic surgery anchor scarred tits and I wish she took some of that and channeled it into these pictures of her walking down the street, because these are some heavily fucking boring boring pictures of her….

Pics via Fame

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Christina Ricci’s in her Bikini with her New Cock of the Day

Christina Ricci was out on the beach in her bikini with her new cock…Showing off the crime scene on her chest where her breasts once lived before she had the fucking things amputated in an ill-decision that must have been made when she was going thru an anorexic phase and felt that was the cure to her chubby ass the world fell in love with when she was a teenager, before she got all dark and weird on us. She should have re-thought the shit because she fills this bikini top weird and if she was a little more top heavy, it’d balance the rest of her out, and make these pictures worth lookin’ at, instead all I see is some dyke with a wonky head, short legs, a boring ass, covered in shitty prison tattoos, when I could have been lookin at real big tits…..

Bonus – Here are a few more pics from last week’s bikini pictures….

Pics via Bauer
Pics via INF

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Christina Ricci in a Bikini in Miami with her Boyfriend of the Day

I have an almost creepy one-sided relationship with Christina Ricci, because like my neighbor’s daughter, I have watched her grow up with anticipatory masturbation in mind. It’s like when they are 7 or 8 you know they don’t turn you on yet, but if all things go as planned, or as they appear they may go, 10 years down the line, bitch will be a fucking prize, so you better be nice to her so she has fond memories of you when she starts experimenting with cock.

We’ve seen her as the chubby busty teenage goth, who dressed like everyday was Halloween, all pale skinned and dark haired, who seemed real intense about life and probably into anal.

We saw her go anorexic and crazy and amputate her tits and now we see her on the beach with one of her boyfriends with some boy haircut and the sad thing in all this is that she hasn’t grown up into something I expected her to grow up into back when she was 10.

Sure, I’d fuck if it was laying around and I was bored with a hardon, but that doesn’t validate the high hopes I had for her….but she is skinny and in a bikini and there’s nothing wrong with that, pretty much ever….enjoy.

Pics via INF

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Christina Ricci and Her Shorts of the Day

I know what you’re thinking…Christina Ricci hasn’t really been hot since she was in Casper…when she was 10…and that’s why you shouldn’t be working as a school bus driver or as camp councillor or even as a barber at Kid Cutz. You are a sick person and need to be locked up and Christina Ricci is a sick person for slaughtering her tits because she thought they were too big….Here she is in shorts.

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Christina Ricci Calls Single and Lookin’ for Storage in Jeans of the Day

Christina Ricci called off her engagement and is being forced to look for storage to keep her stuff in while she takes on this new chapter of her life being a single girl in a big world, who is not nearly as hot as she used to be, but at least has money and celebrity status that is enough for desperate dudes who used to jerk off to her fat tits before she murdered them, willing to explore the depths of her pussy.

The funny thing about these pictures is that the sign next to her head is also the same message that was written in the first valentine’s day card she ever got, only it read:

Thank your Vagina for BEING public storage for all of our dicks. We appreciate your effort.

And it was sent by the group of dudes she was fucking. True story. Something I predict will happen again now that she’s single and is going to go all crazy as all girls do.

Another true story. I used to have a crush on her when she was in the Addams Family, but that’s just because she was at her fresh-faced hottest…

Fine that wasn’t a true story, she was only 11 and it was meant to be a joke that none of you got because you aren’t even reading this….thanks for the support, here are the pics….

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Christina Ricci and Her Hard Nipple at the Gas Station of the Day

Here are some pictures of Christina Ricci and her big ol’ head with a stupid fucking haircut, walking out of some kind of gas station with drinks she won’t be pouring all over her tits in video, because she hates her tits, she even tried to murder the fuckers a few years back by cutting them off, but the nipples may have survived, which isn’t something I can say for the rest of her looks, because there was a time she was the young goth I wanted to fuck, and now she just reminds me of the remains of the sacrificial animal she has burried in her backyard from those dark years, and by that I mean garbage…

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Christina Ricci in a Bikini of the Day

I liked this bitch better when she had an eating disorder and cut off her tits to make the scale drop by 10 pounds and help her feel the success of her eating disorder more dramatically because having C-Cup tits just wasn’t conducive to skinny. Sure I find it a great tragedy to take away something so spectacular like breasts, that’s the main reason I’m not down with breast cancer, but I am down with girls with issues especially when they have money to go with those issues, it’s fun to partner up with them on their self-destructive path, because they usually don’t care enough to say no to any of your requests. Yes, I am talking about anal.

Here she is in a bikini.

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Christina Ricci’s Got Some Hard Breast Reduced Nipples of the Day

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

I knew a girl who had her breast reduced because they were a sloppy mess that aimed to the ground like she was a fat chick, because she was a fat chick in her past and had lost a lot of weight doing coke, leaving her a couple empty potato sacks on her chest that when in clothes made her look like she was still that fat chick and like she never had an eating disorder or drug addiction and she wasn’t having that so she opted for the reduction.

Besides the anchor shaped scar that always reminded me of this dude named Bill who I used to drink with. He was in the Navy and had an anchor tattoo and would always tell me stories of getting busted jerkin off on the job and getting STDs when comin’ to port, only her tits were pretty much perfectly shaped, and when she would never wear bras and always have hard nipples. When I asked her why her nipples were always ready to cut boxes and hijack planes to fly into national monuments, she would always tell me how the doctor fucked up her shit and ever since the surgery they were ultra sensitive, like if played with proper, she could come from the shit.

I am not saying that Christina Ricci had the same nipple-fate as this slut I knew, but she did have a breast reduction and her nipples are hard and that’s more than enough evidence for me. I guess my lack of attention to detail is the reason I am not a CSI. Here are the pics.

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

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Christina Ricci Feeds the Meter and Not Herself of the Day

So Christina Ricci is wearing spandex and by the looks of her sloppy skinny body, she looks like she’s still got her eating disorder. So the only feeding that goes on in her life is when she feeds her meter, because let’s face getting a parking ticket is a way worse fate than dying of starvation or an anorexic induced heart attack.

The truth is that I support eating disorders, despite not having one of my own, unless overeating shit counts and an eating disorder, which I think it does, but my kind of eating disorder makes slipping into a pair of leggings a really embarassing thing and not just becaue I have a small penis.

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