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Elle Macpherson’s Mom Bra of the Day

I like seeing Elle Macpherson. Even if the pictures are boring and of her going to pick up her kids at school. Even if getting excited about them is as virginal as an elementary school kid getting a boner cuz the girl in front of him in class is showing off a little bra strap. Even if she’s aged hard and is now a retired model who has hung up the biklini and traded it in for a family all because when I first moved to America, the first VHS tape I got that I could jerk off to was the 1988 Swimsuit Edition and that year, Elle Macpherson happened to seduce the fuck out of me, pretty much securing a life long relationship, one where we will grow old together without actually being together…cuz she doesn’t know I exist…but luckily I know that she does…

Pics via Bauer

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Elle Macpherson Spreads Her Ex-Model Mom Legs of the Day

Here are some pictures of Elle Macpherson that remind me of when I used to play “raid” with the hooker I used to “date”. I’d break into the shitty motel room in a cop costume, I’d pin her against the wall, I’d make her “spread em” and then I’d rape her, but it wasn’t really rape, because she was charging me and because my dick is so small it is hardly a weapon and even if I force myself on the bitch, it ends up a comical mess because they never knew dicks came that small and they get intrigued by how they don’t feel it inside them…but enough about me…there are pictures of Elle Macpherson from behind and despite being a mom and a retired model, she’s still got a place in my heart as being a woman I spent the summer of ’89 masturbating to.

Pics via Bauer

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Elle Macpherson and Her Retired Model Legs of the Day

It always impresses me when I see moms who look like Elle Macpherson, not that it happens ever, but it would impress me if I did, because moms just aren’t supposed to look worth fucking sober.

I am sure her baby daddy feels pretty fucking lucky that the mother of his kids is this easy to look at, but then again, I am sure her baby daddy fucks a lot hotter younger pussy than her, as he is probably really fucking rich, cuz models don’t really have kids with people who aren’t really fucking rich, it’s against their rules….

All I do know is that Elle Macpherson is fucking up my theory that pussy dies at 30. I traditionally hate older bitches but because older bitches usually expire. THe let themselves sag, droop, eat whatever they fucking want, turn disgusting and feel entitled cuz they are busy raising kids…bullshit….sure, she doesn’t work, she has nannies, she has a trainer who she pays more than most executives make a year, and it’s her fucking livlihood to stay lookin’ this good, but I just wish more women had that same drive and treated lookin’ good like it was their job. It would make parent-teacher night I sometimes sneak into at the local elementary school lookin’ for eager, desperate single-moms willing to support me, a lot more fun.

Pics via Bauer

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Trying To Look up Elle Macpherson’s Skirt of the Day

I don’t know why Elle Macpherson is on a bed posing with bras but I am not as excited about it as I was in 1988 when she was showing off her nipples in the SI Swimsuit video back in a time when she was way more eager to get noticed, now bitch is all jacked up with support pantyhose and spanx and whatever else is containing her mom pussy to make sure it doesn’t sneak ot of her skirt as mom pussies tend to do when they are let out to play…but at least she gave us a glimpse of what could have been or maybe of what once was….and I’ve spent the last 10 mintues lookin’ at these pictures trying to see up her skirt but it’s been a serious waste of time….but I figured you’re just a bored as I am so I’m giving you something to do with your useless self. Giving you purpose. you’re welcome…

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via LFI

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Ex-Supermodel and Current Mothers Showing Off 20 Years Later of the Day

Just because they get naked to shower off their kids’ puke and to have their weekly scheduled sex with their husbands and not to grace the covers of highend fashion magazines, doesn’t mean we have to give up on these sluts we all grew up jerking off to. They were the first wave of supermodels in my life.

I remember 1989 jerking off to Elle Macpherson in Sports Illustrated swimsuit. I remember jerking off to Cindy Crawford when she did Playboy in 1988 and I remember just thinking Claudia Schiffer was hot back before the David Copperfield days.

They probably weren’t innovators, their work probably insignificant, no better than being the bitch on a game show turning letters, or the bitches who work at conventions or conferences promoting products, but they probably think their impact was significant, because otherwise they’d just go out and kill themselves, but instead they are here showing off that genetics played a huge part in getting where they got, since they look fucking amazing and even 20 years later I’d jerk off to them if my dick had the same fate as their looks and didn’t break along the way.

Cindy Crawford and Her Mom Legs

Elle Macpherson Slutty Mom Legs in a Leather Skirt

BONUS – Possible Claudia Schiffer See Thru Dress Pics

Pics via INF
Pics via Fame
Pics via Bauer

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Elle Macpherson’s Makes Elementary School Hot for the Non-Pedophiles of the Day

When I was in elementary school, the only pussy I remember was one of the girls in my class asking me to watch her pee in the woods behind the school, and then there was lookin onto the stripclub beside the school that eventually burnt down, but before it did, we’d spend our lunch hours watching the strippers on smoke breaks in the parking lot, then there was the mother of one of the kids who was a total fucking whore, who doubled as our lunch monitor and wore all tight denim and leather in fuck me boots, with ridiculous bleached hair extensions before the world even knew what hair extensions were, and there was that one teacher who took an interest in the less fortunate male kids who taught us about sex using his ass as the vagina, but that’s not really where I wanted to go with this story, I wanted to say that no kid had a mom who looked like Elle Macpherson in these pics come pick them up, and if they did, I would have befriended them, provided they didn’t mind having a weird immigrant who spoke broken english as a friend, so that I could sneak in the mom’s room and play with her panties, I mean when I wasn’t getting molested by my teacher.

Pics via Bauer

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Elle Macpherson’s Got Sex Hair on Set of the Day

Elle Macpherson got a job on some Ashton Kutcher bullshit show about models because she used to be a model and I guess it was a natural fit, but not quite as natural as the unprotected sex she had to get from her tribal village in Tazmania into the the big modeling world back in the 80s, not that that happened, but I like to imagine all women with bone through their noses and one down their throat, if you know what I mean, which I hope you do, cuz I don’t have any idea what I mean, I am just distracted by my love for Elle Macpherson even as her beauty slowly ripens into a sloppy mess, it’s like we’ve got history or some shit, thanks to my jerking off to her for the first time back in ’88, that was 20 years ago, and I could still get off to her, and not many pussies have that kind of longevity.

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Elle Macpherson in her Party Dress of the Day

Elle Macpherson, like the expired milk in my fridge, is no longer in her prime. She doesn’t look or taste her best but when it really comes down to it, I’d still put her on my ceral and ignore them clumpy sour lumps, because you can’t eat cereal dry. If you know what I mean, which you probably don’t because this post is on some next level “written in code” shit, or at least it seems like it is, when in reality, I’m just an idiot, an idiot who still has a love for Elle Macpherson and if I am still alive when bitch is being pushed in a wheel chair and shitting herself at the old folks home, will still have a love for Elle Macpherson because she single handedly introduced me to SI Swimsuit Edition with her nipples in a time before porn and that kind of shit doesn’t get forgotten….

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Elle Macpherson’s Hard Nipple Picks Up Her Kid at School of the Day

Elle Macpherson’s nipple is hard which is a real coincidence because so is my clit of a dick which I pitch to girls as less work than a real dick and that usually gets me me a laugh, sure it’s not an orgasm, making all this pineapple I’ve been eating pretty much obsolete, but I guess a laugh is better than escorted out of the club.

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Elle Macpherson Rides a Bike Seat of the Day

There’s nothing I like more about summer than watching girls ride their bikes. I love seeing their spandex shorts covering their tight little biker asses if they are ambitious bikers. I love seeing their little hipster panties and bush if they’re more of the granola pussy that wears their flora skirts while riding to the organic food store. I love smelling the seats when they lock their shit up next to me and I love the smile on their faces, knowing that with each pedal comes pleasure for these whores….So seeing pictures of my original supermodel masturbation partner back in 88 on a bike is a little piece of heaven for me and that’s why I am sharing it with you….while she sells her soul for money by taking this weird job promoting the environment…

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Elle Macpherson’s Hard Nipples of the Day

Elle Macpherson’s nipples are hard. That’s the story. Not much more to say about it. I could talk about jerkin’ off to her in 1989, but why bother, I’m trying to move on here, you know focus on the younger pussy, the fresher pussy, the pussy that isn’t mom pussy, or retired pussy, or my wife’s greasy pussy, so that’s all I want to say about that.

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Elle Macpherson and Straw Suckin’ Legs of the Day

Here are some pictures of Elle Macpherson sucking a straw in a pair of shorts, that’s really the only reason I posted these pictures and is actually the same reason I go to the ice cream shop down the street. I could spend days just staring at hot moms and teenage girls licking a cone or sucking their milkshakes back only to play it back the memories in slow motion when I get home and my wife forces me to go down on her, which happens more than I’d like, probably because we don’t own a TV. That said, I think I better get a job to make the pain end…

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Elle Macpherson and Some Shorts on Vacation of the Day

I uploaded a ton of Elle Macpherson pics last week, I have no idea why, but I do know that I didn’t post them. I guess I was giving a little love back to the girl who introduced the SI Swimsuit edition to my masturbation, not that I get down like that anymore, but it was the 80s and porn access was limited, espectially when you live with psycho Christians who would strip search you everytime you came home, because they thought you were up to no good, and molesters for the sake of Jesus, not that it matters, I don’t need to air out my dirty laundry with you, even though I have a lot of it, but that’s just because my wife is a lazy cunt who doesn’t know how to be a fucking wife, but she does know how to eat a hot dog and not in the good kind of way, but in the obese all you can eat buffet kind of way.



Here’s that 1989 SI Shoot – I Fell in Love With…In Hindsight, She’s Got Shoulders Only a Gay Guy Could Love….But I was an immigrant, had lower standards, was hornier and 19.

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Elle Macpherson and Her Vacation Pictures of the Day

Elle Macpherson is one of the first supermodels I can remember jerking off to in the 80s, like really diggin and jerkin’ off to because I am sure there were many before her, but they remain nameless and she’s the one that stands out in my tattered brain.

Here she is on vacation with her kids and based on the waterskiing, it looks like she’s holding onto the past, because last time I checked, no one fucking waterskis anymore, it’s a thing of the past, dated like neon sun protecting cream, an ancient art and passtime, which is appropriate, because so is Elle Macpherson’s vagina. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..good one.

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A Couple Retired Supermodels Making Out With Each Other of the Day

Sure these aren’t pictures of Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer actually making out with each other, but they should be, despite Katy Perry ruining my interest in girl on girl action so that every time I see any girl on girl action her Kissed a Girl garbage plays on repeat in my head, because I’d still be down to see it, since I grew up on these girls and 10 years too late is better than never…

I don’t know where these pictures were taken, but it seems like these ladies are doing everyday mom stuff, so I can only assume it’s some private island they drop ex models off at, you know so the public doesn’t get a tarnished vision of the perfection they once had, you know as they age and rot away into disgusting, it’s pretty much the same logic as to why you don’t want an open casket at your funeral, but I think that’s just overkill, let these whores into the general public, they’ve already had it too fuckin’ easy, let us use the private islands for for homeless people and people with Aids and homosexuals, you know to clean up our streets and make the world a better place.

Here are those pics.

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