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Eva Herzigova in her Slut Dress of the Day

I’ve spent the last few years posting about Eva Herzigova’s body, because for the most part she’s in a bikini and has pretty great tits, so I’ve never really taken the time to notice her gums, despite the fact that she’s got a whole fuckin’ lot of ‘em….seriously, this shit is on some Mr Ed shit….and it is freaking me the fuck out.

Pics via Fame
Pics via Bauer
Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Eva Herzigova’s Nipples in Vogue of the Day

You know seeing a girl’s nipple thru her shirt is really not as exciting as it once was back when women didn’t wear see thru shirts on the regular, especailly when the girl who is showing her nipple thru a see thru shirt in some tasteful photoshoot for “Vogue” is a Czech Model, who I know if I was a little smarter, could have bought as my wife back in the 80s if I spent my money on airfare to Prague instead of on whiskey and hookers, but I guess hindsight is 20/20 or some shit.

She’s pretty much done very little work other than modeling and working the sex trade back when the sex trade was the only way a hot bitch could actually make something of herself by fucking tourists who eventually fall in love because the whores back home don’t look anything like this, before your country opened up….something I really wish I had exploited when I had the chance.

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Eva Herzigova in a One-Piece of the Day

The one-piece has always been a favorite article of clothing for me, mainly because I have a soft spot for a piece of clothing that forces a girl to get completely naked everytime she has to take a pee. There’s no pullin the crotch to the side, because of the potential mess, so the only real solution is full fuckin’ naked.

That comes in handy when spying on public bathrooms by the public pool.

So all you haters, who whine when you see a girl who would potentially look amazing in a bikini rock her one-piece. You lack foresight and creepiness. Your perversion is basic, one dimensional and doesn’t scratch the real surface. It takes a situation for what it is at face fuckin’ value, instead of making it work for you. Step up your fuckin’ game son.

Her name is Eva Herzigova and she’s eating food before modeling possibly the reason for her one-piece but it’s still hot to me….

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Eva Herzigova Celebrating Her Birthday in a Bikini Part 2 of the Day

Since today is a day for celebrations, I figured it’d only be appropriate to post these pictures of Eva Herzigova, some model I’ve never heard of, celebrating her birthday, and since being alive is no jive, this is the best kind of celebration you can have, so throw a bikini, some friends, and a beach and you’ve just added some glorious memories for the scrapbook that is your life. Good fucking times.

Yeah, I know, I don’t care about birthdays, but I’m trying to keep upbeat since 1 hour of sleep fucks with my brain and ability to pretty much do anything.

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Eva Herzigova is in a Bikini on Vacation of the Day

It is Eva Herzigova’s birthday today, she just turns 36, at least that’s what Wikipedia said when I checked it to find out who the fuck this bitch was. Sure, I’ve written about her before, but I just don’t have a memory for these kinds of things, I figure you see one famous chick in a bikini, you’ve seen them all, and that’s why I just refer to all the women in my life as Sally, because learning one name is a lot easier than learning multiple names, so here’s Sally in her bikini, I guess having a good by party/retirement party/ golden handshake for her sex appeal, because menopause is just around the fuckin’ corner and I can taste the dessert storm pussy from here….or maybe that’s just shit residue on my hand from not washing….

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Eva Herzigova in Her Bikini of the Day

I was never a fan of Eva Herzigova when she was modeling in the 90s, but that’s just because I wasn’t into skinny chicks back then and if I was, I probably wouldn’t be married to a very large vat full off fucking rancid pudding that is my wife, but I am into skinny chicks now and rightfully so, I guess I just evolve with the times like high fashion but not as expensive.

When I look at Eva Herzigova, I think of a time when I was a little smarter and instead of spending my days writing a website badly, I had big plans for myself. I had spent time with hookers and heard about this Mail Order bride service from communist countries and was doing everything I could to get up in that because as you know, I know a lot of desperate dudes would would be more than happy to buy happiness and by happiness I mean a permanent whore that they can call their wife.

I got so far as to meeting a few guys from the local Russian mob who were down to support my venture and would provide the girls who would be willing to be smuggled into America, the promised land of opportunity, if I set up the infrastructure. Now the word infrastructure in and of itself was intimidating because I am a lazy dude, so I just flaked out and went back to drinking but I heard they did really well with it, and even with the fall of communism, which I was hoping would put a damper on the business I like to think I was a forefather of but didn’t see a dime for, shit’s still going strong.

An elderly Eva Herzigova is probably the reason why, they just don’t make girls like this overhear, but they do make great fast food, so I guess it’s a trade off.

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Eva Herzigova in Lingerie in Cannes of the Day

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Despite finding lingerie kinda lame when it comes to finding pictures to jerk off to, I am all for girls who would normally be in normal clothes wearing lingerie instead of normal clothes because it makes things more interesting to look at. I have no idea who Eva Herzigova but she somehow managed to get invited to Cannes and is wearing some kind of 1980′s style lingerie instead of a normal dress and that may not be all that hot but it’s better than nothing.

I went to a dress store with one of my stepdaughters the other day, I am not entirely sure why I agreed to it but I am glad I did because as she was going through every single dress in the place, I was standing by the changing room watching teenage girls try on their prom dresses. Now that may not seem all that exciting to you, I am easily pleased and watching bra flashes and panty flashes as their mom’s zipped them up was like porn to me…Either way, here’s Eva.

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Eva Herzigova’s Pregnant Nudes of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Nothing says I like getting cum inside me like pregnancy. Nothing says I am throwing up everyday and hate the fucking miracle of life that is going to steal all of my sex appeal and elasticity in my vagina when it’s over and done with and all I’ll have to show for it is some fucker to remind me about it every day as he annoys me by asking for shit, crying and being an unappreciative cunt about everything I go out of my way to do for it because giving up my sex appeal wasn’t enough now I have to give up my fucking life so let’s fuckin’ celebrate like doing a nude spread in a magazine.

I don’t find pregnant chicks as disgusting as I should. I am not into ready to drop porn but I find pregnant chicks hotter than new mothers, because all new mothers care about is their little fucker while pregnant chicks are more into the changes going on in their bodies. I guess this is the pre-problem time and I always thought it would be funny to stick my dick in a pregnant chick especially when the baby isn’t mine because it brings home the point that I am getting with a real slut….one so slutty that she lets someone who isn’t even her baby daddy up in her and can’t even wait the 9 months to make it happen cuz she’s such a slut. I guess I also like the bigger tits, darker nipples and inside out belly button….because it reminds me of having sex with some kind of circus freak and that’s always been a dream of mine….

Either way, here’s Eva Herzigova pregnancy nudes for you sick fucks.

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I am – Eva Herzigova Upskirt of the Day

Eva Herzigova

I have this sorta-friend I met while drunk at a bar, who’s also a party-slut. I texted her to see if she wanted to get drunk and felt up. She said yes. I call her SallyYuki because she is Japanese and I can barely understand what she says, and she doesn’t mind that i can’t pronounce whatever her name is. We get picked up by three Romanians who are fairly hot and most importantly, ready and willing to shower us with top-shelf liquor.

We tell them we want to move to a club (aka grind and make-out), so we all hop into their beamer and head to some place I can’t fucking remember, but it cost $20 to get in, and they paid. While SallyYuki was occupied with Romanian #1, I was busy sandwiching with Romanians #2 and #3. At one point #2 and #3 hoisted me up onto the DJ’s stage, where I shook it and whipped off my shirt until security escorted me down. Later, while #2 was getting more drinks, I let #3 slither his fingers down my pants and into my soft slit. The next thing I know, SallyYuki taps me on my shoulder and is waving her arms in the air, screaming in Japanese, then storms off in some bizarre spaztic fit of rage. Whatever.

We dance and I divide my time between #2 and #3 till closing. I ask if they can give me a ride home. They oblige. As we’re waiting for the car, the 3 Romanians make a proposition: a foursome. Now I wouldn’t do that shit as a hooker, and I am not about to break my old hooker standards. I did a three-some once (two guys and me) under pressure from my pimp, and I didn’t like it: too much of a balancing act and the guys didn’t realize how homo-erotic it was for them, which is pretty fucking funny. I said no thanks on the foursome, but I WILL blow them all in the beamer on my way home. They were like kids on Christmas day. So about every other block, they stop the car and play musical chairs, only there are no chairs, just me deep-throating various Romanian cocks. In the end, they got a free ride, and so did I. Hurray.

Here is Eva Herzigova at the opening of Chopard’s store (yeah who the fuck knows, sounds expensive). She is Czech, which is pretty close to Romania in my geographically challenged mind. Eva is giving you a free peak up her dress and plenty of cleavage. I wonder if she had to sucks any cocks to get where she is today? I feel like it’s a right of passage in the modeling, acting, and general slut industry. Now go let on fly and pretend it’s shooting up her cooch.Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)


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