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Gwen Stefani Bikinis of the Day

The best thing about these Gwen Stefani bikini pics is that she decided to tuck in her dick as to not alienate some of us who like bikinis, but don’t like seeing testicles in bikinis, even though her Bi-sexual boyfriend and overly muscular body, tell us that they are there somewhere….


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Gwen Stefani Shitty See Through of the Day

How about some Gwen Stefani in a see through shirt, showing off a bra, in efforts to convince us she’s not actually a man, and abs like that and a husband who fucks transexuals doesn’t mean she was born with testicles, cuz if she was, why would she be wearing a bra…kinda thing…

At least that’s what I assume she’s doing here…or maybe it’s just a diversion from whatever the fuck is going on with her lip….the face on…not the panty one that we’re not sure actually exists….

She may be in a band called No Doubt, a name I think she did to subtly convince the public not to have doubt, but it didnt work, cuz I’ve got doubt.

But here is her bra on her small tits anyway…

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Gwen Stefani Does the Adam’s Family in a Thong at the Beach of the Day

What the fuck is going on in these Tranny Goth on the beach Pics.

I just don’t know if I really want to understand.

But I do know that they are see through and showing off thong underwear….

Maybe she’s trying to prove she’s not a cross dresser cuz cross dressers don’t wear thongs as there’s not enough room to tuck their dick nicely behind the fabric of a thong, you know mythbusting cuz her husband has an affinity for cross dressers….

Maybe she’s a chick….I mean she most likely is…there are plenty of manly women out there…she does have kids and pretty believable pregnant pics…and maybe she’s just looking for male attention cuz her husband’s too busy jerking off to dudes in dresses and wigs…

Maybe she doesn’t realize her skirt is see through…and that this is just an accident…

Maybe we’ve asked too many question about this and theorized too much on this…cuz what it comes down to is it is just fucking dark and weird looking and it makes me want to sacrifice a goat to satan…and I’ll I’ve got is an obese wife who can beat me up…so I’m just gonna move along.

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Gwen Stefani is Unfortunately in a Bikini of the Day

I wish this bitch would just come to terms with her dick. It’s irritating seeing a motherfucker build like a teenage boy on the track team, dressed like a girl. I don’t like it on Halloween at the frat house, I don’t like it at the drag shows in the gay bars, and I don’t like it now.

Bitch needs to take her titless 6-pack body and put on a pair of board shorts, give up this “I’m just a girl act” and embrace the testicles her husband loves so much, that she doesn’t need to hide anymore….and that she needs to start loving for a change…the act has gone on too long….

No that shes actually a man, she’s just really fit and the funny thing in all this is that I’d still fuck her…even though I never found her hot and still down…I’m just into sticking my dick into unknown places…

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Gwen Stefani in a Bikini Top of the Day

Even after all these years and all these kids, Gwen Stefani still has a body of a dude. Her Husband, Gavin Rossdale, the tranny lover, must really like that…..you know cuz he used to fuck Tranny’s and her being built like a teenage boy was always what he liked best about her…..

I’ve never found her hot, so seeing her in a bikini now, is no better than seeing her in a bikini then, I figure if I wanted to see Tank Girl in action, I’d just watch the movie….and if I wanted to see tank girl in a bikini, I’d just watch point break.

Gwen Stefani sucks and here she is proving it, her body is so unsexy, she could be walking around topless, like a four year old girl at the beach, only we all know she takes it up the ass, cuz bisexual men never date girls who don’t do anal…not that that makes Gwen Stefani any better….

To See The REst of the Miserable Pictures
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Gwen Stefani See Through Shirt Showing Off Bra of the Day

Gwen Stefani was seen wearing a see through shirt….showing off her bra through that see through shirt…and the whole thing is quite unfortunate…because I am a firm believer that there is and there never was anything hot about Gwen Stefani.

I’m talking from her “I’m just a girl”, clearly a lie to over compensate for not being a girl, cuz girls don’t need to sing about being girls they are just girls….

She’s built like a dude, with her rippling muscles and her flat chest but don’t just take my word for it, ask her homosexual husband who spent the better part of his 20s fucking trannies…true fucking story…

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Gwen Stefani’s Disgusting Red Bra of the Day

If you find this hot in any way. There is something fucking wrong with you. Or you’re a gay guy who always responded well to the “I’m Just a Girl” No Doubt song and never let go to how it inspired you to accept who you are, embrace it and put on a dress and finally live it….Or a closet case who used to jerk off to No Doubt videos because she turned you on cuz her little nipples were hard and her abs were ripped that brought back memories of showering after gym class in High School with the boys….or you’re just a girl in this world and girls always love other girls cuz they see their inner diva instead of the horrible face and body I’m too blinded by to see past. If you know what I mean…

Pics via Fame

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Gwen Stefani’s Man Body in a Bikini of the Day

The day Gwen Stefani started wearing that pregnant belly prosthetic, I knew she was commited to pretending she was a chick despite having no doubt her No Doubt tits weren’t attached to something with a pussy, but were more likely designed by LAMB for someone with a cock and now she’s on the beach in a bikini keepin up the tranny lie. I’m not sure when or if she’s going to give up the act, she seems to have invested a lot into making the world think those broad shoulders, ripped stomach and garbage tits are not something you’d find on a mother of two but more on a topless pit boy high on poppers in the gay club and ready for anal…..but instead her and Rossdale are going suburban with their homosexual marriage and the whole thing weirds me out…

If you don’t believe Rossdale’s a fag and that Stefani’s a man just read his Wikipedia….

In his 1995 autobiography Take It Like A Man, Boy George claimed that Rossdale had an affair with the British singer Peter Robinson, a.k.a. Marilyn. In a 1996 interview for Rolling Stone, Rossdale responded with a shrug: “That’s George’s take – he doesn’t know me. There’s a queue of people going to their lawyers about stuff in his book. I hope he manages to sell some books by putting my name in there.” Elsewhere Gavin said, “I wasn’t dating Marilyn. We were, and still are, good friends. George thinks everyone is gay.”Marilyn also denied the affair, but later claimed to have lied at Rossdale’s request because Rossdale “was just becoming successful in America” at the time of the revelation. In 2009, Marilyn said they had been “together five years” in the 1980s, but Rossdale’s representative denied the story. Marilyn added “Gavin and Gwen are perfect for each other, but he was the love of my life.”

I’m not reporting news here people – I’m reporting fact

Pics via Fame

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Gwen Stefani in a Green Bra of the Day

I don’t know if this is a reflection off all the money bitch carries around with her that she’s made scamming the public into thinking her rock hard body is hot and her girl power bubblegum ska is actual music, or that her little asian entourage is actually clever or artistic, or that her clothing line Lamb is actually stylish and worth wearing, of if it s a bra, and I really don’t give a fuck, I just don’t have anything better to do with my time than to post shit like this and ponder what the hell is goin on with her tit, so now I pass that task onto you….

Pics via Bauer

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Gwen Stefani Shows Off Her Bra Strap of the Day

If you can get off to a girl’s bra strap, you’ve got some serious fucking issues. I don’t even think I got boners over bra straps when I was 12, perverted and very easily excitable and that was a time that even the idea of a lacey piece of strappy clothing designed to hold a woman’s breast like it is a hand would be something I found desperate and I used to cum just sitting on the vibrating bus seat..

But I’d rather you get off to Bra Stra than Gwen Stefani, because if you can get off to Gwen Stafani, you’ve real serious fucking issues far greater than getting off to lacey clothing items designed to hold a breast tenderly because she’s built like a fucking dude. I was watching MTV when she broke into the industry with her abs of fucking steal and ripped dude body, and I knew then, like I know today that you can dress a dude up like a girl but that shit doesn’t make dude a girl.

Pics via Bauer

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Gwen Stefani’s Unfortunate See Thru Shirt of the Day

I never understood why Gwen Stefani was ever considered hot. I remember her stomach exposing tops during the beginning of her career, showing off her abs and next to nothing tits, and thinking to myself why this dude was pretending to be a chick, was it because girl rock was making the charts and they figured they could really penetrate the market, and all it took was a little tape. Then she got married and I figured that maybe the dude was a poofter who didn’t want to be known as a poofter but then she got pregnant and I was stumped, until seeing an episode of Desperate Housewife, where the redhead pretended she was pregnant when her daughter was actually pregant, so she sent the daughter away, so people thought it was her kid when the kid dropped, then realized she had a surrogate in her poolhouse or some shit…..and here she is still pretending she’s got a pussy, by wearing a bra and a see thru top, we call this overcompensating to really push the lie, when she should probably just undo the straps and let it all hang the fuck out…

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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Gwen Stefani Shows Off Some Leg of the Day

I always thought Gwen Stefani was disgusting. Maybe it had to do with her ethnic face and bleached hair, but I think it had to do with her jacked body that reminded me of the captain of the track team at my highschool, so seeing her in her little skirt makes me want to throw-up, because I am sure her vagina is vile and not just because it belongs to Bush, but because her jacked body reminds me of the captain of the track team, I know I said that already, but I didn’t say that he was a dude, which he was, and he always annoyed me with stories of fucking the hot chicks in the school, when they wouldn’t even bother giving me the time of day, making me realize that fat never wins, unless it’s a fight against a heart, or a pair of pants that are one size too small, or even in a war against the people sitting next to you on the plane.

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I am – Gwen Stefani Shops in her Bikini Top of the Day


I was hanging out with some street kids last night because I was drunk. I don’t normally make a point of chatting up the dirtiest fucking tra I can find, but when I am drunk I am pretty much willing to talk to anyone who is willing to sit through it and lucky for me, last night’s audience was a group of squeegee punks. They were asking me for a cigarette because I guess they were too poor to buy themselves cigarettes. They had a dog, a guitar and a film camera from the Dollar Store. They asked me to take a picture of them and I asked them to sing me a song, so the dark skinned ratty motherfucker with dreads starts singing about living on the streets. When I asked them where they were headed they told me to get some food and back to one of their apartments. I was pretty pissed off when I found out that the street kids I was dealing with had homes, so I started to give them shit, then they told me that they were all on welfare, lived together and lived the street kid life but didn’t actually live on the street. They were high on meth and when I offered them 20 dollars to do a street kid porn for me, the girl who had the biggest fucking gut, told me she was only 17.

These Gwen Stefani pics are to celebrate lost opportunity and broken dreams because bitch is a fucking suburban punk who made a name for herself in some candy-coated ska band and was marketed as a punk to the world while the closest thing she’s been to a punk is when one tries to squeegee her limo window on her way to a sold out arena show….and the closest thing to dumpster diving bitch has ever done was when she went grocery shopping with her husband in her bikini….and he made bitch carry the groceries…

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